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    JustFredrik reacted to Lizard in Chlorine   
    Hello everyone! For the last few months me and @Thewhaleman have been working on our contest map called Chlorine. This defusal map is set in a recently closed and abandoned aztec themed waterpark. The map includes areas that support a variety of strategies and play styles to accommodate every type of player.
    My goal with this map was to create a dynamic gameplay space that allows players to execute a variety of different strategies.
    Chlorine features two bombsite that are distinct from each other in terms of gameplay style as well as visual direction. Bombsite A is located in the outside area of the waterpark, thus is more open and allows for more complex strategies. Bombsite B features more straight forward approach, being located inside a temple that almost acts as a movie set imitating a night settings with a starry sky.
    Overview of the map:











    Workshop link
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    JustFredrik reacted to 'RZL in Mapcore Discord Challenges   
    Hey, most of you probably already know but for those who don't we have been running Mapcore Discord Challenges for the past two months with the next challenge for the third month just starting.
    Come join us on Discord (https://discord.gg/SHZHCYf) and visit the channels #challenge-chat and #challenge-submissions for details.
    Here is the August 2019 challenge:
    Challenge name: Retro Ride
    Description: Demake one of the three given iconic cars from the movie screen as a low poly model
    Restrictions: Must be a 3D model, Max 500 triangles,  Max 128x128 texture limit
    Deadline: 2019-08-31  23:59  (GMT)

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    JustFredrik reacted to csWaldo in Turbulence   
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    JustFredrik reacted to Yanzl in Mapcore Logo   
    Here you can find the new Mapcore logo and its usage guidelines. Download is included in the post and includes both .png and .svg files.
    Mapcore Logo

    The Mapcore logo includes a two-color logo, full-color logo and a monochrome logo.
    Mapcore Mark

    Mapcore mark includes a single-color version, a full-color version and monochrome versions.

    These are the Mapcore colors and the Mapcore gradient. Single color logo can be any of the colors.
    Safe space

    The logo needs some breathing space. Use the circle in the Mapcore logo to determine minimum amount of space between the logo and surrounding objects.
    Using the Logo

    The logo can be used on any type of background, however the appropriate version should be chosen.
    Full-color logo can be used on most solid backgrounds, using the light or dark version of the logo depending on the luminosity of the background.
    Use the single-color logo if the full-color logo doesn't have enough contrast with the background.
    Use the monochrome logo on backgrounds with a lot of color information.
    Improper usage

    Rotate the gradient Make the Mapcore text any other color than almost black or white Use a non Mapcore color Add a drop shadow Change the typeface of the Mapcore text Change the size of individual elements Rotate the Mapcore mark Change the color of individual elements Change the spacing of individual elements Change the gradient Scale the logo non-uniformly Blur the logo Stacked Logo

    Stacked version of the logo can be used on light backgrounds, where the logo is the main focus of the graphic.
    Hope you'll find these guidelines useful. Here is the download for the Logo resources:
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    JustFredrik reacted to VIOLATION in ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.   
    Can add two more to my list of interesting ideas I had but nowhere to go with them
    Hanoi/dense Asian city:

    Luxembourg City:

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    JustFredrik reacted to 'RZL in [CS:GO] DE_Radar (WIP)   
    I finally decided to create a MapCore thread for one of the projects I'm currently working on. All aspects of the map are still subject to change!
    The European Space Agency (ESA) has decided to build a radio telescope in a natural sinkhole in the Tatra Mountains (Poland) to study the far ends of our universe. Terrorists try to stop the construction since they don’t want mankind to find out about the approaching reptilian overlords, who want to enslave us once and for all. //Any suggestions on how to word the story better?
     Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) in China
    Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico
    @MaanMan (Level Design Assistance)
    @MrTwoVideoCards (Environment Art) (not yet confirmed)
    PS: I try to be more active on Twitter from now on so consider yourselves formally, aggressively accosted to follow me on there if you want to get regular updates on this and other projects: @RizzToTheIzzle
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    JustFredrik reacted to Vaya in de_prospect   
    I think you need to review your stairs
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    JustFredrik reacted to El_Exodus in [ASK] How do you guys greybox?   
    eff emm pony
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    JustFredrik reacted to El_Exodus in The dos and don’ts of CS:GO level design   
    The dos and don’ts of CS:GO level design - a guide to assist you crafting a well working competitive layout for CS:GO
    New update (27th June 2019):
    The dos and donts of csgo level design - updated 2019-06-27.pdf
    Steam version of the guide here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1110438811
    Original Post:
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    JustFredrik reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Fixed i hope 

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    JustFredrik reacted to grapen in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Update to my skybox from earlier. I think the atmospheric scattering is just right at last (sorry about the image qual, I seem to have hit my monthly(?) quota for uploads :D).

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    JustFredrik reacted to tchick in [CS:GO][WIP] de_yacht (demolition mode)   
    Little Update :  @Quotingmc suggested night time :

    Also need some help/advice :
    I tried to make models for the lights on the sides of the boat :

    With those parameters :

        $basetexture "yacht/water_light"
        $surfaceprop glass
        $translucent 1
        $selfillum 1
        $nocull 1
        $selfillumtint "[174 58 224]"

    "UnlitGeneric" to make it transparent AND selfillum because those doesn't work together with "VertexLitGeneric")

    But it doesn't look like real light spots ... The idea here is to save some ressources so the poor Source engine doesn't have a heart attack. Any idea on how to make those models more "flashy" without real lights?
    Thank you
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    JustFredrik reacted to tchick in [CS:GO][WIP] de_yacht (demolition mode)   
    That was the first waves test :
    Made with simple animated dummies :

    If someone know how to applie the canal_water shaders on a model, let me know please

    And here are some animated sails, same method as for the waves :
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    JustFredrik reacted to Thewhaleman in The random model thread!   
    Keeping busy...(Might tweak the rocket ship, add some wear to that red paint..)

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    JustFredrik reacted to The Horse Strangler in The random model thread!   
    Some old work from junction, and also some new stuff:

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    JustFredrik reacted to tchick in [CS:GO][WIP] de_yacht (demolition mode)   

    I'm working on a demolition map for the csmapmakers subreddit contest with @Quotingmc and @VIOLATION.
    We have a layout we are happy with and I started making models for it. Here are some screenshots :

    The main reason I'm posting my work is to ask @Yanzl and @'RZL an important question...

    Please, could we use some of your models from Resort? \o/ (I believe it's Yanzl's work :p)

    I'm asking because I'm not a 3D modeler, I can barely use the extrude thing in 3Ds Max, I press the Auto Smooth button and I apply a texture that in most cases I take from the de_nuke files...
    I really like your props, chairs, beds and other hotel stuff you made, it's super cute and clean and I could remake all of that but it would take me months and I don't have that much time to work the map.
    I plan to add some easter eggs in any case, little references to others maps / mappers and I plan to give some "lore" to the map by making a connection with other maps like cs_cruise and some official maps.

    Thank you in advance for your answer, it's ok if it's a "no", in any cases, I like your work guys!
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    JustFredrik reacted to CWardee in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Here's the port so far, couple of issues still to sort such as the Glass needing to be replaced.

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    JustFredrik reacted to Roald in [CS:GO] de_invade   
    Changed the name to Invade and uploaded it on a new workshop with the latest update: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=903916745
    The definition of Acquisition was something else I thought it was so  

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    JustFredrik reacted to Roald in [CS:GO] de_invade   
    Excuse me for my spam on this topic. I hope I won't bother u guys too much with the updates.
    There is now a working radar and you can still walk arround the map  just check the first post for a link to the workshop

    Venice statues fits nicely

    And CT spawn a litle detailed

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    JustFredrik reacted to untor in [CS:GO] [WIP] Free content from Waterfall   
    Hello again! I am preparing a major update of the Waterfall map. Most likely, it will be a small independent rethinking of the very idea of the map.
    Thinking about what I would like to change - to re-design most of the models and textures for me. Then I had the idea of sharing my content with others.
    I think that these models will be free for everyone. But not for commercial use (or in agreement with me)
    I can not yet say the exact date of the release kit. But definitely not before the updated map of Waterfall.
    I hope it will come in handy.
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    JustFredrik reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Very early w.i.p of the scene that im working on in Unreal.

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    JustFredrik reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Possibly a map 

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    JustFredrik reacted to grapen in The random model thread!   
    Hehe yeah I know, open source algorithms  will go in and fix them by hand tonight!
    Edit: while doing this I noticed two stray verts had found their way into my reference branch, jacking up the total tri count by 33%. Crisis averted. All is well that ends well.

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    JustFredrik reacted to Thewhaleman in The random model thread!   
    IT WORKS! Sorta....I might make the scoreboard work, but it seems like a nightmare that can easily sink a lot of time into and get me no where...
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    JustFredrik reacted to grapen in The random model thread!   
    Hedge 3.0. This is probably as fluffy as I'll be able to make it without going crazy on the tri's.

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