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I am here on this forum because i like to learn new skills about mapping and related things from people that are more skilled and talented than me.

I had started level design for CS1.6 in 2008 because i was curious of how those maps were made. I had no idea how to do that so i'd used of course google. Luckily i found this site and in like half an hour i was making my first map: a dark square room. I cannot explain why, but i was hooked.

As a hobbyst level designer i'm focused only on counter strike, nowadays it's CS:GO version, because it's the main game that i'm playing.

Regarding the defuse map design i'm not into competitive gameplay layouts but more on layouts suited for large public servers like 32 slots and above. I'm always striving to make balanced maps in the first place, and of course to make them as optimized as possible. I like to keep the amount of detail to a decent minimum, however due to CS:GO new standards i had to raise the bar a little. And last but not least, i never ever release a defuse map without being thoroughly tested with real players, several times on a public server.

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