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  1. The past months we have been fixed every known problems of Zenith. I published the latest update today so at this point I consider this project complete. The detailed lists of fixes can be found under the change notes tab: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/1855652898 For some extra media content I planned to record progress with moving cameras back in 2016 when our beta series has started. In the end I saved 253 vmf files all together. Each of them were cleaned, optimized (too detailed brushwork because of proxy porps) and received the camera set. The most interesting part of this was to place the cameras and plan their movement in a way so that they won't clip thorugh the walls causing a black screen. (even in the early alphas when the geometry was morphing the most) It's meant to impress as a video first, so if you want to observe the details more don't forget to adjust the playback speed : ) Enjoy!
  2. Yepp, they've dropped a nice one... again. I hope this gonna be fixed today. :\
  3. I'm glad we finally made it to mapcore, we appreciate any feedback or opinions!
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