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  1. Working on British style terraced housing, might end up as a contest entry? Who knows!
  2. Looks like the rotate from A to B is really short, and the right route to A seems really open.
  3. Middle area I made after getting some inspiration from a few images. Just been playing around with detailing to get a feel of the map, still a long way to go! Some more Screenshots: Reference Image:
  4. Thanks a lot!
  5. I can't seem to find any of the new assets from de_canals within the hammer model/texture browser? Is there any way to make these available for use? Thanks!
  6. Just added WORKSHOP LINK to main post. If you wish to help with a play-test please comment on the workshop page! Also recorded small video of some mid smokes HERE.
  7. Really like the art style!
  8. Re-designed the towers at CT spawn to fit with changing style of map Bombsite A is going to be in ruins
  9. More art-passes on Long A
  10. Not much I have func_detail 'd yet. Although I do know how to use it. I'm still relatively new to Hammer, (I have been messing around with it for a fair few years but never fully finished anything) and I am yet to learn to use area_portals and the hint brushes. I think I watched a video on them in an attempt to educate myself a year or so ago but I need to learn their uses fully.
  11. Currently just using optimising the brushes with nodraw as I go along. I can't seem to change the font once the post is made, I tried to lower the size but it wouldn't let me! I should really be changing the draw distances for the props I'm placing but I don't work sensibly.
  12. This morning I have made suggested changes to the mid area after a small play test (adding other routes for CT to get to upper mid), and roughly art-passed CT spawn to give a feel for the style of the map. Pictures below:
  13. Update to some of the layout today, and some additions around the map, take a look and if you have comments, they are appreciated!
  14. Those barriers are looking better than before but I still think replacing them with suitable props would look much better.
  15. This morning I have made started working on A site and CT side mid, pictures below :