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    cruptor reacted to Edude in Classified   
    It's been a while since I last posted on this topic and I'm really enjoying how the map looks right now but realizing the number of assets that still needs to be done brought me some concern and discouragement. I like to think of problems like these as obstacles designers must face in order to make really good levels, but in this case, I still have to do a lot to get to the minimum.

    Classified may not be completed on time for the competition, however, I will continue with the project and with more updates on the topic in case I manage to release an acceptable version on the final day!

    The screenshot below puts in a good perspective what still needs to be done to have at least an interesting version at the end, that would probably still need a lot of polishment...

    I will see how the next days go and leave more updates soon! 😀
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    cruptor reacted to Squidski in Gongji   
    Hey guys, I just realized that it's been a while since I've updated this. Just to let you know, we are still working hard and plan to have at least something by the contest deadline. Here are some images

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    cruptor reacted to Lg2K in CSGO SDK VMPI patch   
    Hi CSGO mappers of Mapcore!
    As many of you may know, the possibility to use multiple computers help the compiling process of a CSGO map via VMPI has been disabled by Valve for a while now. After doing a bit of research I figured out how to get VMPI (fully) working again by modifying the vvis and vrad dll files. If you don't know what VMPI is and why you might want to use it when compiling maps for CSGO please visit the Valve Developer Community VMPI page first.
    Note: This is an unofficial patch. VVIS, VRAD and VMPI are property of Valve Software.
    Disclaimer: The dlls provided are modified vvis_dll.dll and vrad_dll.dll files from the official CSGO SDK installation. Please use these dlls at your own risk. No responsibility is claimed for any damage to either your computer or game installation while using these modified dlls.
    Warning: When running VMPI, the modified VVIS and VRAD dll files will perform a GET request to vmpi.lg2k.com (instead of Valve's blocked server). If you don't want to make a connection to my webserver please do not use the patched dll files.
    Patch version 1.0:  CSGO VMPI Patch v1.0.zip
    How to install
    To use VMPI you will need to install the patched dll files on both the master and worker systems.
    Download the patched vvis_dll.dll and vrad_dll.dll files. Go to the bin folder of your Counter-Strike Global Offensive installation (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\bin)
    An easy way to find you Counter-Strike: Global Offensive installation folder is to go to your Steam library > right click Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > manage > Browse local files. Make a backup of the original vvis_dll.dll and vrad_dll.dll files. Replace the vvis_dll.dll and vrad_dll.dll in your bin folder with the patched vvis_dll.dll and vrad_dll.dll files. VMPI map compile settings (Hammer)
    To use VMPI when compiling a CSGO map include the following parameters in the corresponding (advanced) compile configuration properties.
      VVIS VRAD Command $vis_exe $light_exe Required parameters -mpi -mpi
    -mpi_AutoLocalWorker** (Recommended)
    status parameters -mpi_Graphics
    -mpi_ShowDistributeWorkStats -mpi_Graphics
    -mpi_ShowDistributeWorkStats (Recommended)
    ease of use -mpi_TimingWait -mpi_TimingWait *VRAD only works with VMPI whit the following argument: "-mpi_UseDefaultDistributor". The default argument ("-mpi_UseSDKDistributor") doesn't work.
    **-mpi_AutoLocalWorker is needed for VRAD to let the master help during the compiling process. If you wish to compile the map's lighting using only the workers' system don't include this parameter in the compile settings.
    More information about VMPI arguments can be found on: Valve Developer Community.
    Starting a VMPI worker
    To start a worker you will need to run two commands on the worker's system.
    Executable Parameters vvis.exe -mpi_Worker <master's ip adderess> -mpi_Retry vrad.exe -mpi_Worker <master's ip adderess> -mpi_Retry Go to the bin folder of your Counter-Strike Global Offensive installation (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\bin)
    An easy way to find you Counter-Strike: Global Offensive installation folder is to go to your Steam library > right click Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > manage > Browse local files. Type cmd in the address-bar and hit enter. (A command prompt should open) To start the vvis worker type vvis.exe -mpi_Worker <master's ip adderess> -mpi_Retry. To start the vrad worker type vrad.exe -mpi_Worker <master's ip adderess> -mpi_Retry. Port forwarding
    Default VMPI port: 23311 (TCP and UDP)
    This port can be changed by adding -mpi_Port <port> (Ex: -mpi_Port 25320) to the master $vis_exe and $light_exe compile settings in Hammer.
    If you intend to use VMPI via a local network or via the internet the VMPI port might be blocked by your antivirus. If this is the case you will need to allow this port in your antivirus settings. When using VMPI via the internet you will also need to portforward the VMPI port in your router/modem configuration.
    VMPI registry
    The patched dll files are configured to use a custom VMPI registry (vmpi.lg2k.com).
    Valve's VMPI registry
    Original VMPI registry url: "vmpi-registry.valvesoftware.com"
    Original VMPI registry port: 80
    VMPI REST requests
    Origin Type Path Status Expected response Master GET /find_workers 200 Unknown* *It's currently unknown how and what Valve's vmpi-registry request returns, but it's expected to be a list of possible worker ip addresses or a way to tell the vmpi-registry to start and assign workers to the master.
    Using the original VMPI registry results in a CURL error, likely because it's blocked with a firewall so only Valve can use their VMPI workers and outsiders can't get access to their VMPI worker machines.
    Lg2K's VMPI registry (modified)
    VMPI registry url: "vmpi.lg2k.com"
    VMPI registry port: 80
    VMPI REST requests
    Origin Type Path Status Expected response Master GET /find_workers 200 0  
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    cruptor reacted to illG in [WIP][DE] Antiquity   
    Reworked A site, old site design felt too complex and like @zombi said was a little wierd.

    CT Spawn

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    cruptor reacted to JeanPaul in Black Mesa Source   
    Some Black Mesa news if you missed it:
    New Features
    Screenspace Fog ("Xog")
    Using the GBuffer that we've developed for our new Dynamic Lights, we've added a dynamic, very flexible new fog system that replaces Source's legacy fog. The new "Xog" can be configured on the fly with instant results ingame, it can change over time with I/O, and it can vary in density and color based on height. Best of all, it's very inexpensive to render, costing about as much performance as a single dynamic light. 
    Our level designers were slack-jawed when they saw how much it improves the look of the whole game, bringing a true sense of scale to the levels. 

    New Alien Grunt NPC (Agrunts)
    Our original Alien Grunts were tank enemies that shot ridiculously powerful homing bees. They fit relatively well into the tough, cover-laden final levels of Earth. In the vast, wide open spaces of Xen however, they became extremely frustrating to fight. 
    The new Agrunt is the most mobile, unpredictable enemy in the whole game besides our assassins. They'll leap onto different platforms, find a way to outflank you, get in your face, and unleash a devastating secondary "hornet hurricane" attack. As a much-needed balance, the bees from them no longer home in on you, and individual bee damage has been lowered. 
    New Controller NPC (Xontrollers)
    The player only encounters Controllers once in the released game. They were a good, if a bit simple, final enemy type for the Earth bound levels. For Xen, we drastically expanded their abilities, turning them into a kind of overlord or mini-boss. We don't want to spoil everything about their new abilities -- but mind-control, telekinesis, and crystal-powered shields are just a taste of what players can expect.

    Improved Vortigaunt NPC (Xorts)
    These were another straightforward enemy from Earth-levels. We mostly teleported them straight onto the player and expected them to be gunned down in a few seconds. For Xen, we have worked them into a much more intelligent, emotional creature. In keeping with the original Xen, they won't be hostile to the player by default. 

    Flashlight Shadows
    Flashlight shadows are back! Last patch we switched to one of our new dynamic lights, but couldn’t quite solve all the issues with shadows. For Xen, the flashlight will be positioned on the player to look like it is casting from lower on your chest. This creates interesting shadows and adds to the atmosphere in dark environments while still having a usable flashlight. 

    Soft Particles
    Better late than never. This is a feature that's been in other Valve games, but for some reason has been broken in Black Mesa, even from our very first mod release. No more hard-edged particle clipping!

    Chapter Updates
    In addition to the improvements above, we have been grinding away at locking the final bits of design and arting for all our Xen levels.
    While building momentum toward release, our goal is to lock down the chapters in order so that we don’t have to dedicate resources to them, and so all the subsequent chapters go faster and smoother. Here is where we are at:
    Xen (~2-3 Hour Estimate)
    This chapter is completely design locked, most of the art is done, and we are polishing the levels to be release ready. Left on the to-do list is merging art, polishing art, unifying skyboxes and effects across all 6 maps, optimizing maps, and finally a clipping pass. 
    Gonarch (~1-2 Hour Estimate)
    These maps are design locked and are going through the art process. The goal is to be mostly art completed, and start in on its many animated scripted sequences in January. We learned a lot arting Xen and refined our pipeline to be more efficient going forward. There are also half the maps (3) in Gonarch as in Xen, so we got that going for us. 
    Interloper (~2-3 Hour Estimate)
    This chapter is design complete, but needs refinement to lock the chapter. The goal is to have this chapter design locked in the next few days so that level designers and artists can start in on detailing it. Interloper is currently 6 maps.
    Nihilanth (Super Secret Time Estimate)
    We have started in on the core gameplay coding of the final boss. We wanted to avoid having the big boss be just a bullet sponge, so we have kept the design fluid and kept the environment interactive and dynamic. Most of the static art for this level is completed, but it still needs scripted animation set pieces. 
    Endgame (About 5 mins)
    Endgame is locked, but needs some final animation and graphics updates. Endgame will be the last chapter we do a pass on, as it is dependant on a lot of final art from the other levels. Even in its current state we are very happy with how it plays out. 
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    cruptor reacted to Freaky_Banana in Exotic Castle map Work in progress pictures...   
    Why the hostility ? 
    I entirely agree with Vaya, this is an unusual approach, but if it is more comfortable for the mapper, let him do what he believes is best. That applies to the layout as well. A layout doesn't have to be a "normal" clover to play well. Follow the core gameplay rules of CS and anything can be fun.
    I am personally really excited about maps like these. It tells me here comes a mapper with a powerful vision of what he wants his level to be. And a map with a vision, those are the ones that will stick out and around even after the end of this contest. How about we stop shutting these people down with negativity or by forcing them into our conventions. I really want to celebrate their ideas instead. 
    So you do you man, I am excited for this one.
    On a game play note, once you ported to Hammer, a new overview would really help to understand the layout we're looking at. It is a bit confusing right now. 
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    cruptor reacted to grapen in Mustang (formerly Everest)   
    Got to have cliffs. WIP.

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    cruptor reacted to neptune in Cappadocia   
    Map Diary 2
    Firstly I'm sorry about didn't share anything about map situation. Until November I was trying to developing the map. I got feedbacks about map's layout (Thank you for SE and Mapcore Discord feedbackers) and I fixed feedbacks issues. But lastly I decided redesign layout  (reason: some areas optimization problem, timing and some area very advantageous for snipers).Last 2 week I redesign and fixed lots of new layout bugs. 
    Firstly I can share to you old and new layouts. In old layout T have a some vision advantege. Also CT timing to hostage is not well. (Min Arrive time:22 sec. Max. Arrive time:32 sec.) 
    New layout is better than old layout about optimization, timing, balance. (Min arrive time:18 sec Max arrive time: 27 sec.)
    Here some screenshots about Cappadocia. I am very hard working to making sunrise lighting hopefully you will like it.  Some models and textures is not ready. therefore i used Dev textures and referance Valve models.Also I didn't start to make detail some rooms so you can see some area empty.
    I will publish 1 or 2 weeks later this map on Workshop. Until this time I will fixing other bugs and making priority custom models. If you any feedback (layouts, models, lightings, bugs, improvement etc.) please post here. 
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    cruptor reacted to Radu in Half-Life Alyx   
    Always imagined VR to get to a point similar to 3D, where you can go watch films 3D, get a 3D setup for your home and have support for it in some games, but not necessarily having it widespread into everything. It's just a gimmick. To be honest, I don't like 3D either. Especially here, try watching a 3D film with subtitles up in your face.. 
    I'm expecting the reveal to hype people because it's a half-life game and we haven't seen one of those in a long time. There's gonna be some "wow" VR moments probably and everyone in the press will talk about it because clicks. But I don't think it will have the impact that valve expects it to have.
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    cruptor reacted to FMPONE in Half-Life Alyx   
    I'll drop the dough to get a new Index, hl3, etc.
    VR does indeed suck, I mean we can just be honest about this, we're all friends here. VR sucks. It's not good. It's bad. You're strapped to a computer, you might not have room for room-scale (doesn't sound like this one will be room-scale), it takes forever to get everything unpacked and ready to go, it's barely worth the hassle once you get "presence". All of this is objectively true. VR sucks ass. It's not good. It's very bad.
    THAT BEING SAID, it's a Half-Life game, it will probably be very cool. It will be, hopefully, the "best case scenario" for VR. I don't want to dismiss it outright because I hate VR. (but I do hate VR). I'm hoping it will redeem the entire premise of VR, which heretofore has only been cringe.
    It's obvious that decades in the future VR will be all there is, and I suppose we don't get there without these kind of necessary steps.
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    cruptor reacted to esspho in [cs:go] de_cleanup - wingman   
    I teamed up with @Squinky and together we made some progress on this one.
    The map is still WIP and missing some parts here and there but it has improved quite a bit since the last update.

    Any feedback is highly appreciated.
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    cruptor reacted to [N]awbie in River [Greybox] [WIP]   
    Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1914440972
    River is a somewhat overpass inspired map based on LA river and its' surroundings. Formerly known as De_Mical and before that as De_Honeycomb.
    Feedback is appreciated!
    Mind the poor radar quality..

    LONG B



    LONG A



    LONG B from another angle


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    cruptor got a reaction from UNREA1 in [CS:GO] OFFSET_Challenge   
    its one of the few challenge maps i actually liked. gj..and nice easter egg
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    cruptor got a reaction from blackdog in Swamp   
    damn i want to suck on those ivy leafs
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    cruptor reacted to untor in Swamp   
    new swamp trees set

    new ivy set

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    cruptor reacted to fewseb in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    I wonder if its the same thing that happens in match making. Depending on what rank you are certain spots are either always checked or not at all. An example of this would be cubby on Inferno. Way back in 2015 at least, in silver 1, no one knew that spot was there because most players were new so no one would check it, but ct players would see it and hide there and then get kills because of it. As you moved up in ranks more people would figure out and hide in that spot but around silver elite ish if you were going arches you checked cubby every round even if you knew no one could be there because it was instinctual. Cubby was unusable because everyone expected someone to be there. But by the time you reached Gold Nova 2 Cubby all the sudden became useful again because no one thought someone would hide there because it would get checked all the time, leading to people putting there guard down and not checking it.
    It could be something similar with pro level teams, they dont expect people to hide in stupid spots because it would leave their opponent vulnerable and they arnt under estimating them. That corner in the 1v3 palace clip is a bad spot because you have no way out, so why should the opponent coming in from balcony check there when the defender could be anywhere among the pillars. They seem to expect the enemy to play smart and not take risks.
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    cruptor reacted to Radu in Safi   
    Safi is a city in western Morocco, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, and the capital of Safi Province. The city was under protectorate by the Portuguese Empire from 1488 to 1541, was the center of the nation's weaving industry, and became a fortaleza of the Portuguese Crown in 1508. Safi is the main fishing port for the country's sardine industry, and also exports phosphates, textiles and ceramics. During the Second World War, Safi was the site of Operation Blackstone, one of the landing sites for Operation Torch.

    Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984015802
    Development timeline:
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    cruptor reacted to Radu in Safi   
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    cruptor got a reaction from Byron in Cobblestone Changes   
    i like the changes but im a bit skeptical about these windows on a
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    cruptor reacted to Kisco in DeGroot Keep in CS:GO (Workshop)   
    Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1902022759
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    cruptor reacted to Roald in Anubis   
    The point of no return

    Hello Mapcorians
    I am about to write stuff down that was a lesson for me and could be a lesson for others aswell.
    You may skip the text and check out the new screenshots or give some time to give this a read.

    For those who followed my progress could have noticed I started off big. 
    I wanted to put in alot of art ideas right from the start and focus on the asthetics of the map already.
    The reason why is simply because Enviorment Art is the lesser thing I like to do, so why not work on it during the Level Design progress.
    I knew I was going to take a risk, but I just wanted to try and take it and see how this work out for me.

    At first it started out great, I had a clear vision of what I want, but afther a few playtests I had to change stuff in the layout I kinda wanted to hold on to.
    I did so and done 'minor' changes to fix certain things, but not enough to make it succesfull for the next playtest.
    During this progress I think I had 5 playtests in total with each time a small improvement, but not the way I wanted it to be.
    It was very hard to keep things in Hammer organised since I started off the wrong foot and put in so many details on such a small grid, it was a pain in the ass to rework it.
    I ended up frustrated by reworking whole areas, but still didn't fixed the issue of my workspace becoming a mess on most parts of the map.

    Afther the previous two playtests I decided to rework the entire map and that's what I did. 
    I went back to graybox and reblocked some of the geometry in Hammer and cleaned it all by using a overall larger grid and less unnessecary details. 
    I decided to do some big changes and reworked B entirly, midle and T spawn. 
    The map still needs to be playtested, but atleast I broke the barrier to sacrifice the art, to keep more focused on the gameplay.

    It wasn't all for nothing though. I think its not bad to put in extra time and details on important areas like the bombsites to work with more natural cover and corners, atleast thats the way I like my maps instead of a square site with a bunch of crates

    Momo has not much time, if there is a great enviorment artist who can make custom assets, then please hit me up! My goal is to start on the enviorment during september. 

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    cruptor reacted to Roald in Anubis   
    Its been a while since I posted in here.
    @jd40 is now on board, working on the enviorment art on B site.
    There have also been some changes in the layout aswell and because of that we have done some more playtesting.
    Bombsite B have had a huge overhaul and also the timings have drasticly changed with a new CT spawn that provides slower timings into midle.
    All in all I am happy with the layout for what it is and its time to fully focus on the enviorment art.
    In the meanwhile I am doing a first art pass on T spawn by using @jakuza his lovely assets he have been working on lately.

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    cruptor reacted to DazRave in [WIP] Dumplington   
    Update 2

    Small update today as I didn't have much time at the computer. I did have a little more time to think of a backstory as to why Terrorists would want to bomb an empty mall though.

    p.s. Excuse the shadows on the screenshots. I didn't have time for a full compile.

    An organised criminal gang with ties to a terrorist organisation have targeted a luxury jewelers inside a large mall. The group have planned a sophisticated heist consisting of two alternative options.

    Plan A - Stealth
    Knock out the mall's security control room, preventing anyone from raising the alarm and buying the gang time to break into the jewelers

    Plan B - Brute Force
    The quicker of the two options is to blow up the vault door within the jewelers, but it's an option that carries larger risk

    Initial work started on 'the dome'

    Main mall upper corridor

    Very start of the New Orleans themed area of the mall
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    cruptor reacted to Vaya in Cobblestone Changes   
    I wish people would let this shit map die.

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    cruptor reacted to Byron in Cobblestone Changes   
    Ignore the trash visuals, did a fast compile and didn't focus on making it look visually appealing at all. These are the gameplay changes:
    -          Changed the back of site raised area
    -          Raised the wall on site
    -          Added staircase from CT to A
    -          Lowered CT and added a pit
    -          Added boxes on the site
    -          Moved hut closer to ramp and rotated it 30 degrees
    -          Added separating the ramp and long entrances
    -          Raised the wall at top of ramp to block visibility
    -          Added door between water and ramp
    -          Added connector between ramp and drop
    -          Added a raised section to the side
    -          Brought the wall separating long and outside out a bit to block a long sightline
    -          Blocked off the back area
    -          Removed snipers nest
    -          Added a wall to patio
    -          Drop now comes out around the corner
    -          Added connector between ramp and drop
    -          Blocked off flowerbed with bars
    -          Slight change to cover on long
    -          Blocked off upper area
    -          Blocked off snipers nest
    -          Changed sun angle
    -          Added ability to nade from outside to A
    -          Made it easier to nade long from outside
    -          Slightly moved spawns

    The goal of the project is not to make a 100% functioning remake, but to test ways to make cobble great again. Suggest anything you think would be beneficial!
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