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  1. I know that the CSGO contest is over, I just don't get why my map was moved to Creative 3D from the contest subforum (last update 2 hrs before the deadline). pls explain

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    2. therealm1st


      But that wouldn't explain why most maps that were not finalists were kept in the contest subforum. It couldn't have been bad visual polish either, since St. Gellert and Coldwater, among many other nice looking maps, were also moved.

    3. Vaya


      since your final update was after the deadline I'm assuming sprony decided it should be moved to 3D? I guess you could ask him to move it back?

    4. FMPONE


      I answered this on Twitter. I moved a bunch of them, the ones that were active. Eventually we may need to move everything. There was no logic in it other than trying to clear the contest forum up.

  2. therealm1st

    [WIP] de_tempo

    Final update! For now, go check workshop, I don't have time to update the OP.
  3. One day left! (I hope and think as that's how I calculated it)

  4. This map looks awesome! The art style feels like something simple and fresh yet doesn't look as futuristic as, say, Season, and that's why I love it. Keep up the good work!
  5. therealm1st

    [WIP] de_tempo

    @DeWil, well, it's in the first post and I can see it (if you mean the radar image), if you can't see it, it's here: http://i.imgur.com/pDbntSC.png. If you mean in-game screenshots, go to the first post and click 'Reveal hidden contents' for the respective area you want to see (or click the imgur link in the post). Cheers!
  6. therealm1st

    [WIP] de_tempo

    @Guni, @jackophant The whole middle is a gentle slope (and the underpass has been made redundant and therefore removed) as of this version. Feel free to leave any feedback on how I should change the layout by playing the map or checking out the screenshots / overlay in the OP. Thanks!
  7. therealm1st

    [WIP] de_tempo

    If I knew how to delete it, I would sure do so. Found it, hidden! Bombsite A does indeed have a lot of entrances and having realized that, I am reworking it at the moment. The stairs do lead up into mid, however, in my opinion that isn't as big of a problem because the CTs have about 3-4 seconds extra on middle and therefore are able to see players coming either from above the wall, or from behind the wall. Added 9 of them and there will be more later! Thanks for the feedback!
  8. ​Asked jpon9 about why there are only 3 maps in the calendar, about the booking and about testing greyboxes in the playtesting (not the finalist one!) and this is his reply: So yes, I do need it playtested, but unfortunately, Reddit will most likely not be the place where I will be able to do it ("25 unchecked maps" and only 10 or so playtesting slots, will definitely not happen.
  9. ​Also, got this from the submission page: That would mean that my map is not eligible yet. It might be in about three weeks to a month though. So I guess I will have to wait after all.
  10. ​Yeah, I wanted to do that, but I would also like to play and I am away on Tuesdays for the whole June, that's the second reason why I asked (but I'm probably just going to wait 'till it fills up for the whole June and then submit my map as a greybox as that's almost complete).
  11. Got a question about the Reddit playtesting registration. If I register will I get the next date in the schedule or will I be able to choose one? Because I need about a month to finish my map and the first empty playtesting slot is in 2 weeks. :/
  12. therealm1st

    [WIP] de_tempo

    Tempo, my first competitive map for CS:GO. Hi, I am submitting my map de_tempo. It's currently in Alpha stage. I feel like I have done what I could and hope to improve with future maps of mine. However, progress on this map will continue and I will end it only when I feel like the map is ready for a full release. Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=473904917 Screenshots and an overview: http://imgur.com/a/yWGyt
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