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  1. Roger_That


    Thank you! its really fun to play on
  2. very cool look and feel. very unique
  3. Roger_That


    Here is a deathmatch map i made for cs:s and just revived for cs:go. "custom textures" and fully functioning minesweeper game window with functioning player height blocks, reset button, timer clock, mine counter, and the sunglasses smiley win scenario! its pretty fun and chaotic... here is the workshop link ... oh and it has a working minimap now!
  4. hey i dont know if this is the place to bring it up, but i couldnt find anything better. i submitted a map playtest request and then i had to change the bsp filename because i couldn't get the nav to update on workshop. the minimap and general layout are the same. the only differences are a blocked door, a vent changed to a door, an updated nav, and a new bsp filename. everything should be packed and good to go on workshop. hopefully it hasnt been reviewed yet because it will probably need to be redone. do i need to resubmit my request?


    1. 'RZL


      No, it's fine, I'll take a look at the map today.


      PS: You can also send personal messages on mapcore. http://i.imgur.com/ZP7FUS7.png

    2. Roger_That


      ok good to know thx

  5. hey i made a small change to my map since i submitted it. i couldnt get the nav to pack with the workshop publisher so i changed the file names. its now de_carriage_house_a7. sorry! still on workshop
  6. Roger_That


    HAHA! anyway, i agree with biXen, love the mood youre setting there. hope it works well!
  7. roger that ffg. i added a bunch of screenshots to the topic post
  8. changed around the spawns drastically and i think the routes are much more relevant now. any thoughts?
  9. Here's a map I have been working on casually. It features one indoor and one outdoor bombsite set at a country style party house. I Originally started it for Extra Life Game Day in 2014. I hosted an EL event at the location that this map is based on so it was lots of fun to play on game day. I have since closed off a bunch of areas and lines of sight to create more serious routes and such. It's still pretty bold because it's almost strictly accurate to real life. Stock art and lots of dev textures still around, and only the details that affect gameplay. The angles are a lot of fun, but maybe a
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