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  1. I've got a few keys from some Humble Bundles Risen Risen 2: Dark Waters Gold Edition DmC: Devil May Cry The Darkness II just send me a PM if you are intrested
  2. I've had my fair share of play throughs of Ocarina of time, But these three games have had me comeback for a lot of years.
  3. Played through the entire game today and enjoyed it 95% of the time! Great game. Here is a little video from my play through:
  4. made a little video of a 1v1 betwean @'RZL and @rosk, that took place during a mapcore playtest!
  5. I've got a spare copy of DMC: Devil May Cry (the reboot) for steam, if anyone is intrested just send me a pm.
  6. Played an early demo version fall 2015, controls feels smooth and faster than the original really looking forward to this game. The little section that I tried out worked very good, and with the addition of player created time trials, I think I might be stuck with this game for a while.
  7. JustFredrik


    While I agree with the others that the lighting is too yellow and not realistic, I think its better to change your lighting into something original. For example looking at reference pictures and trying to recreate that lighting -instead of using Valves standard lighting, that is used on allready existing maps. The map looks intresting, like the theme. Looking forward to see your progress!
  8. JustFredrik

    CSGO FGD Error

    This might be usefull information for you to read. @MagnarJ
  9. JustFredrik

    csgo de-map wip

    I ran around the map and I liked the feel of it, with the train track running along the map. But theres just so many paths. I don't think it will work well in a 5v5 situation. I really recommend simplifying the layout and decrease the amount of paths. I made a quick picture to show what I mean with simplifying and removing paths. I hope this feedback will help, Keep it up!
  10. After the update my shadows on the map is extreamly sharp, compared to pre-update compiles without changing any compile settings. They probably made some changes to make maps look better and on some systems this update resulted in broken lighting. But hey, it wouldn't be a true CSGO update without bugs and glitches!
  11. I just got a problem but the other way around, with brushes black and props normal. Maby not connected to the update but worth mentioning. Edit: After some compiles and changes to the map, it worked fine, And looks normal again. Still don't know if it was connected to the update or what fixed it.
  12. You can try to convert deatiled brushwork into models using the software called propper. That should cut down on the brush count.
  13. FEEDBACK AND CHANGES AFTER 10v10 MAPCORE PLAYTEST 14/01/2016 TL;DR: new version after the playtest, biggest changes are the reworked paths to the sites for both teams.____________________________________________________________________________________It was extremely exciting to have the first playtest ever on my map after working on it for a few months. And I was really glad over the amount of positive feedback that I got and it motivated me to work even more on the project. After the playtest some people stayed for a while discussing the map and the layout, and I’m really grateful to have someone to discuss the players feedback and how the playtest went. The things that I picked up during the playtest were: After the tweaking I decided it was time for version a8. Change log: a8 (with pictures) Radar for version a8 and coparsion picture with old radar will be added during weekend 23-24/1/2016 I think that while A site Isn’t bad. It isn’t interesting and fun either, except for the skill jump to upper. Don’t know what to do to improve it, please leave suggestions if you have any.
  14. I think all of your points you made after the playtest are good points. Here is some things I found during the playtest: I like the idea to re-imagine the cs_ gamemode to make it more competitively viable! Keep it up!
  15. Ran around the map and found some things. Keep up the good work!
  16. You can actually change the prop render distance to avoid the big yellow blocks. Go to Tools > Options > 3D views > Model render distance Then use the slider to change the render distance to a larger number than the size of the map (or just more than before) and the yellow blocks will no longer be a problem
  17. JustFredrik

    Random Photo Thread

    Snaped a few pictures with my phone of the sunset in northern sweden while I was out on a walk. Right now the only sunlight here is a constant sunrise that then goes over to being a sunset then followed by darkness. But the little time that the sun is shining during the day is truly beautiful.
  18. I use a free converter called Format Factory. Don't think theres any harmfull things in it. Link to site
  19. JustFredrik

    [WIP] de_monaco

    @Quotingmc I think he was talking about the later link to facebook, when he stated "something from my work" (note that I do not have facebook and can not view the facebook link and its content). He states this at the bottom of the page for the rock models on gamebanana: I think it is very misleading and I don't think it's apropriate to be showing models that you have ported, when you're trying to promote your modeling skills. @Pavel Turzo I do not think it was your intent to mislead anyone into thinking you made the rock models, only to show your ability to port models. But, I think you should rephrase and remove the links showing ported models and instead only show work by yourself, when proposing to help with modeling. And try to be as clear as possible in messages to minimize the amount of misunderstanding.
  20. Your outside areas have this very pretty and nice sunset colour, but some of the inside lighting on the pictures that I've seen are pretty dull imo, with only white coloured lights. I think the interior parts would be a lot more visually interesting if you would add some colour to the lighting, some cold and warm lights (or maybe slightly green tinted in the sewer areas) to give the areas more contrast in colour. Your outside has a very warm colour so you could have the interior in cold tinted coloures to make a nice contrast betwean inside and outside areas. Here is a comparison with the original picture and an edited picture with some coloured lights. Keep up the good work. The map is looking grate!
  21. Keep it up, looking good! What is the name of the school that you are thinking of applying to?
  22. alot of it is brushwork. It will be replaced with props in a later stage.
  23. JustFredrik

    [CSGO] de_richu

    Rì chū is set somewhere in eastern asia Work in progress map by @JustFredrik workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=445608796 Screenshots of version a_6 [OUTDATED VERSION] imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/fdeEi Radar overview of version a_5 [OUTDATED VERSION]
  24. JustFredrik

    [CS:GO] de_Transit

    Finally you posted your map!
  25. JustFredrik

    [csgo] de_ridge

    probably, or maby theres the "Mega huge gama lazer of death and destruction" in there. But we can't know for sure without investigating further into this matter.
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