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  1. Happy to see that the new cache is now officially updated! And the new skins and stickers ... They're all beautiful! I think it's one of the best crates they've released!
  2. The movement and the shotting phase reminds me a lot those f2p korean fps like Crossfire or Blackshot. even the map reminds me the same thing, very close spaces. the only difference is there are heroes like Overwatch. Interesting approach to talk about netcode and cheaters as first video ... but I'm still not convinced.
  3. Hi Ynel! first of all, I think this is not the right place to talk about it. The internet is full of unknown people : talking about private life can make you vulnerable and can be dangerous for you. Anyway, I will however try to give you some advice. The actions your mother has done for you like teaching German or trying to take your computer away is because she loves you as a child and worried about you. My parents also did the same thing when I was young, because they were very worried about the many hours spent in front of the monitor, alone in my room. try talking to her! try to make her understand what you feel and what you want to do, and at the same time try to understand her feelings in the same way. this can not only help you to feel better with her, maybe it can improve your relationship with yourself! The world of mapping is fascinating but very cruel in some cases ... for now I suggest you to "change some air" and find some time for you and your mother ... because these are the two most important things you have . .. the rest comes later. it is normal at your age to be confused ... with time you will find the answers on what will make you feel really good! I hope I have been helpful!
  4. First post has been updated, after a long period of silence, with a new description, updated layout and first screenshots! The map is slowly evolving, the timings seem to be very good, both in terms of engagement and of rotation. I started the blocking phase (Blocktober ) and I will try to simplify the areas as much as possible to make navigation easier, CK and bombsite will be more structured. CT side is still very rough (cleary visible in the upper right part of the map) but I already have some ideas in mind. I removed the reference table because it was now obsolete. Point to release a playable greybox version for November.
  5. Two weeks ago, I move from Italy to Finland, for an Erasmus internship as graphic / video designer for a company about developing an app for smartphone, that can make a video of your house and convert this data in an complete top view floor plan. I'm in the city of Oulu : the capital of norther Scandinavia. Is September but seems already winter for me. I will stay here for the next 6 months. For me it's an opportunity for grown up, improve my skills and looking for new experiences. And yes, Finnish people play a lot of cs:go.
  6. it's a shame you have to give up this project, from the screenshots seems very good and i love the art style, especially the last two screenshot! how did you make this kind of shadows on the right of the last screenshot? are beatiful!
  7. ehi you take the same name of my map but it's alright, i guess suits more in your then in mine! Anyway the screenshots are very good! i like it especially the last one. I see a lot of potential, keep it up!
  8. Nice 3D model! The snake with the crosshair logo it's a nice touch! Keep it up!
  9. Thank you! Bomb Site A is the most raw part I have created, most likely it will have a drastic change in its structure. I think about an almost destroyed underground tunnel, with a maintenance room as the connector for T, and a military checkpoint as CT entrance in the bomb site. The challenge is controlling the long sights created by the roads : i will use big sand dunes, debris of the tunnel and vehicles for create good angles.
  10. The topic has updated! with a rielaborate concept of the map, adding a reference table and the layout of the first alpha version of the map. I put so much time in backbone of the layout because i want to be sure it can be balance as possible. Next things to do are replace ladder with a staircase on the connector of MID to A and maybe a second external passage connecting T Spawn to the main path B. I'm gonna work now for a full greybox map after other timing test. Then i gonna make a release version for playtesting and feedback, when I have a solid space with covers, nade spots, optimization and a distinctive trait for every room on the map!
  11. Hey! I tried your map in a competitive 5vs5 game with Bots. The map seems very claustrophobic, particularly in the main path for site A and site B in general, and very T side, because terrorists can take many positions on the map faster than CT. Another motivation is the bomb sites are very difficult to retake, particularly on bomb site B, because CT has only one main route against the two of the terrorists. I like the Vent in the path to A, because it's a great point for grenade / flashbangs and for gun fights, but it's suicidal to go through it in crouching: Molotov equals automatically death . Perhaps if you can move normally like Nuke's vents, it can become a more valid way to get around the enemy. Then there are some clipping problems in the yard that connects A and B and some invisible walls to remove in my opinion. If the wooden doors in the CT Spawn and in the Courtyard could be shoot trought, it would been very cool! I don't like the Ladder in Bomb Site A because i need to jump for climb it. I find T spawn really like a place for camping very hard. In conclusion I feel that the map has great potential! Even though it was only greybox, I felt a certain feeling with the theme, being very powerful with these high walls and the rain coming down. I hope I was helpful, I look forward to seeing future updates! PS : i don't know why but seems the bots prefer to go always to Bomb Site A. This has limited my test a bit, especially in CT side because i wanted to try defend Site B but but they never show up
  12. My entry for the Exotic Place mapping Contest! Concept "A strong sandstorm hit a modern city in the Middle East. What remains after is a devastated city covered in sand. The CTs are mobilizing for the evacuation of civilians, while the T's intend to destroy two vital strategic positions: a launch of supplies landed inside a luxury palace or a truck full of water stocks in a road tunnel, near a military checkpoint . Tthe loss of one of the two objectives will lead to the retreat of the Counter Terrorist, to the conquest of the territory of the Ts, intent on loot what remains of the city." The idea is to create a map of the disconnections with a theme that has its roots in Middle Eastern environments (Dust, Dust, 2, Mirage), but with a more modern approach (Overpass, Nuke, Agency).The presence of sand and the destruction caused by the sandstorm, tries to give an exotic touch to the map in general. The main source of inspiration is certainly the game environment of Spec Ops: The Line. I think that game has a phenomenal artistic style and I thought it might be fun to do an elaborate version for CS:GO. Layout Screenshots
  13. A CS:GO map i started working at the beginning of 2015, Is set in a harbor near Brooklyn. I gave up because i change some many time the layout that was becoming too difficult and a waste of time.
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