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  1. I had released the final version of the map. STEAMWORKSHOP
  2. Yes i'm still using them. I had converted them from the cry engine format using a small program that i don't remember now its name, to fbx, then i imported them în 3dsmax, where i applied the vmt created from the original cry engine texture, and then i had combined them making larger groups so i don't have to place many individual plants in the map, as the source engine doesn't have the capability of painting with props. So basically they are new, larger props derived from the cry engine SDK ones. I hope that i made myself understood. Anyways i don't think that the map will have such a huge succes that it will be included in the game s-o that legal issues may occur.
  3. Better skybox using sprites instead of models. In the most proximal plane i used models but in the most remote, sprites.
  4. I never thought of that, but on a second look you are right . It fits somehow the new theme of the map which is inspired from Romanian late medieval palaces like Mogoșoaia.
  5. I had improved the 3D skybox, using a texture with custom sprites
  6. The source of inspiration for the interiors However in the map i wanted a bit more dustier, a less cleaner look
  7. It will be a smashing success, like the steam machines, if anyone remembers them.
  8. View from an unplayable area of de_island(remake)
  9. The map it's progressing, i made some custom fake door models, also some new textures
  10. It reminds me of gamebanana.
  11. After a hiatus of 3 months or so, i had finally could create a testable BETA version of my defuse map. If you want to give it a spin i had updated it on the WORKSHOP too. Below are some screenshots. The rocks are by me, the ground materials (4way blend), are by me made from various textures from textures.com, the water texture, the spruces and related models are by @Yanzl, the bushes and some of the ground vegetation are from Cry Engine 5.7 SDK (i hope it's not illegal).
  12. As the title says , i am making a visual remake (getting rid of the cbble theme), and a little bit of gampley readjustments, of one of my older maps, de_island , that i made in 2014 for the gamebanana maping contest. Here its a link to it's page on gamebana. I started the remake more than a year ago, but i made frequent pauses due to, you know, real life. I'm going to finish it some day, no deadline, but until then i'm creating this topic to be more like a development log. My intention is to use HR textures, as much as possible the custom kind, and custom models, as much as possible made by me. Here are some screenshots to ilustrate the progress. Any constructive feedback is welcomed.
  13. I recognzie the rifle http://www.facugir.ro/
  14. Testing the new assets on my de_island remake
  15. more advances in my map
  16. playing a bit with the cry engine 5.6 sandbox
  17. I had changed the map's theme.
  18. @FMPONE Very interesting insight in the new engine. Since i don't have HL:A, for me it's like watching level designer pornography. From what i had seen, the Light probe entity it's very similar with the one from cry engine 5. What it isn't clear for me, is that you can make props from anything, like that table, or just from already existing props, like with that tree?
  19. In search for inspiration i made a little trip with the bike close to my home.
  20. Serialmapper


    Nice cliffs
  21. I made in blender new cliffs to create variation. I like the sculpting capabilities of this software.
  22. I made curved/spiral stairs, d2 like
  23. I'd strived to make them as low poly as possible and in the same time not to look too artificial. Each cliff model is around 300 polygons. I still need to retouch them, or make others that can help break the repetition in the map, because right now they seem to look lumpy and repetitive. For now i don't know how to use the high poly to low poly texture baking to make them more realistic, and i am using substance painter just to paint them with normals and different texture layers layers. They look good in substance painter but in source engine...kinda disappointing.
  24. I know that for you guys this is nothing, but for me as a beginner in 3dsmax it is something. Trying to renovate one of my older maps (de_island) i have learned how to make my first complex unwrap. Basically i made an arch using the same texture as the wall one as you can see in the picture.
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