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  1. I have been doing that all these years , I have recently discovered compile pal and one of the USPs was that I could compile with it and it will also pack all the custom content after compiling, thus eliminating the use of vide/pakrat. but since you can't pack before building cubemaps, I have no reason to use compile pal over the traditional ways.
  2. That is w Tried it, didn't work. It is not about compile pal not being able to build cubemap, it is about compile pal failing to launch the game itself. Even -game compile parameter fails to work and gives the same error.
  3. Whenever I try to build Cubemaps or Nav File, the program fails to launch the game as soon as it comes to building cubemaps/nav file. says that steam needs update. The steam is updated though. When you close the error, the compile process completes and the map runs, but without cubemaps/nav file. The logs still capture it as "Cubemaps built successfully". I've used versions 27 and 27.11. Debug log Anything I could do to fix this?
  4. Thanks for the feedback, although with the overview, we can't take into consideration the verticality. We are also doing some basic timing tests to make it better. I'll definitely keep it in mind in the coming iterations
  5. This is the rough layout. Timings are a bit off for A long and mid right now. A lot of changes to be made.
  6. Set in a town along Ganges in North India, this map will be heavily inspired by the streets and ghats (coasts) of Varanasi and Haridwar. I'll be uploading photos as we make progress. Right now, we are just finalizing the basic layout. Co-Author: Squeezit
  7. https://imgur.com/gallery/E1Yr0 I clicked these while I was in Himachal pradesh, India.
  8. Making collisions of concave models or hitting the limit isn't my issue. The limit issue can be resolved by increasing the threshold, there is a QC class for that. The limit is 40 convex hulls for CSGO and you can use $maxconvexpieces <int> to increase it. The problem is, deleting the extra edges manually, which is tedious as compared to the wall worms plugin's work in 3ds max. This is the model I am working on. Edit: I guess for costly convex hulls, you can apply decimate modifier. That helps a bit.
  9. Yes, those are the basics, I know about that. I have been making models in max for my maps, I was just looking for a better approach if there is any. Thank you anyway
  10. Hey, I have recently started using blender. In 3ds Max, Wallworm did the job just fine. Is there anything in blender that could help me create collision mesh? I know you can start off with a cube and make it envelop the mesh etc. but for complex mesh, it isn't always possible to do that while keeping the mesh convex. I also know about "Convex hull" in edit mode that can be found in the search menu, but it doesn't eliminate unnecessary details. The image below is just a small example, it's a lot of tedious work for the whole model. So is there anything else that I could try?
  11. But even that story is unconfirmed about where it all begin and the joker says in the The Killing Joke that he chooses to have multiple choices when it comes to his past.
  12. I must be blind to leave that unnoticed. Thank you so much . Correcting that resolved the issue.
  13. I am using that itself in the test files. I wrote it "$basealphaenvmask" in this thread in a haste. In the files however, the correct thing is used.
  14. Objective: To create a texture for my model, such that different parts have different amount of reflectivity. (Uses $envmapmask) Also, I am aiming at using 1 single VTF file as the material doesn't have any bump map. Methods that can be used 1. use a grayscale texture and $envmapmask command in vmt. This will need 2 vtf files, 1 will be base/diffuse and second will be grayscale specular map. 2. If the material has a bump map, we can use its alpha channel as specular mask. This will again require 2 vtf files. 1 will be diffuse/base texture and the other will be normal map. Uses $normalmapalphaenvmapmask. 3. We can use base texture's alpha channel as specular mask, and this will need only 1 VTF file. This uses $basealphaenvmapmask. (This also works inversely, black is reflective, white is matte.) Problem For some reason, 3rd method isn't working. It gives me 100% reflectivity all all surfaces. (Check attachments) Also, I wanna ask if there's any guide for all the flags and compression formats used by VTF. test.zip
  15. Daniel Sloss Live Shows (Netflix) Specifically 2nd Episode (Jigsaw) He apparently caused more than 31000 couples to break up after watching the show. but everything he says makes sense. https://www.netflix.com/in/title/80223685
  16. Just came across this video. Making skyboxes will be so much easier with this.
  17. I have been reporting all the comment spammers (the ones posting ad links) on my map. I delete all such comments. And one such guy then commented on my profile "report me and ask your friends as well to report". They know nothing's gonna happen. And even I got an offer for my map Bikinibottom, but I blocked the guy. I don't feel right about endorsing gambling sites. Edit:- Something happened? My map now has 1 lesser downvote. The upvotes are constant. And also, all the maps with gambling ads are not featuring on the front page anymore.
  18. This map has been under development for around 1.5 years. Over the time we have released 5 different versions of the map. Some of them are still available for you to play. Final Version Along with the Aesthetic changes, the final version came out with the removal of sniper's window at near T spawn and the Decon area that connected Alley to the mid. Another short rotation path from fountain to back entrance, which was added in B5 version was removed. An alternate path from Alley to A was also added. Both A site and B site were worked upon, and the covers were re-positioned. B5 Version There were only 2 significant changes made in this version. A ramp was added in front of connector. The other change was the addition of a quick rotation path from fountain to back entrance area. B4 Version The B4 version of Calamari came up with significant aesthetic changes that completely changed the looks and the ambiance of the map. B site was completely redone and the CT bar was added at the CT end of the mid. A site was altered a bit to make it feel a little less claustrophobic. B3 Version A lot of details were added to the environment, a lot of buildings were redone. The patio area was added in place of the church. The open CT to mid route now went via a wine cellar. Window area was added near T base. B2 Version This version was never released. It was similar to the B3 version. The only difference was the Patio Area that was added in the B3 version. B1 Version This was the first version that was released. Alpha stage screenshots
  19. GenoCide

    EU Referendum

    So EU now has a free space of exactly 1 GB?
  20. Made this for fun and because I love Patrick Star. Steam Link
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