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  1. Stone blocks on age-old temple are weathered, cracked and imperfect due to the means of creation at the time. They are going to be very imperfect, you should definetly displace ground such as what you have in pictures 2,3 and 4.
  2. This looks really stunning detail-wise, but you need to get it into a tf2maps.net impromptu test ASAP. Just go to the TF2maps Steam group, join the chat, and then type "!add" to see how to add your map into the rotation for the daily testing. There are like 30+ people there at all times so figuring out the system shouldn't be too hard. At the end of the test you can get feedback (along with coordinates for said feedback) at feedback.tf2maps.net. Hope to see you there
  3. You make the map not actually dark. Look at these maps for instance, cp_metalworks Not actually dark, the skybox and OOB areas may be barely lit, but the ground and places where the players are actually engaging is lit up very well. de_inferno_cz While slightly more dimly lit, i think it still holds the same values as metalworks. Strong unnatural lighting along with brighter textures makes the level a lot more fair on gameplay while still keeping the night aesthetic. de_lite same scenario
  4. no idea what i'm doing for this game tbh
  5. Experimental gamemode, King of the Point. Red starts out with the point and a 5 minute timer, and Blu has to capture and hold for 1 minute. Setup time and all that so that Red can setup a forward defense. Haven't started Red's side yet. Aimed at competitive 6v6 / 9v9 Single-staged capture point level for pubs / 9v9. (The rain doesn't looks as terrible in motion, trust me.)
  6. I always wondered as to why you guys don't have a text chat going on like Tf2maps does. It's full of people all the time talking and random stuff, makes the community feel like a family.
  7. Suprised Source is still alive and kicking, and looking pretty while doing it. + Those hammer improvements make me a little envious of you CSGO guys
  8. Not exactly pretty right now, but WIP images of the first stage of my payload map. I have to create new textures and models for this new theme, too. A 1970's english city.
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