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  1. JakHalz

    VBSP Crashes

    Hi there, I wanted to update some older Insurgency maps, but I've noticed that every map with env_cubemaps enabled in the visgroups, Hammer crashes during compile at: fixing up env_cubemap materials on brush sides. When the cubemaps are disabled in the visgroup, it just compiles fine. Pretty annoying and the same happends when I try it with NWI their stock maps aswell. Nothing works, so I'm a little out of options to solve this issue.
  2. About the AI die in the barbwires. You can compile a version with playerclip brush around the barbwires and generate a nav file and use that one for your actual version of your map.
  3. Strange.. mine always work with vtf and a vmt file in materials/overviews and a txt file in resource/overviews. But after all it's fixed for you!
  4. You checked the right path to the image in the vmt and the .txt file?
  5. @modtools Create for each gamemode a .vmt file (westwall_offensive_0.vmt, westwall_liberation_0.vmt, etc...) With; "UnlitGeneric" { "$basetexture" "vgui/loading_screens/westwall_offensive_0" "$vertexcolor" 1 "$vertexalpha" 1 "$ignorez" 1 "$no_fullbright" "1" "$nolod" "1" } - Export with GCFScape a stock loadingscreen - Open in Photoshop. - Drag your image over the stock one. - Save as TGA and make a VTF named; westwall_offensive_0 - Place everything in materials/vgui/loading_screens. That worked for me
  6. For those who uses the Blitz trucks, I've editted the vtf of the glass model a little. So now you can see through. Unfortunately you still have to use the stock glass for the med. truck because of the texture issue inside. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e8czj1ou4jwqqom/Blitz Truck Glass.rar?dl=0
  7. Fill in at "print name" in your control point entity
  8. Because of the fog end distance, not everything will be visible. Most "details" are pine trees, but maybe I will add some overflying bombers. Im not sure how to do this with a flyover sound. Would be nice to parent a ambient generic with the bombermodel along the path track entity, but I believe that is not possible in Source. Map is uploaded to the workshop for testing. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=791132858
  9. Just uploaded my Alpha(test) version to the workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=791132858 Gamemodes: Offensive & Liberation
  10. Here some other screenshots Map is pretty far in progress now. There are some areas that needs a little more detail/props, but I dont want to go too far to keep the framerates good. Also the gameplay hasn't been tested yet, so I expect some tweaking in the objectives. Are there any tutorials about making a overview map as they have in the stock maps? Or does this need to be drawn with a pen/tablet(which I dont have)
  11. Thanks! Indeed, not all the colors show up nice like the way I want. My color corrector is allready at 0.2 maximum weight. I will test without the corrector to see what it does..
  12. Kruppstahl is a fictional map somewere in Germany. This map hasn't any destroyed buildings because I wanted to keep the optimization and not everything in WWII was bombed. The middle part of the map is a vehicle/tank factory building surrounded by a mountainous scenery. I always have an attraction to Industrial environments. Around the factory will have some long range combat, while in the factory it will have some close range combat. I dont know which mode I'll send the map to the contest, but for now I have Liberation and Offensive. Im not sure how exactly fit in the Frontline mode, since my map has open spaces at the area's were the spawns are for the other 2 game modes. I havent played DOI much online yet, but I thought it had some sort of Strike mode from INS, and I kept that thought while I was building Kruppstahl. Here some screens:
  13. Hi there.. I havent a thread of my entry for the contest(will make 1 asap ) I have a question about the sounds for the soundscapes in the textfile. How do you have to point out the paths to the CSGO and DOD sounds in the soundscapes_mapname.txt file? Or isnt this working this way?
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