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    Altered Carbon

    Just throwing this in there, but Altered Carbon reminded me of the old game Beneath a Steel Sky, similar inspirations I'm sure. I liked the series, very low key humor and decent writing, though the main plot/villain story was too stupid for me personally.
  2. When I see the fantastic work that happened on Mapcore in 2017 I feel really unproductive. I guess it's partly age, but it's just so hard to buckle down and get things done. Even if I have cut down to a couple of projects and have everything planned out, I feel productive during the day, but you just want to relax in the evening, that's what I miss about being 25 I can live with the body getting older, but the damn tired mind annoys me. By my standards I had a productive 2017, made a VR demo and a CSGO skin, learned a whole new way of working in my fulltime job. But I wish I could find a way to get at least 10-12 hours a week of solid project time done. Anyone been down that path? It's one of those things that don't make sense to me, because I love to do all the stuff I'm not getting done. So I can't find a logic way of approaching it.
  3. Didn't have a time to check them all out yet, watched a bit of Anders run through. Have to say Biome looks fantastic. Asylum also stood out for me, but I'm more unsure of the gameplay there. Have to check out the rest of his runthrough later, but really great to see such good submissions, congrats all, I know how much work it is. (personally I've wasted my time with Unity and VR, which is fun, but not as fun as this)
  4. biXen

    What I'm Working On

    Gorgeous! (U.S.S. Torsk, lol)
  5. Really really cool, I was hoping the big thing FMPONE was talking about was exactly this. I was craving to work on my map this summer, so that seems like a good match. Only bad thing is I have to learn Blender after 10 years with Maya, oh well, challenge accepted
  6. Well that's encouraging. Should be possible then to get a good result.
  7. Does anyone use it for CSGO though, or is it a half assed implementation? I know the linear workflow very well and I'm quite used to that. But your preferred solution is more along the lines of old Pixar, faking stuff to look good It would be nice to have a base lighting with quadratic, and maybe use some fill light for ambience if need be, but so far it seems tricky. Guess it needs some more experimentation. I need to isolate things in smaller levels for testing I guess.
  8. Being used to physically based lighting, is there any negative impact on using this approach with the Source engine? Or is it implemented in a way where it doesn't matter?
  9. The thing is that some girls you will still think about when you are 80. I still think a lot about this one ex, that was my "the one" so far. And I know from other people that even though they are 100% happy and life is great, they often have this one they never can't stop thinking about. I guess that's life Just have to accept it, fight stupid urges and move on.
  10. LOL, I can relate. I have done everything from walking right past and laughing at 3 girls with car trouble in a music festival parking lot (and I mend my own car so I could probably have done something, but I just didn't consider that this would be a good way to get to know 3 girls) to this girl who always flirted with me in school and was very physical where I suddenly like 10 years later were like. OOOOOOOH, maybe she liked me Thought never crossed my mind earlier and that was a girl I thought were cute and funny but never properly talked to cause I'm stupid. I like to think I have improved, but I'm not sure
  11. Girls are still less of a hassle than Hammer.
  12. Wow, a lot of familiar things in this topic. Especially as I looked up an ex a few days ago, never a good idea. In my defense, there wasn't anything bad about her. I was inexperienced with relationships and kinda freaked out, and when I "woke up" she had been wooed by someone else. I never could get my head around the fear of being hurt so I don't think I lit a fire in her. But she was really perfect in many ways, and sadly I haven't ever found someone that I have felt even half of that for. I had to stop talking to her to get over her, after being friends for a while, but in many ways I have never had a best friend like that again. I have liked and been involved with a lot of women like those OP describe, and I guess that's why I'm over 30 and single with no kids. A lot of manipulative stuff, all girls are to a degree. All decent girls can get a boyfriend any time they feel like it, that may sound very neanderthal thing to say, but it's been true for all people I know. Most "catches" have a line of guys waiting for their relationship status to change. So a situation like the one you describe is very familiar. I know of a lot of women that have been single less than a month their entire life since they were 14, needless to say there has to be some overlap when they find a new guy there. I also want to touch on the topic that many people gave as advice about family. I love my family, but I have never been a guy that talks to my family 4 times a week etc. I also don't share intimate details about my feelings, that's just the way I am. I feel that in many cultures there's a super strong bond to the family, but my opinion is that you should be with people that make you happy. The family doesn't always do that for everyone. In fact they may be negative and hold you back, so I just think it should never be a general rule. Be with whoever makes you feel better, if the family does, super.
  13. Is Train not grassy enough for you? Here is Riverside, 60% more grass!!! J/K. Great looking map, I think you should definitely do what Vaya and Vorontsov suggest though, why build another map when you can just add it to this one. Considering the shitload of work it actually is
  14. Reviews are good, it unlocked right after midnight yesterday so I had a hard time going to bed, but I stayed strong Wasn't planning to play it yet, but I don't think I can resist trying it before working a bit.
  15. It looks amazing, seems like most of it is photogrammetry. Definitely getting it, just probably not now.
  16. Starting a bit off topic: I read the description of No Man's Sky, pretty much understood what everything meant practically, didn't pre-order. Read reviews, confirmed my preconceptions. Bought the game, enjoyed it for exactly what it was. It really surprises me how people can make such a fuss about a game that has a bit ambitious PR when there's people like Peter Molyneux and Chris Roberts walking around The only thing wrong with it was the price. Back to Star Citizen. I backed it ages ago, tried some of the alphas, followed a lot of the presentations, dev diaries etc. In my honest opinion this could be a total dream game, especially in VR. But I am part of the skeptical bunch. I feel like everything I see from this game comes from something being started in the wrong end of where you want to start. Just the fact that the running animation is so crooked still is strange to me. A lot of the dev diaries made it seem like people had never worked on a game before. It still seems like a walking/flying tech demo for a new version of the Cryengine. Beautiful environments, but there must be 2-3 years of development to make this come alive still. And by that time who knows. I really think they should have gone with a model more like Frontier's, if not totally the same. But more in that vein, because all the mechanics are so solid there. And that is SO hard to nail. The longer it takes I just automatically think as a developer that it will be harder to achieve down the road.
  17. They patched it now, still horrible Really frustrating.
  18. I don't know if there's been a patch lately, as there's not an easy way to know with this Windows Store crap. But I have an i7 6700K, 32GB RAM and 2x970 in SLI, and I have to start my Xbox One to play this game with a smooth fps. That should be saying enough. I am a big Windows fan (one of few), but whoever designed the whole Windows store infrastructure and UI needs to get sacked. That said, cross play and stuff seems to work great, but I haven't tried online mode or anything on PC. Waiting for patches, if they end up fixing something at all. Also it's one of the best Forza games in years, just a fun arcadey but unique feel to the cars and a lot of variation in what to do.
  19. Bargain bin I guess. Never a good sign when they don't send out early review copies.
  20. I see reddit is represented by a user here It's scary how little people know about development, and that people can't see how much love has been given to this game in the last year. Compared to my first year in CS:GO it's been huge! And I have loved every gun sound almost, very good change especially technically, but also recognizable AK sounds ++. People need to realize, especially after the broken animation update, that Valve doesn't want to make huge gameplay changes fast. It's impossible to know if one fix breaks something else. Anyone with a reasonable grasp of development knows this, but gamers always know better... Now I am damn excited to try the new Inferno
  21. I am familiar with using skydomes in applications like Maya or Nuke, but seeing as the skydome also provides lighting I am not sure exactly how that would work in this game if it was imported. Is it a BSP object? Guess I should check out the existing maps more.
  22. How would you go about doing that? Is it possible to export from a 3D application and still keep the lighting properties?
  23. Going by recent experience, Hammer is as solid as Steam support
  24. 3D tools are obviously not the simplest things to learn, but I honestly think Blender is a cluster-f*** of a UI, but it is very cool that there is such a good tool/renderer that is free. I just hope it becomes better. If you want to actually work with this stuff it's better to just go with Maya / 3DS. You can compete in competions and stuff with non-commercial version so until you sell something or work for someone you should be okay. Companies don't use blender because they have pipelines that are built for Maya or 3DS most likely.
  25. Now that Maya has a fantastic renderer included it is actually affordable on a project rental basis. Not if you don't earn any money of course, but if you plan to live off this it's a small gamble. Legal Photoshop and Maya would be a must. I ended up buying Modo Steam version but haven't learned it yet, Modo seems quite different from other tools (also in many good ways). And might be more suited for a guerilla person/studio than Maya or 3ds (at least before Arnold was included).
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