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  1. I don't believe you can, the accuracy is a game file which would have to be on the "modded" server to allow the perfect accuracy you want to achieve
  2. absolutely not. The ranked mode can be a little bad at times but the community is still there. Its only been out a year!
  3. Hi, If you are still needing ideas, you can use my greybox that will probably never see me actually finishing the textured version. This site is fairly compact and has a "long" route that allows the CT's to hear the terrorists before being seen so it can be a good sneak route if fellow terrorists are attacking on the left. It also allows for some cheeky CT plays. Here are some other shots from around the site: and here is an overview from CT (on the left) and T (on the right) last time i did the timings a CT could get on the balcony and have 1.5-2 seconds to prepare for the possible onslaught
  4. Looks cool, cant wait to see some more of it when it gets textured
  5. when I downloaded the map off of github, instances wouldnt load. EDIT: the de_office-master folder has to be renamed de_office to be able to see the instances
  6. TooProForYahoo

    [CS:GO] Mettle

    Just wondering on the design of the map, is it based anywhere specific? (Other than an industrial setting?)
  7. try putting it in a different vmf (create a new one and paste it in). Try using valves prebuilt lighting from dust2.
  8. More than likely you have a leak, see if you do and fix it https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Leak
  9. try changing the light entity's quadratic property to 0 and recompile. I had a similar error except my shadows were blue and it fixed it.
  10. do you have any lights in your map?
  11. TooProForYahoo

    [CS:GO] Mettle

    First problem I had: to launch the map through the console because you didn't have a gamemode selected when you published the map. The way to fix this is by selecting a gamemode in the check boxes. In your case it would be the classic game type After running around your map for 10 minutes, I found a few things that are kind of over powered. A Site Awping on CT side A site is severely over powered, you have long routes that the Ts have to take, and the CTs will greatly benefit by buying long ranged weapons here. I thought of a solution but I don't really know how it would work out. You should add a hallway here, so they don't have to deal with the mid awper directly unless they really want to I thought the hallway would look something like this: This door should really be opened faster, try changing the speed to 250 and see how it works. You can always turn it down if needed. B Site From CT to B, you have a random ledge, consider adding a railing (this is really low priority but just thought you should so something about it) On B site, you have a small office type room. Consider adding a window here. CT's only have 1 main entrance to watch from. Next to the overhang that the T's use for an entrance, you could add a 2 man boost here to catch oncoming T's by surprise Thats all I have for now.
  12. This looks phenomenal even without textures!
  13. I think its fine, but breaking apart angles to make some of them 45 degrees rather than 90 degrees will make the map look nicer and also play better in some circumstances
  14. You need a sourcemod plugin now to change the weapon clip/ammo sizes, sadly.
  15. I see that you updated the map, I'll take a look at it when I get home. Are you sticking with the name de_front as well?
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