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  1. Badstomach

    CS:GO - Link

    Wow, I also thought that layout and outside section kinds of remind me Satellite map from Soldier Front 1 Nice work! Looking forward to satellite model By the way, Soldier Front 2 got a pretty nice HD version of Satellite. It might be helpful to play it some time
  2. Badstomach

    CS:GO - Link

    Those theme and bombsites remind me Soldier Front 2's map Satellite Control room looks really great
  3. Badstomach

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    Operation Color Blue FMPONE vs Skybex again!
  4. I tried to make an open world RP map like GTA 5 for Garry's mod And I wasted my time
  5. I broke up with my girlfriend again She said it's a shame for her to go out with me. I didn't know she minded my height, but I know she will cause i'm only 5' 3" tall I'm soooo sad cause this is second time I broke up with girlfriend due to short height I think short height not only effects your shortage of physical ability, it also affects your first impression and relationship since I'm constantly referred to as the kid and I feel that I am never really taken seriously. but short height has nothing to do with my own fault. I exercised hard and I'm not particular about what I eat I can't eve
  6. great! I hope you find the way!
  7. Nice reference there XD
  8. Sorry for bad English but It doesn't looks like Korean Palace It's more like something from japan and your reference pictures are also looks like Japan The differences between them are miner and you don't have to change if you don't mind but I hope you know Asians are likely to distinguish them and feel bad about the misused theme (not me though)
  9. i've been using hammer editor for pretty long time but never been used any other 3d tools I used to exploit my friend to make custom props but that's not gonna work anymore for some reason So this time I decide to learn 3d tools to add some custom props for my csgo maps I wonder which 3d tool is the best for noob modeller I want something easy to lern, easy to convert in source engine and cheap(maybe use pirate version :p) And lastly, Sorry for my bad english
  10. Wow, Thank you for specific examples by the way, judging by the first case, changing brand name and logos will works or maybe not
  11. I'm planning to make a new hostage map set in this building Samsung Headquarter(Samsung Town) In Seoul, South Korea And I'm gonna make the exact same copy of this building(surroundings too, i hope) It would be a pain in my ass but what I'm wondering is if is it fine to make a exact same copy of real place(you know, copyright problem, etc...) Of course I'm gonna change the logos but that's gonna be the only thing I'll change Will it affect submitting this map for next operation? Aaand sorry for my bad English (yeah I'm a Korean )
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