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  1. Some progress images from my upcoming danger zone level.
  2. From a danger zone map I'm working on
  3. Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1914440972 Hi! River is a somewhat overpass inspired map based on LA river and its' surroundings. Formerly known as De_Mical and before that as De_Honeycomb. Feedback is appreciated! Mind the poor radar quality.. LONG B CT-SPAWN BOMBSITE A LONG A ROAD BOMBSITE B LONG B from another angle MIDDLE
  4. Changed lighting a bit and added some signage for more authentic feel.
  5. But the real question is do you like the old map better ps released b2 which fixes missing walls and adds some clipping
  6. Hey, An early playtest version can be found here! Please note that it's still an early version and it doesn't have any clipping or a radar.
  7. I've been working on the layout for quite a while now and it's getting there. Some new screens below.
  8. No as the layout isn't fully completed yet.
  9. It sure does Blue circles mark choke points. Any thoughts about the layout or the map in general are greatly appreciated! It takes around 20 seconds for terrorists to reach either bombsite. From CT it takes 5-6 s to reach A and 8-10 s to reach B. Rotate through CT spawn is a solid 15 s and through CT-mid around 20s.
  10. Decided to rename the map to 'Mical', might change it tho if people mistake it for Mikla (Was in the most recent op.) Don't know if that means anything, at least it's a better name than honeycomb On the other note, I reworked layout once again. The older layout faced some issues with the bombsite distances as well as rather long engagements in mid. I've added some parts of the version which can be found on workshop, i.e. Route to B and T-spawn. I'll try to push out a workshop update in a few weeks. Some B-bombsite images in the spoiler. The look was inspired by de_bourg, hope it doesn't look like a complete rip-off tho. Edit: Added some images around the new mid.
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