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  1. Feedback is what makes things great, but asking feedback this early? You don't have any bombsites, you have 1 route for CT/T (I don't even know) and 2 for the other side? Really, work on something more and then share it. Don't have this mentality of sharing everything you have created in 2 hours. Don't take this as offensive, take this to work on it.
  2. Already a nice start, really liking it so far. However some things I did not agree with the theme. The painting on the wall outside is really nice, but I don't think it should be graffiti. Like what old rich lord and lady would have that ? Inside it could use some modern furniture, and more modern setting. The outside is really modern designed and inside it looks like a plain room
  3. I like the clean look ! For your screenshots: bot_kick cl_drawhud 0 r_drawviewmodel 0 It will greatly improve the screenshots ! And use cl_leveloverview x for your overview! Keep on the great work.
  4. I know your pain. 100GB bandwidth limit...
  5. Progress is slow but steady. Quite happy tho. Look at spoiler to see what it was 3 months ago I'll need to change the environment light/skybox, not to fond of the cloudy weather.
  6. Had a look at it, and the price is a bit... too much...
  7. What other ways are there besides WWMT?
  8. This article on the VDC is pretty straight forward to get your model ingame. And decompiling official models is always a good way to learn from it too!
  9. JSadones


    And what about Windows Phone people ? You said it would release with IOS !!
  10. I'm in the same boat as you, what I'm trying to do is making a model a day and Googling/Youtubing when I'm not. Program I'm using is Blender, free open Source and it's on Steam! (Awesome for tracking how long you have spent in 3D)
  11. JSadones

    [CS:GO] de_stars

    Totally forgot about this map ! Continue the great work ! As of playtesting, you can also request a playtest here on Mapcore.
  12. Today is the day I start learning 3D modelling (At least I hope), because I need to get rid of cs_agency props in my map and learn to make my own! Problem I'm getting now is that this is 3 separate bezier curves, and when I combine all 3 I get holes Oh well, I'm happy for my first 3D model. Now next step is to actually continue making models in Blender and learning.
  13. What does this actually do ? A "Hello" on your main post doesn't tell much.
  14. If your map is hosted on the workshop, is it necessary to have a proper suffix since workshop updates automatically anyway?
  15. Layout of my current version. In the spoiler below you can see the difference from the older version (16JAN2016). I'm progressing slowly but I'm learning a lot of things in the meanwhile.
  16. No experience with unreal maps, but it looks amazing!
  17. I think you should stick to like 1 color of containers. Because now it looks like a color pallet Also work a bit on lighting, it looks a bit flat. Some places are too bright while others are just plain dark. Fiddle around a bit with the ambient light from your light_environment.
  18. The lighting needs addressing ASAP, I'm even having problems looking at the images because it's so dark. Some places are pitch black? Maybe your brightness of CSGO is just low? Layout looks interesting , although I see a lot of long angles (the path from CT to B Site) Also you have a workshop link?
  19. JSadones


    I'm also working on a project that has a similar kind of theme/story. It will be interesting how both projects will work out !
  20. Have same one, no problems with it for 2 years and read great reviews. Are you sure its not something on your end ?
  21. Yeah of course you will still need to use the Hammer Model Viewer to place props in the map. But the point of this website would be that props are easier to search. The model viewer is not that extensive, it only has a few categories and if you don't know the name of the model, you can't search it. The project is so that you can click a category and see all models inside that category. Props will also be tagged like "modern", "plant", "interior", ... If they are part of a set of props (like ventilation props) they will also be included in there. Tophatwaffle however gave me the idea of making a "zoo" map, this way you can select a few models and click "Export to VMF". Then all selected props will be added to a VMF that you can open in hammer. Hope this clears some confusion.
  22. What do you mean by coping the entity? Inside a VMF file ? The "Add to project" is just an idea I had for in the future. You will be able to create a project inside the website and then add a model to that project. It's currently only Bootstrap, you can actually already visit it at csgo.hammerDB.info I'll probably need help in the future, so I'll contact you then. Currently I have to write a lot of PHP to be able to log into accounts etc
  23. My plan is first to focus on the props and when I have finished the features I want, I would want to include textures too.
  24. Hello, I was wondering for a while that if there is a CS:GO database of all the props. I have not found any, and the current prop browser in CS:GO is really bad, not good categorized and really hard to browse props. Would people be interested in a webpage where you can easily browse props? Edit: Have a working preview online : http://csgo.hammerdb.info It's currently only HTML, but I'm creating the database connections now to allow custom content. Features I had in mind All CS:GO props in one placeEasily searchableCategoriesExtensive searchItem taggingMaptags If you are interested in this, and would like this to be a thing, please answer : What would be important to keep saved in the database? What details should an object have ? How would you like to search items? Any ideas
  25. JSadones

    CS:GO - Link

    Hey, quick update to show that I'm still working on it ! Thank you all for the feedback, I have implemented changes for all addressed topics. Layout and bombsite are changed and I'm starting to detail some areas. I'm currently working towards a playtest. PS: Yes I'm still using content from cs_agency, they will be removed later. This map is a product of me learning how to use all tools of making a level in CS:GO. Including 3D modelling.
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