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  1. Firstly: I do not participate in any competitions Secondly: I am not trying to get financial gain Thirdly: 100% of these materials are ports from other games for the engine sors. Whom should I point out? Game authors, those who ported, those who posted? Fourth: a very large number of these "authors" Fifth: I noted in all posts that some of the models were taken from the workshop, they are freely available there (probably putting them out there already is a violation of copyright, do not you think?) Sixth: I was hoping first of all to hear some comments regarding the level design itse
  2. I really liked this scene in the film, so I decided to make graffiti with her face. This was done back in 2017, when the film was released, somewhere on the form there is a theme with my map from that time. Yes, as I said in the first post. I took a lot from the Source Filmmaker's workshop.
  3. To be honest, I just used VIDE (auto mode). In the packaging of excess files it makes sense, I will check this.
  4. Hi everyone! My new map for CS:GO I worked on it intermittently for about 5 years. The first steps were taken in 2015, then in 2016, when about 20% of the map was ready. I decided to finish it for the contest on MAPCORE (2017), however, I was late. After I abandoned it and at the end of 2019 I decided to finish my work. Here is the result. This map includes a large number of non-standard materials - models, textures, sounds. Most of the textures were taken from the textures.com, made by me, some of the models were made by me, some were taken from the workshop. There are a very
  5. Hello! Can I enter with my old map? I was late for that 2017 contest, since then I haven’t worked on the map, it requires serious job.
  6. I know about all bugs and fps problems. Just released map, because I thought that I could take part in the contest. Now I'm actively working on fixes and a great update, eliminating all the problems (including gameplay). It will be released this weekend.
  7. Hello everyone again! Finally, I compiled my map. And I represent it here! I hope my little delay will not serve as a reason for me to exclude from the competition. There is still much to do, but this version of the map is already playable and in general corresponds to the vision that I had originally. I present you with some screenshots of my work and a link to download! Once again, I remind you, the map will be updated. I hope for your help and for your feedback! Thank you! STEAM WORKSHOP LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217876944
  8. Hello everyone, I thought I'd have time to make a work map on time. But apparently, not this time: ( (first pic) I will continue to work on the map. There is something to improve, most likely until the first of December. Some working pictures that I didn't show before.
  9. ^^ I have something for you
  10. Some new pics. Still in progress, a lot need to do yet.
  11. Looks like this... Earlier autosaves does not work too, and same for my old vmf maps =0
  12. Guys, I have a problem... Can someone help me?)
  13. Thanks! Unfortunately I can't show layout right now, it permanently change and I think you will see overview with final release. I hope I finish my map on time.
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