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    Finished the map and updated it for the last time before the deadline (unless I see something map-breaking). That was a few solid 100-hour weeks of work
  2. @'RZL My demo file won't open. CS:GO gives the console error "Host_EndGame: Error reading demo message data" before going back to the home screen. I can still open the demo from my other playtest, and this one is also significantly smaller (12 MB only, instead of >50MB) than any of the other recent playtest demos. Could you take a look and hopefully reupload?
  3. Thanks to those that tested my map yesterday (de_shipyard, Aug 18th). Unfortunately I had some family stuff come up so I couldn't make it. When will the demo/feedback be released into the Google Drive folder?
  4. Jim


    The lighting is absolutely temporary. Most spots don't even have physical light sources lol
  5. Jim


    Shameless self-bump Just uploaded a major update to the map, with most things textured (some temporary) and some areas fully detailed. Feedback would be fantastic!
  6. I'm also submitting an older version of my map as a placeholder for Aug 18th. I will be uploading a huge update to the workshop by the 15th or so. Also for some of the fields I was referring to a google drive link I was making until I noticed workshop is accepted now, which is awesome! The filename is just "de_shipyard" on the workshop.
  7. Here's an updated version of de_shipyard (now a04) for Sunday: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4j1FpFhXmTraTJKLVkyblZXWkE&authuser=0
  8. I see de_nerone took the June 16th spot. Could I get de_shipyard to changed to June 21, please? Or do you want me to submit another form response?
  9. Jim


    Didn't know about those MapCore playtests, thanks. As for mid, the large windows are breakable and easy to get through from the catwalk, so it shouldn't be too CT sided.
  10. Jim


    This is my entry into the competition. It is compatible with 5v5 and 10v10, for both classic and deathmatch (and bots). Workshop link (with many more screenshots): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=454770871 Feedback is always appreciated!
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