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    cruptor got a reaction from Crexenic in [CS:GO] de_sawmill (WIP)   
    I started this map a long time ago and stopped working on it for quiet some time.
    It's in a state where it needs more serious testing to be more competitive overall.
    There is some progress i wanted to show you guys (a bit too much progress at specific areas).
    Workshop:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1540396532
    A lot of low quality models will be replaced in the future like trains etc.
    CT Spawn

    A Site

    Crates ( T Spawn Area)

    Barn(couldnt keep myself from detailing)



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    cruptor got a reaction from RA7 in [CS:GO] de_sawmill (WIP)   
    I started this map a long time ago and stopped working on it for quiet some time.
    It's in a state where it needs more serious testing to be more competitive overall.
    There is some progress i wanted to show you guys (a bit too much progress at specific areas).
    Workshop:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1540396532
    A lot of low quality models will be replaced in the future like trains etc.
    CT Spawn

    A Site

    Crates ( T Spawn Area)

    Barn(couldnt keep myself from detailing)



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    cruptor reacted to FMPONE in [Portal 2] Refraction   
    I don't think you should be basing your determination that the map is "easy" on something other than what players are telling you. You want to filter your own subjective opinion out of this stuff. If it ever gets to the point that you're critiquing someone's level of experience, that's a huge red-flag IMO.
    Attempt 2: solved. Reaction? eeehh, definitely some room for improvement. I'll explain below.
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    cruptor got a reaction from Gauss in Tangerine   
    it looks almost real
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    cruptor got a reaction from Harry Poster in Tangerine   
    it looks almost real
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    cruptor reacted to Harry Poster in Tangerine   
    Global changes :
    -Changed name from Kasbah to Tangerine
    -Theme is now taking place in Marrakesh
       -Lack of information
      -Hotels doesnt fit to the layout
    Some new screenshots

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    cruptor reacted to ElectroSheep in The Half-Life 3 thread of closure and memorium   
    Bumping this thread...
    for THIS ??

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    cruptor reacted to Castle in Games W.I.P Thread   
    Ah, nothing to see here folks, its just one dude solo making an entire looter shooter lol

    Project Stray: Trello Board
    There are a host of new changes and updates to the game. This includes a new Trello board that I have began for Project Stray. The Trello board still needs quite a bit of love but by the end of the week we should have a pretty solid idea of where the game is right now and where its going next.

    Project Stray: Patch Notes (7/17/2017)
    Reworked the first battle area significantly from what it was before. This was to help the first fight feel less cramped.

    Implemented Automap system (New Functionality Added)

    Title-screen music improperly set to not loop (Fixed) Intro battle is too reliant one weapon type (Pistol) (Fixed) Mouse wheel up / Down borked (Fixed) Slightly increase light machine gun rate of fire (Is now 0.15 shots per second / Was 0.2 shots per second) Enemies wont attack player from long distances. (Fixed) Enemies should stop shooting when player is dead. (Fixed) Note: Zombies will still eat your body Rockets and grenades were not causing barrels to explode. (Fixed) Using a home point to replenish ammo can destroy a players corpse forcing them to lose their stuff. (Fixed) Rework healing to be one item. Reworked entire recovery system. (Large rebalance change implemented) Removed Armor and Ammo kits and key bindings from the game. (No longer needed) Auto Regeneration now only effects armor. (Nerf to health regeneration) Health and armor on the HUD need to have proper icons. (Fixed) Item weight pass, making sure everything weighs the correct value now. (Large rebalance change implemented) Remove auto regeneration of Ammo from the game. (Large rebalance change implemented) Added a generic ammo pickup to help the player replenish ammo for long sequences. (New Functionality Added) Travel spawn should not replenish ammo unless the player dies. Moving between levels should not replenish ammo. Generic ammo pickup needs a proper voxel mesh (Added)  
    All Weapon have been reworked!

    Pistols - (Higher res meshes created)
    Pistols - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX)

    Shotguns - (Higher res meshes created)
    Shotguns - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX)

    Rifles - (Higher res meshes created)
    Rifles - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX)

    Heavy Weapons - (Higher res meshes created)
    Heavy Weapons - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX)

    Advanced Weapons - (Higher res meshes created)
    Advanced Weapons - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX)

    Grenade Launchers - (Higher res meshes created)
    Grenade Launchers - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX)

    More to come next week!
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    cruptor reacted to will2k in de_scepter   
    +1, Valve add this please
    Write +rep on my profile and I write back
    Click here for free code of 2000$ skin
    I'm pretty sure I missed something up there
    Congratulations on this release, and as everyone has said before, map is looking visually awesome and clean; well done.
    Manipulation and massive bot down-votes are sadly not surprising; the workshop, and by extension Valve, is a lost cause and a shining example of incompetence, and lack of accountability/responsibility. And they get away with this because of them being a monopoly without a decent competitor that forces them to improve for fear of losing market share and customer goodwill.
    Anyway, congrats again on finishing this big project and here's to more ambitious ones in the future
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    cruptor got a reaction from dimes2dope in [CS:GO] Moving Highway Map - de_rats_highway   
    this is one of the coolest things ive ever seen
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    cruptor reacted to Yanzl in VMT Editor - fast and simple editor for vmt files   
    LATEST UPDATE: Version 1.3.10 on Mar 27th, 2018
    Hey Mapcore!
    This is an open source vmt editor that aims to improve the tedious experience of editing text files with an easy to use UI and fast workflow.
    Dima Butemann did most of the heavy lifting involving the programming while I took care of the UI and bothered him about updating it.
    It has texture previews, can convert jpgs, pngs or tgas to vtfs (and move them to proper directories), verify vmts, features a batch vmt creation and has support for (most of) new parameters introduced in Nuke CS:GO update. 

    Version 1.3.10 with all the required files can be found here: DOWNLOAD
    Alternatively, if any of you know Qt and C++ and would like to help with the project, you can check out our git repo at https://github.com/Gira-X/VMT-Editor
    Here is a quick video to demonstrate how fast making vmt files is:
    And converting textures to vtf: https://streamable.com/zlwed   If it doesn't find any games you have to manually add them in the Manage games dialog:
    And browse to the main game directory:

    Also a shoutout to the creators of VTFLib (http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/) that provides the texture converting and preview functionality. 
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    cruptor reacted to blackdog in Approaching the Unknown (aka Interstellar 1.5)   
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    cruptor reacted to Yanzl in VMT Editor - fast and simple editor for vmt files   
    Here's a quick explanation for some of the parameters:
    Shader select:
    Here you select the shader, depending on the use of your material. Most of the time this would be either LightmappedGeneric for brush textures and decals, WorldVertexTransition for displacement blend materials or VertexLitGeneric for model materials.
    This is the toolbar that contains shortcuts for the most used parameter groups, I use only these in 95% of cases. Other groups can be found under Add... menu item, or you can add any missing parameters under the Additional parameters tab.
    Top-to-bottom these groups are: Transparency, Detail, Color, Other, Reflection, Self Illumination, Specular and Misc.
    Transparency group:

    Opacity controls the overall opacity of material, transparent and alpha test use diffuse alpha channel. Transparency is smooth but has sorting issues that alpha test solves, but has hard edges - used for foliage and such. You can control the cutoff point with threshold. Additive doesn't need an alpha channel, black is see through and white is solid (like Photoshop). Check Decal if you plan to use the material as decal or overlay.
    Detail group:
    Should be pretty self explanatory, adds a detail texture over the whole material, scales higher than 1 mean smaller than diffuse and lower than 1 mean larger than diffuse. Note that non-uniform scale is not implemented yet. Default detail blend mode is similar to overlay, meaning neutral gray has no effect.
    Color group:
    Tints the whole material. Color is for LightmappedGeneric and color 2 for VertexLitGeneric. Blend tint by base alpha uses diffuse alpha channel as color tint mask (works only on models in CS:GO).
    Other group:
    Here you can add a lightwarp texture, control reflectivity of the material or use seamless scale for displacements. Seamless scale doesn't work with normal maps, only ssbump.
    Reflection group:

    This if for cubemap reflections, you can use auto generated cubemaps with the Use cubemap checkbox or specify your own custom cubemap in the Reflection: line. For the reflection mask you can also specify separate texture in the mask line (only works with no bump map) or use either diffuse (base) or normal map alpha channel.
    Tint controls the intensity of the reflection with the slider or its color with the pick color dialog. For saturation 1 is default and 0 is black and white, for contrast 0 is default and 1 is most contrast. Fresnel controls the visibility of reflection depending on the angle; 1 means default behavior, 0 is no reflection when looking perpendicular and full when looking horizontal.
    Light influence and Anisotropy are new parameters introduced in Nuke update, explained here: http://blog.counter-strike.net/workshop/maps.php#anisotropic
    Self-Illumination group:
    For glowing textures, uses diffuse alpha channel by default. You can control the power with the tint slider.
    Specular group:

    Phong reflections on materials. This one is different depending on selected shader. This is for LightmappedGeneric, only works in CS:GO. http://blog.counter-strike.net/workshop/maps.php#phong With amount you can control the color as well as power of the specular reflection. Since it doesn't take the color of the light environment into account, it looks best if you use the color of the sun. Last value should generally be left alone as it brightens and darkens the whole material. Glossiness controls the size of the highlight, smaller values mean bigger highlight. 
    Brush specular also uses diffuse luminosity for mask as default, you can control the contrast and brightness with the next set of sliders. You can switch the mask to base alpha or normal alpha mask (uses same parameter as reflection, you can only use one).
    VertexLitGeneric specular group:

    Fresnel controls the visibility of the highlight at certain angles. X is looking 90° at the material Y means 45° and Z is 0°. Better explained here https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Phong_materials#Phong_Fresnel_ranges  I find a good value to start with is 0.5 0.8 1. Tint works the same as in Reflection group, you can also use diffuse color to tint the whole phong highlight. Unlike brush specular, it takes into account the light color, so it's best to leave it white/grey unless you want a special effect like colored metal. 
    Glossiness controls the size of the highlight the same way as in brush specular with the exception that you can provide your own glossiness texture. You can make the highlight brighter with the boost slider. 
    By default, specular uses the normal map alpha channel as mask, but you can also use diffuse (base) alpha or its luminosity as masks.
    Misc. group:
    Contains tool texture and keywords lines, as well as other parameters that you may find useful in certain circumstances. Model checkbox only needs to be use on materials other than VertexLitGeneric. Vertex alpha and Vertex color make the surface derive its alpha and color values from per-vertex data provided by the engine. No decals means no impact, blood or other such decals can show up on the surface of this material, useful for chain link fences. Ignore Z ignores the engine object sorting and displays material in front of everything. No fullbright and No lod are used in UI textures (such as L4D posters). No fog means the material is not affected by the environment fog.
    There's no set values for any of these parameters so it's best to test yourself and see how it looks in game. Use the mat_reloadallmaterials command to quickly see changes after you save.
    Hopefully that covers the basics, if you have any questions feel free to post them here.
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    cruptor got a reaction from JamieGamez in de_victorian   
    Inspired by dust2 aren't you?
    i do like some ideas and i know there are some limits which you have with the editor but i highly recommend you to use references for buildings, heights etc.
    It kinda looks like my very first map ..it rememberes me of de_inferno from 1.6 (not an insult). You should watch some tutorials to
    learn more possibilities of the engine/editor, i recommend you 3kliksphilip and TopHATTWaffle and don't rush your maps..
    if you want to build something and you don't know what or how to do it just google it.
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    cruptor reacted to Bodd Jonar in de_delta   
    I love the theme.
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