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  1. Ridders


    The overall aesthetic is really good. It feels like old Victorian architecture. However, I do feel you've missed a trick, your overall brush work is really pleasing, but theres a lot of opportunity to add detail to the plain, flat and boring walls that are everywhere. some variation in texture and maybe some adornments like drain pipes and the like. Overall really nice! Good luck.
  2. Working on British style terraced housing, might end up as a contest entry? Who knows!
  3. Looks like the rotate from A to B is really short, and the right route to A seems really open.
  4. Middle area I made after getting some inspiration from a few images. Just been playing around with detailing to get a feel of the map, still a long way to go! Some more Screenshots: Reference Image:
  5. I can't seem to find any of the new assets from de_canals within the hammer model/texture browser? Is there any way to make these available for use? Thanks!
  6. Just added WORKSHOP LINK to main post. If you wish to help with a play-test please comment on the workshop page! Also recorded small video of some mid smokes HERE.
  7. Ridders


    Really like the art style!
  8. Re-designed the towers at CT spawn to fit with changing style of map Bombsite A is going to be in ruins
  9. More art-passes on Long A
  10. Not much I have func_detail 'd yet. Although I do know how to use it. I'm still relatively new to Hammer, (I have been messing around with it for a fair few years but never fully finished anything) and I am yet to learn to use area_portals and the hint brushes. I think I watched a video on them in an attempt to educate myself a year or so ago but I need to learn their uses fully.
  11. Currently just using optimising the brushes with nodraw as I go along. I can't seem to change the font once the post is made, I tried to lower the size but it wouldn't let me! I should really be changing the draw distances for the props I'm placing but I don't work sensibly.
  12. This morning I have made suggested changes to the mid area after a small play test (adding other routes for CT to get to upper mid), and roughly art-passed CT spawn to give a feel for the style of the map. Pictures below:
  13. Update to some of the layout today, and some additions around the map, take a look and if you have comments, they are appreciated!
  14. Ridders

    [WIP] de_Ski (UPDATE)

    Those barriers are looking better than before but I still think replacing them with suitable props would look much better.
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