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  1. I made in blender new cliffs to create variation. I like the sculpting capabilities of this software.
  2. I made curved/spiral stairs, d2 like
  3. I'd strived to make them as low poly as possible and in the same time not to look too artificial. Each cliff model is around 300 polygons. I still need to retouch them, or make others that can help break the repetition in the map, because right now they seem to look lumpy and repetitive. For now i don't know how to use the high poly to low poly texture baking to make them more realistic, and i am using substance painter just to paint them with normals and different texture layers layers. They look good in substance painter but in source engine...kinda disappointing.
  4. I know that for you guys this is nothing, but for me as a beginner in 3dsmax it is something. Trying to renovate one of my older maps (de_island) i have learned how to make my first complex unwrap. Basically i made an arch using the same texture as the wall one as you can see in the picture.
  5. I made my first rocks, however i'm still not entirely pleased with them. I changed the lightning, also i removed the skybox cs_tibet.
  6. Serialmapper


    FC5 baby, yeeah!
  7. Thank you @Radu for giving a bit of your time to provide me with constructive feedback. Initially i wanted to make a modern villa at the bomb site near the water but I had chosed a more industrial unspecific building instead in order to have more freedom with the cover props, industrial looking fences, even that train. In the end i am thinking to make it some wood/timber related factory. Given the fact that i had to test the map with real players, on a public server, unfamiliarized with dev textures i had to give it a temporary friendly look albeit without too much logic to a trained eye. Later edit: you sparked my curiosity with that insertion map but if you are refering to this insertion, well... that is on another level, as if it didn't use source engine at all, i had forgot about it.
  8. I had updated the layout after a few testings with real players. At bombsite B the Ct had some overpowering positions. Workshop
  9. I had extended the map to a full defuse map. However i made some changes because the pahways to site A are too direct for the tero team. The teams meat where i had estimated, however i would like to move a little bit back the T's spawn. With bots seems more like a tero map because as you know the CTs are going without any logic like sheep.
  10. You are right. It is not some extraordinary map, nor do i expect a smashing succes but when i saw that it got a little bit of momentum on the workshop and then suddenly being downvoted into oblivion made me upset.
  11. @blackdog indeed they are more accesible on the workshop, but being burryed under a ton of aim maps doesn't help too much with the accesibility either. Besides i'm not trying to build a portofolio, what i do it's just a hobby. I'm here, on this forum to observe and learn things from people more talented and more skilled than me, în order to improve a little bit my own skillz. @Raduits not the final version(what's on the workshop it took me two Sunday afternoons) , currently i am expanding the map to a full defuse map. The wingman form gives me a sensation of unfinished business
  12. From being on the frontpage of the workshop to oblivion in just a couple of hours. Wow! this just reinforces my decision of deleting all my submissions from that workshop. Long live Gamebanana !
  13. Yes indeed. There is a lot of room for sniping and jumping.
  14. I made a wingman map, inspired by 3DMike's maps de_survivor and de_recon . For now it doesn't have too much details given my layziness and given the fact that in the future i would like to extend it to a fully fledged defuse map. It can be downloaded from good old Gamebanana: HERE WORKSHOP Credits to @Yanzl for the awsome spruce models some pics
  15. In the video it is spoken about the exploatation and the insecurity of the jobs in the gaming industry. As an outsider i tend to belive it, but something tells me that it is not entirely true. The video offers some examples on this subject. So it is true that those things exist in the gaming industry?
  16. That short film by 3DMike in UE4 with de_survivor made me nostalgic, so, inspired by his maps de_survivor and de_recon, and being sick and tired of the urban landscapes that look like a warehouse full of crates, i had started a small project of mine, a defuse map. For the start i am going to make it for the wingman mode with just one bomb site to see how it behaves and then i am really thinking of extending it to a fully fledged classical defuse map.
  17. Well if you want your map to be distinct, choose a specific theme. (not limited to dust, inferno, etc. unless you specifically wish to). Inspire yourself from your environment, your hometown, countryside. The csgo players are very spoiled, very picky and some bunch of random crates, and nonspecific buildings won't catch the interest. Just for the sake of the experiment, choose a building from your town and try to reproduce it in Hammer as accurate as you can.
  18. The goldsource style it is still present in your map. Nowadays the CS:GO contains high quality assets. Don't be afraid to use them. By the way, what is the theme of your map?
  19. de_recon, a map ahead of its time (no goddamn crates)
  20. Depending on the map's theme you can use the both methods. Especially with modern urban and industrial themes, using displacements on the walls it is not necessary in most of the cases.
  21. yesterday after the storm
  22. My first timelapse . One foto each 10 seconds on a time interval of 50 minutes.
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