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  1. Ah, I knew this would come up at some point. Right, so, this showcase is really for the older versions? To document their progress (seeing as I still have all the files for them and whatnot). The map is actually a lot further on than this, but I generally want to have one space where the entire history of the map is documented, front to back - ergo, we're starting the showcase right at the map's inception, and skipping minor changes and focusing on the major ones. As for questions of eligibility, maps older than mine have been entered (Akiba), And they seem to be fine. Plus I also asked TopHattWaffle and he okayed it, so I think I'm fine. The map is by no means finished yet, however! It's still very much in development, I'm just documenting the past changes rather than the current ones - Don't worry! I'm showcasing a week of progress each day, so we'll be caught up before long.
  2. Sure, lemme just get it on the workshop for you real quick... ...And here you go! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1721793153
  3. Okay... Got a lot, and I mean a LOT of feedback on this, so much that I've needed to spoiler tag it. Here we go. T -> A: T -> Mid: T -> B: CT -> A: CT -> Mid: CT -> B: General Observations: In Conclusion...
  4. Planning to upload a new update every day - gotta keep the map relevant around here somehow, right? TAR's pretty easy to set up, looking back at it. There's a guide here - https://github.com/Terri00/CS-GO-Auto-Radar#Download - only takes a half-hour or so to get working, and from there you get a very crisp, clean image at the end of it. Definitely recommended!
  5. A lot of updates today! Changed the angle of the sun! Not a thing that requires a massive amount of work, but it's something that really makes props and the map in general pop a lot more. Decorated the T -> A path! Was struggling for a theme for this spot, but I figured what with everyone talking about caves that I'd add one here, and the torches add their own flavour to the mix. Finally, added a radar! Didn't do the tar layout thing because at this point in development I didn't know how to set it up. I do now, though, so expect the radars to start using that soon!
  6. Here are my suggestions for changes, based on my runaround from yesterday (all my suggested changes highlighted in red) - the Mid route, especially, I think will add a lot of depth and strategy to the map - the sniper nest trims are just to avoid T's camping there.
  7. Just ran around this. The T side of the map feels cool to play on (I especially like the idea of coming off the train as Terrorists), but CT side feels underdeveloped, and Mid is very T-Sided. I do like thematically what you have in mind though, so keep at it!
  8. Hostage map? Check. Set at night? Check. Looks gorgeous? Check. This map's unique, in the sense that I haven't seen anything like it entered into the contest yet. Now's your chance to take some great creative risks with level and map design, so have fun, throw out the rulebook, and go for it! You have my utmost support!
  9. Getting my major props in now! Here is the Pagoda on A Site, and the Lion Statues on B.
  10. No worries, man. Check the edit to my post - the new link includes spec and normal maps as well!
  11. Just found this, I think it should serve you well - https://opengameart.org/content/ceiling-tile-texture - I'd say it might work better at 1024 x 512 rather than 1024 x 1024, what with the rectangular nature of the prop.
  12. Texture on it looks a bit stretched, but the model itself is pretty good. Nice one!
  13. T's are closer to B than CT's, so every round is going to be a B rush.
  14. Another day, more detail down at mid. Some people prefer to get the layout 100% down first and then do the art pass, but I like to do both symbiotically with one another, A to get an idea of space and presence and what goes where, but B to make it feel like I'm working on an actual place, rather than a well-designed killbox.
  15. The earliest of early in-game shots, the first picture showing the spot where the Pagoda will go when finished, and the second picture being some pre-emptive Mid detailing.
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