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  1. thanks for all your information i appreciate it. so it will be a bomb map only and here is another quick draw in paint for what i have in mind.
  2. would like to create a map for CS GO in a western style. this can become a bomb map aswell as a hostage map. i hope i find the time to create it but here is a quick map overvieuw of what i have in mind. and this is a reference photo Grtz Chaplin.be
  3. booom right in the face.
  4. no one has any sugestions? the little errors i found in the map are going to be updated tonight or tommorow. its always nice to hear negative and positive feedback when you worked on a map for 200+ houres so you can learn from your mistakes. thanks
  5. i rewrote the vmt file from "LightmappedGeneric" { "$vertexcolor" "1" "$vertexalpha" "1" // Original shader: DecalBaseTimesLightmapAlphaBlend "$translucent" 0 "$basetexture" "Decals/decalRug001a" "$decal" 1 "$decalscale" 0.25 "%keywords" "c17downtown" } to "LightmappedGeneric" { "$basetexture" "Decals/decalRug001a" "$material" "rough" } and everything works fine now i gues, stil have to proces it to check ingame.
  6. the problem is that it is a texture that i cant find anywhere else..
  7. hello, found out that i have a big problem with my decal texture. (i see smoke behind it) can i make a decal texture not decal? probably have to edit it with gfscape but what do i need to type? thanks Grtz Chaplin.be
  8. hello, with proud i want to announce my third map for the csgo community. its no regular map with 3 ways to an area but its a huge Ambassade where you have to rescue Vips. they say its a huge map but it has a small learning curve (in my opinion) map can be found below and please let me know what should be added or deleted. thanks. grtz Chaplin https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1754533990
  9. i tested it before uploading aswell and its with a fullbright light aswell. my map name is Lima30 in the sdk_content/maps folder i have 6 files Lima30.bsp Lima30.bsp.backup Lima30.txt Lima30.prt Lima30.vmf Lima30.vmx in my csgo/maps folder i have 2 files Lima30.bsp and Lima30.nav now when i delete the 2 files in csgo/maps and start CS:GO, afterwards type in console "map lima30" it will load my map with the dynamic lights etc.. (so its starting from the sdk_content folder i think) when i go to my sdk_content/map folder and copy the lima.30bsp file to csgo/map folder and start CS:GO again i type in console" map lima30" then i have my map fullbright again what i'm thinking what could bring this problem is that i made a huge mistake in following the tutorial with VIDE. i opened the map in VIDE from the location sdk_conten/maps and not csgo/maps.. could this be it? if so than i have to fully procces my map again because i dont have the original bsp file anymore. ps: when i copy the backup bsp file to the csgo/maps folder and load the map its fully bright also. sorry for this big mess
  10. hello, like the title says i packed my custom textures and props in my bsp file i followed the tutorial from tophattwaffle packing custom content using vide in steampipe when i did all of this i copied the bsp file fromC:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\sdk_content\maps toC:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps after that i uploaded the map to the workshop and now i notice that my whole map is FULLBRIGHT is there something that i missed or did wrong? before i added the custom props my map had a full compile with shadows etc so i really find it strange that it deleted all my lights thanks Grtz Chaplin
  11. Chaplin.be


    final release can be found over here. workshop link please leave some feedback. Grtz Chaplin.be
  12. hello, my nickname ingame is Chaplin.be living in Belgium and speaking Dutch. i created a map for csgo (my second one) i took me a small 500 houres to complete this. i've uploaded it a while ago on the workshop but i dont get any feedback for it. the thing is, can you guys play/test it for me (maybe i can join?) and let me know what is good and bad in the map so i can try to do some minor changes. the map i taking place in Colombia in midnight, the CT's have to extract two vips out of a druglords mansion (al pacino, scarface) CT's start in front of the house, they have to work there way inside the mansion trough different entrances. T's are starting in the back of the house, they have to go inside and start taking defending positions letting no CT enter the house. once the CT's have a vip, T should be running back to CT spawn to avoid a extraction of the vip (somehow the same as Italy) once you have a vip to extract use the darknes in the yard as cover, same as bushes etc (try to think its a real life situation) i dont have any ladders in the maps, my climbable ladders are VINE. so if you see vines sticking on a wall try to climb them and see if you can go up the map can be found over here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=496954896 Mission Briefing: BDNN Worlddesk: This morning, the Pentagon briefled assembled media that the war on drugs is being combined with the fight against insurgency in Colombia. The Colombian goverment has narcotics peddlers. The symbiotic relationship between the drug cartels and anti-goverment groups such as the Corazones y Armas ( Heart and Arms ) has been growing in recent years. In return for the money to fund their revolutionary goals, the groups provide protecion, enforcement and collection services to the wealthy drug barons. This combination of powers has proven to be more than the Colombian goverment can handle. A format request for assistance has filtered trough diplomatic channels and we have decided to give Colombia the military aid it requires in the form of training, weapons and limited use of US military assets to disrupt Drug Cartel operations and their infrastructure. ps:sorry for my bad english ; )
  13. Chaplin.be


    in the lighting it is the final (hdr and normal) the vvis thing didnt compile yet because its still beta
  14. Chaplin.be


    still to dark? Grtz Chaplin.be
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