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  1. Hey guys, I guess I'll keep this short, I just updated my portfolio and was hoping to get some constructive criticism on it, always room for improvement! http://headwards.co.uk/ Thanks!
  2. I would really encourage you to take earlier advice and simplify the text / graphics on the projects to all use the same format. Tell me what it is, what it was made in and perhaps what skills it demonstrates. Currently I have to look at each one to try and work out what it was, whereas if you have one format that is applied to all I will know what's going on after the first one. I did something similar for mine that you could base off, or not! https://gyazo.com/3d4d47b0034f7c1701ca58b6384769b8 - Harry
  3. What area of games do you want to work in? You have 4 pretty different areas listed on your website (Games, Programming, Level Design, Art). I would suggest focusing on one and making the website all about that one.
  4. Hey Tom, I like the front page, nice clean design that shows all of your work. I think you should add some text onto the graphics that tell me what it is and what it was made in so I don't have to click into each one to find out. I would also recommend you model a load more things (both high and low poly) to show you can do a good range of things. E.g. if I was looking for an artist for a mobile game I don't know what your low poly skills are like, it would also be good to see wireframes and poly counts for your objects. Perhaps come up with a format for displaying models and repeat that for all of them? - Harry
  5. Hey guys, was hoping you could take a look at my portfolio and give me some feedback! http://headwards.co.uk/ Cheers, Harry
  6. I would agree with what DoubleF said about images being too large. Viewing your website on a laptop with a 1080p screen all I can see is the nav bar and half the screenshot before scrolling. Ideally I'd like to be able to see what it is and what it was made in without having to scroll. E.g. try and fit each project in one screen length.
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