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  1. I'm a bit of a lurker rather than a poster now days. But I was promoted to Associate Level Designer recently! (could my nickname on it also be changed to Kafe please )
  2. Adding a basic thunderstorm event on repeat in my map, why? Because I've been stuck on making this map look nice to release for ages and I needed to do some scripting to stay sane.
  3. Felt the same sentiment when I was playing New N Tasty recently. Although I think I am finding that is less because the game has not aged well, and more because the remaster feels like it's several gameplay preservation passes short of release ready. - Number of times I am dying to landmines that the environment art and lighting keeps concealing with foliage, darkness and bloom.
  4. Splash has been an absolutely great experience, almost hit my 2nd year, time flies by real quick. And in regards to maps, Yes I do Here are some pieces I had done for gmod sandboxes, mostly as favours for mates. Handy thing about these maps was that I did get to try out a good range of themes and ideas i've been wanting to check out for a while, even made antlion sandtraps for the first time. And some blockout type things, not many on here since I'm just sharing images I've already uploaded, got more to show when I get home Now that I am out of gmod sandboxes, I'm checking out a different area I was curious about. That would be Synergy mapping, figure some HL2 Co-op maps would be a fun experience to get into, and not seen all that often.
  5. I have wandered back over after pulling myself out of the pit that was garry's mod sandbox maps How's things been?
  6. I think people really wanted to get to play this map because the entire steam workshop has dropped to a snail's pace after the release for me.
  7. Not sure why these appeal to me so much, but they're some of my favourites
  8. A revival of a old thread I could not find anymore. No time to explain - remastered https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=VwUbGyu8xTpfVM6s Kholat https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=AWteCAebXeYXvwxW Grey Goo https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=tnbaecMqupy67DNu
  9. You'd hope that people would know this basic rule already.
  10. new hard drive for my pc, handy to replace the one my system has been warning me about for the past month. Only now though did I check which hard drive was being considered in bad form, it was the one holding my OS. So my sunday night is just me cloning my operating system over the new hard drive. Yay... update all went perfectly, which makes a massive difference from the usual 'everything breaks' situation.
  11. Not every game needs thousands of players spending hundreds of hours on a game for years to be a success. Portal 2 is a bad example too as it's a puzzle game, they don't have massive amounts of replay value and Valve screwed their chances with it anyway because they decided to have monetisation focused on cosmetics rather than new puzzles. Which was the completely wrong approach.
  12. Still exists, although pretty much only serves Dota 2 at the moment, and even then only parts of S2 are used for it.
  13. Not really had much urge to play it for the same reason as I have little interest in quake live or UT, just not a fan of arena shooters, prefer maps designed around specific objectives to play towards, rather than maps that need to fit multiple game-modes at once instead. Stuff I saw for Lawbreakers didn't scratch any of my itches.
  14. I honestly prefer to stand on the train for the full hour each way, I'm sitting down for 9 hours at a time so I feel like I need it. But yeah, I've been considering a laptop, although that'l have to wait a few months so I can afford a competent one. could slap some decent singleplayer games on it or just do a bit of random writing.
  15. Had my first couple days at my new job, and my god. Fucking amazing. Only downside is the trains, left at half six tonight and got hit with delays going home, took me nearly two hours when it usually takes one.
  16. Final image of my weekend project I swear. Was a good mapping jam though. they raised over 4 grand for charity and I actually got something done.
  17. And again Still a bit early, only applying textures at this stage
  18. Taking part in a mapping jam at the moment, first couple of hours of work have me here:
  19. Nightmare over, I can use my birth certificate instead, which I've got with me still. Aside from that I got my photocard done today so I can buy my monthly train tickets. I'm almost ready, six days to go!
  20. Starting work a week from now and the one vital item I need is my passport, can't work without it. Surprise surprise, it's gone missing. aaaaaaa
  21. It's the original map pack remastered and resold. To make it worse the map pack on the remaster costs more than the original version ever did
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