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  1. Hmm, I asked about this yesterday and received positive reply, but still not sure if was clear enough... What if my Phase 1 submission is an incomplete layout? Can I still finish the layout taking a few days from Phase 2 schedule? I understand the more time I spend on layout the less I will have to polish it. I am willing to take the risk. I also understand Phase 2 deadline is the final one.
  2. I've just submitted my half of a map ;P Couldn't participate until last friday Please, let me know if I can borrow a week from Phase 2 to finish the shell properly. Thanks!
  3. I've joined the party really late (too late :p) and started working on a map only a couple of days ago. If I can borrow a week from Phase 2, it would be great. My shell is no more than 60% complete. If that disqualifies my submission, then it's ok Knowing I'm still in the game, would keep me more focused and motivated. Hubert Świtek insomnaut DM-Pendragon https://ut.rushbase.net/insomnaut/DM-Pendragon/DM-Pendragon_0029-WindowsNoEditor.pak I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula ). Good luck and have fun to everyone! Cheers! =]
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