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  1. CaptainR3sPawN

    [CS:GO] Bug - Lightmapped4way problem

    I don't personally know what's the problem, but I can say one thing, when Valve used this type of texture in their Train remake and gave it to us, I couldn't use it because of really "bright" flickering effect or it just wouldn't work at all. just search "4wb" in the texture browser, you'll see, if you somehow manage to use those, you could use GCFScape to extract their texture and see what they did differently. ^^
  2. CaptainR3sPawN

    [CSGO][SOLVED] Is it possible to deactivate hints and arealportals in-game?

    Was this problem BEFORE using "r_novis" / doing what I said? because I clearly said to do this under a new map name as you don't break your current one. If this has nothing to do with our solutions, you probably didn't use hint/skips properly.. if you don't reaaalllly know what you're doing, (I don't either when it comes to those) you should probably not try and optimize your map using those tools when you have just over 24 hours left... I don't know why it would glitch out like this in high graphics, try post a new topic about this to get more attention, and goodluck!
  3. CaptainR3sPawN

    [CSGO][SOLVED] Is it possible to deactivate hints and arealportals in-game?

    You have a few options but I don't think you can disable it after a compile; Remove them and recompile under a new map name, or when in the mode, try and move your mouse around a little bit, it may start rendering other areas, this was always buggy for me but that would usually solve the issue
  4. CaptainR3sPawN


    Looks incredible, reminds me of Agents Of Mayhem a little bit. ^^ please change that X decal for the bombsite, it triggers me when people work countless hours on custom materials and models but cant make a custom overlay for the bombsite markers. ;-;
  5. CaptainR3sPawN

    [WIP] De | Calid

    A little update; The map won't be ready for the deadline, and that's okay, I should have started earlier, however personal life issues made that really hard, i'm in a much better place now and i'd like to thank everyone who was a part of hosting this contest for the motivation it gave me to work again, I was slowly losing interest in level design and this contest reminded me why I love doing what I do, and that's what matters to me the most, no prize would have given me the feelings I feel now; my excitement and passion towards level design will really show when a full release of the map comes. I will release my entire progress tomorrow to the workshop and keep developing the map in the coming weeks, but this is in no way an entry to the contest, that's why i'll be leaving a link on THIS comment instead of the main post. Much love to everyone in this community. Download Link for the unfinished version (focused on layout, but has quite abit of detailing done to it already): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1216194240
  6. I'd love to know that aswell, any feedback would be appreciated (as i've noted for the judges in my WIP submission), even 2-3 lines with a little bit of feedback regarding gameplay / visuals / overall polish would mean so much to me.
  7. CaptainR3sPawN

    [CSGO sdk][SOLVED] My friends can't see anything on my map

    Yeah, the models aren't packed. When using VIDE; - Open the map in VIDE, press Scan. - Make sure your directory is "common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo" (dont forget the start of your disk name, etc, etc) - Press Scan, when done, press CNTRL + A, and press ADD (under file options) - Now press Apply. Update us if this helped.
  8. CaptainR3sPawN

    [CSGO sdk][SOLVED] My friends can't see anything on my map

    If you can see them but your friends cant then it's probably not func_detail or whatever, What software did you use to pack? I recommend VIDE since it finds most materials/models automatically. EDIT: Also, when you say "I have packed the custom material multiple times", do you mean you tried multiple times on the same version mid development? because you're supposed to pack just once once you compiled a finished build
  9. CaptainR3sPawN

    [WIP] de_biome

    This might be the best looking map i've seen to date, f me man. Can't wait for the full release.
  10. CaptainR3sPawN

    [RELEASED] - Studio

    The map looks fucking insane, holyshit! Congratulations on the release and goodluck in the competition! <3 Edit: by the way, i'm so joining the decoy contest, it's so awesome of you to do this!
  11. CaptainR3sPawN


    This looks insanely good, can't wait to play the full version!
  12. CaptainR3sPawN

    [WIP] De | Calid

    Thanks! doing my best to have that for the entire map.
  13. CaptainR3sPawN

    [WIP] De | Calid

    Will do in just a sec, thanks for the feedback. Done: Now it's more like opening a present and finding socks, but hey, it's better then nothing!
  14. CaptainR3sPawN

    [WIP] De | Calid

    Welcome to DE | CALID (de_calid), this competitive defuse map is set in a beautiful city in the Middle East, appropriately called; Calid, due to the excessive heat in the area. This map was created for Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest (2017). Map Storyline: You play in the city called "Calid", built to inhabit religious people around one of the most religious places in the Middle East. The TR-Corp realized how much money they can make from this small town thanks to these people, they built a hotel for visitors, amazing infrastructure for communication, water, ventilation, etc, they gained trust, and now they're in the middle of reconstructing one of the main religious locations, and the terrorists are not happy about this exploitation, they're going to fight back. Pictures: //version 73, many not properly textured brushes and many areas lacking detail. Credits: CaptainR3sPawN - Map Creator Sunyan - Models The Horse Strangler / HoliestCow / Hordeau - Chair Model MajesticCatDog - Textures Galdino Otten - Font wohSiesta - Skybox Texture (Modified) textures.com - Textures (Check'em out!) CTX - Models (from Western coop) Valve - Textures, Models, thanks for making CS:GO what it is today! MapCore and FACEIT - Thanks for hosting the competition! MajesticCatDog / Romancalda3 / gEck0_ / Sunyan / GolDy - Support and care. Download: - The map won't make it in time, sorry, my explanation is below if anyone's interested in reading, thanks for hosting the contest!
  15. CaptainR3sPawN

    [CS:GO] Synterian Realm (WIP)

    Hey! I'd like to share a little project i've been working on for the last few days, I am usually extremely secretive about my work-in-progress material, but this time i'm going to try and be more open, a positive change for myself. I'd appreciate any feedback on the current graphics, use of textures, displacements, models, etc. This is all concept work, and i'm looking for all the feedback I can get to develop this further. (Edit: the pink-ish "smoke" is a WIP aswell) Rock models are by Yanzl / Squad / BubkeZ (CS:GO thrill assets) -Can't thank you enough! Thank you, -CaptainR3sPawN.