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  1. Baggle

    help with shadows

    yes, this has fixed it, thank you very much
  2. Baggle

    help with shadows

    yeah, i changed the a few of the values, is this a bug?
  3. Baggle

    help with shadows

    when i compile my map the shadows don't look right and i don't know how to fix it :/ i have tried a full compile with and without HDR and LDR and it still persists. i have also tried with and without adding cube maps, thats why the screenshots look a bit strange. has this happened to anyone before and have they managed to find a solution? -sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong place, i haven't used this website in a long time
  4. Baggle

    [CS:GO] de_flashbeng

    Quite the setting i like a more comical setting to a boring serious one , with name like that you should make sure there are lots of windows and angled surface to bounce interesting pop-flashes off.
  5. Baggle

    Feedback please

    I made a few changes to the map, mostly changing the lighting and making a few areas more readable. i changed the angle of the light and brightened up a few dark areas. as far as verticality goes, i plan to make changes to the terrorist spawn. its been uploaded to the workshop now if anyone wants to have a run around. i am aware that it is too dark, but like dux said i am more focused on filling in the rest of the map before really having a sit down and getting the lighting sorted. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=444543318&searchtext=keith ... and also i need to think of a name
  6. Baggle

    [CS:GO] de_orion

    I really like the aesthetics of this map, like, a lot. i look forward to see how this turns out
  7. I find it helpful when trying to get the looks of the map right, watch movies or play games set in a similar theme to give you ideas. as far as the layout you should show us a radar view so we can see how it is currently set out.
  8. Baggle

    Feedback please

    thanks for the quick reply! but ​yea, at times it can be hard to spot a player model straight away in certain areas, especially on the raised walkway at the back, i put a few white boards against the wall to help, but more still needs to be done throughout the site. as for the shadows, do you think that changing the angle of the light will help, e.g have the central tree's shadow cast onto a roof or some where else?
  9. Baggle

    Feedback please

    so this is my first attempt at a "real" map, others than ones to mess around in with my friends. i have been tweaking the layout of the A bombsite for a few weeks now and have it how I like it now, so i started adding some detail. I know that I have gone with the generic Inferno theme, but personally i like a warm cosy map rather than cold clean one (i know its an unpopular opinion ). i am looking for feed back on the aesthetics of the map, please be picky and tell me anything that you think that's wrong, no matter how small or large it is. BONUS , I have also included a screen of the current B bombsite layout, it atill needs a few tweaks to play better, bu if you see anything that stands out a s bad for game-play please let me know. Thanks
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