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    [CS:GO] Mettle

    Hi for those who went for the most recent playtest of Mettle, how was the new layout?
  2. etn

    [CS:GO] Mettle

    These are the timings for the current version of the map: CT to A: 7 Seconds CT to B: 13 Seconds CT to Mid: 8 Seconds T to A: 13 Seconds T to B: 17 Seconds T to Mid: 8 Seconds A to B (Rotate): 13 Seconds
  3. etn

    [CS:GO] Mettle

    Hi guys, I bring to you another major update for Mettle: Here is the new radar completed with icons for each Spawn and Site. Bombsite B has been given a complete makeover with inspiration of A site of Empire. The second entrance for Ts to mid has been moved to allow CTs to defend mid easier. Bombsite A has been given more cover for CTs to defend with. And that's about it, download the map here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=724290136
  4. etn

    [CS:GO] Mettle

    Don't really have a location set in mind, anyway detailing is not really my forte so I will try to get some advice when I reach that point.
  5. etn

    [CS:GO] Mettle

    It has been awhile since the last update but I just want to share with you a screenshot of the new Bombsite B:
  6. etn

    [CS:GO] Mettle

    Thank you for the feedback. I was already planning to remake bombsite B and I will keep your suggestions in mind when developing the site. I will also look into the other suggestions you posed and consider them if possible in the future.
  7. Hi is there a demo of the playtest of de_Mettle?
  8. etn

    [CS:GO] Mettle

    Hello! With the suggestions posed by @TooProForYahoo I have since then updated my map according to those suggestions. With Mid being too CT sided, I have added a "door" which limits the CT's AWPer's cover and mobility A hallway has been added to allow Ts to push from another position into A site A window has been added at Hut to allow CTs to cover the site from another angle And lastly a box as been added there to allow CTs to do some tactical boosts. That's all for the updates!
  9. etn

    [CS:GO] Mettle

    Thank you so much! I have been waiting for suggestions like yours to pop up. I will consider everything stated here in mind when I further develop the map.
  10. Hi can someone remove Mettle from the playtest? I feel that I could work more on the map before I submit it for playtest.
  11. etn

    [CS:GO] Mettle

    Hello everyone! It has been awhile since my last post. Ever since I left Bottleneck behind, I tried to create new layouts. However I always felt that those layouts were inferior compared to Bottleneck's layout. So I took the time to come back to Bottleneck and revamped it. Yes! Bottleneck is back! However, the name is changed to "Mettle" because why not. Anyways, this thread is mostly for feedback on layout quality and other stuff. With that said here are the screenshots! Download now! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=724290136
  12. etn

    The random model thread!

    Hi, is there a tutorial for modeling for csgo? I am quite new to modeling and I would like to get into it.
  13. It's been too long, glad to see that the map is still in development!
  14. I agree, I am thinking of changing it to a different name.
  15. Hello everyone! Thanks for those who went to playtest my map and gave feedback! Changes I will make: -Balance Mid -Fix Head glitch orange blocks at B -Fix Bombsite A's van's OP angle -Redo A Long -Redo Timings -de_vaginalsores ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  16. I apologise for this, but can you change it back to the 2nd? I just found out that that day is clear for me...
  17. I understand that. However I really cannot be part of the playtest. I really want to participate but the time difference does not allow me to.
  18. Hi can my playtest be moved to the 9th of June? Thanks.
  19. Hi guys I just put my first map up for playtesting. If it gets accepted however I won't be able to join the playtesting due to difference in timezones so I was wondering how would I get feedback if I can't join the playtest session?
  20. etn

    [WIP] de_monaco

    Very nice! Hope to see this in a new operation!
  21. how do I post a new topic in the forums?


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