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  1. I have to agree with the negative sentiment for HR. They are rarely required to have even a remote understanding of what they're hiring for. I often see and hear the advise of asking for feeback on the application. No one does that, at least not in North America. They don't even give you a clear indication of whether or not you've been passed over. They all have semi automated systems that if you do get notice will go as far as 'Your application is being considered' and stay in that status for an incredibly long time in part to keep you from trying to send another application in for that job. Almost no one has their HR integrated in any effective way. They just sit in their own magic world in the clouds of whatever developer they latched onto and hire based on buzzwords in a spreadsheet. I've seen job listings where they wanted entry level talent to have somehow have 5 years of experience in software that had only existed for 2 years. Let's break that down. They wanted entry level talent, people who are expected to essentially have zero professional experience. To have 5 years of experience. And they wanted them to have that experience using a program that had not existed as even a concept I've applied for jobs where I was well verse in similar software to waht they were using and knew I could easily bridge over (Maya vs 3dsmax for example) but because their spreadsheet said 3dsmax and they didn't even know what that was, I got passed over. Then I go to a trade show like GDC and hear 'oh you do good work you should apply' The people working in HR are always polite, great to talk to as well, however; HR Is the bane of the industry due to their lack of proper integration.
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