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    [CS:GO] de_remont

    Had quick run few days ago and imho theme is a bit unconsistant (in some interiors modern-ish, in some outside places it's old-ish and for addidtion you can find there Cbble's statue). @offtopic Knew that link is to the 3kliksphilip's video even before clicking it
  2. Don't get me wrong, but it doesn't remind me Cobblestone so much. You're just using the assets from the map, but nothing else. Architecture style is differen and it doesn't have this Cobble's feel. Take a lot of reference screenshots of Cbble and start detail it more like Cbble and map should be less boring.
  3. Aztk

    [CS:GO] de_remont

    Keep up the good work! That vase thing near the tree doesn't fit there in my opinion. And also if you want to get some polish text for use on map in the future, just send me PM yes i'm native
  4. That B-long thing looks horrible on the radar, too much deadspace there imo. And also your map has a lot of (probably unwanted) sightlines:
  5. Aztk

    [CS:GO] Tulip

    -small dig- You can jump here, to fix.
  6. Weapons (and probably bomb) can stuck here, and they cannot be picked up.
  7. Aztk


    Use official light_environment settings from here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Counter-Strike:_Global_Offensive_Sky_List Your light is 'too yellowish' and a bit distracting.
  8. Video about CS:GO map design by WarOwl: Helpful for newbies.
  9. Aztk

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    You have to fix clipping in some places (trick number 3 and 1)
  10. Added -StaticPropLighting -StaticPropSampleScale 0.25 to $light_exe parameters in "fast" option in expert compile and this error appear when compiling: Command line: "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\bin\vrad.exe" "-bounce" "2" "-noextra" "-game" "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo" "e:\steam\steamapps\common\counter-strike global offensive\sdk_content\maps\de_industry" "-StaticPropLighting" "-StaticPropSampleScale" "0.25" usage : vrad [options...] bspfile example: vrad c:\hl2\hl2\maps\testAnd vrad crashes. How I can fix it? :c
  11. I just saw that Valve added some night sky textures into Hammer.
  12. Working... actually have a bit more. This dropdown area is T-Spawn
  13. My few months old map, my first map with skybox and something that i can name 'layout'. It was supposed to be demolition map, but i changed to normal casual/competetive map. Too small, weird and stupid map. Design is terrible and flat. Some parts of map (such as 'office' thing) are uncomplete. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=533711811 If you have too much time, you can check it, but is awful.
  14. Hills in background (from displacement) look weird with just one texture on it. They should be more detailed. Imo you don't have to make a hills from displacements when you've mountains in the sky texture It also can look a bit stupid - hills and then mountains.
  15. From screenshots it looks a bit weird to me. There're so many changes compared to the original version of Mirage. There're more changes than in existing short... maps. But this is only my opinion, you dont have to agree with that
  16. Teams haven't got buzyones, bombsites don't work.
  17. I know, I know. I had an idea and I made it ;p I'll change them ;p Maybe I was blind and i didn't see those stairs ;p
  18. Deep WIP, very very early version screenshots About this part (Bombsite A): The truck broke and terrorist want to blow up expensive delivery. They've two ways from little' 'warehouse': doors and catwalk (i really like this catwalk as a way to site).
  19. Make a B quite bigger, add some positions for CTs and remove crates pozdrawiam polskę ;p
  20. Hi mapcore I want to remake an old official CS/CSS map or any official map from Counter Strike series, but i don't know which So, tell me which map you want to see remade, i will choose one after some time by basing on poll. Greetings. Sorry, if this category isn't right. And sorry for my a bit poor English.
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