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Hello there chaps, I am glad to see you have taken the time to visit my Mapcore profile page.

I am a currently a student, last year of doing so as well. I am very focused towards level design as a whole, it is something that has followed me throughout life and is now something I dedicate the majority of my freetime into doing; I have minor experience in creating scripted scenes, calculating and testing choke-points and contact points. and I enjoy to create relatively compact multiplayer maps in order to keep a strong amount of interactivity consistent.

Outside of the multiplayer mapping scene I have experience in single-player maps, making some for Half-Life 2, these maps are privately kept on my harddrive and may see the light of day eventually, they are some of my preferred maps to make as I am very fond of the gameplay aspect in Half-life, so trying to recreate this, while adapting it to my style of map creation is something that can steal my time easily.

I've not got commercial mapping experience, everything I have done currently has been free and I have not received money before for a map I have developed. But I do try to get my maps to a quality that people may consider my efforts rewardable.

Current ambition is to find employment of some description in this industry and in my speciality. Even if it is freelance, I am happy with the idea I can sustain my lifestyle through doing what I adore greatly. -That went rather well-

Thanks for reading

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