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  1. what the fuck
  2. New layout. Tried to address most of the feedback. Still not really feeling it, but let's see how the playtest goes.
  3. I think part of it may be the aiming down the scope part. It just feels weird and out of place.
  4. CS:GO doesn't use the ranks to match people directly. Like Dota 2 there's a number behind it. On a different note; they reverted rifle and pistol nerfs. Really wish they didn't touch the pistols. :/
  5. They're basically the same.
  6. Guess they upped the requirements for Supreme: *That list is missing a couple of wins on Supreme.
  7. You can jump into both of those windows by the way: http://i.imgur.com/Qlg40px.gifv
  8. Don't really get why they don't have a beta client for these kinds of updates. Although I guess having the entire userbase experience the changes will result is a lot more data.
  9. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/401182181958470229/BA4B5D704A6D6D685C4EB55125D8CE46B2B6BEAE/ Those slanted windows look a bit odd.
  10. I think the run and gun complaint refers to the R8 which has no noticeable difference in accuracy between standing still and running. I'd like to think it's a glitch, but who knows anymore. :/
  11. That's Bethesda for you alright.
  12. Well, there was a vacban wave right before the sale happened.