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Status Updates posted by Bastion

  1. Not like this section was heavily used anyway.

  2. My work is getting noticed, now got two communities wanting map commissions from me :D

  3. So. my college will give me a qualification if I create and complete a presentation on level design. This is going to be so much fun :D

  4. Thank goodness school will be back on firday for me, completely burnt out on mapping at the moment. Only sad part is this is my last school year so I will have to really work on my level design throughout the year if I want the hope of getting any employment close to it. Hopefully Playtonic games will be hiring at that time...

  5. Two new games added to my library, only costed 30p

  6. Dirty bomb update broke competitive matchmaking. guess I'll just do maps

  7. Working on a business assignment with a 6 week deadline, nice.

  8. Hopefully my tea kicks in well enough to help me push a Remains update for tonight.

  9. Another Remains update should be live, just visual improvements to the first bombsite though, but I added some decent things to look at

  10. Pushing for the next update to de_Remains by the end of today. Just some things to fix up.

  11. Massive change of plans, instead of using Delto for the map contest, I will pick de_Remains back up and upgrade it's visuals and such with what I have learned since then, its my best map so I think giving it a overhaul will increase my chances of standing a chance in this contest :3 Its not technically a remake either, I'm working straight off the old VMF files I had for it.

    1. jackophant


      I think they mean a remake of a classic map like de_prodigy or as_oilrig

  12. Going to my bank tomorrow, make sure I can buy stuff in the summer sale.

  13. Feeling much more confident with the layout changes I have made to my map for the contest, I have a strong feeling about them.

    1. Sprony


      Good! Make sure you sign up for play testing!

  14. FALLOUT 4!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Switching out from some sort of eeh, futuristic/ modern bunker thingy. To something that actually makes sense for my CS:GO map, this time with reference images!

  16. I am new, SHOW NO MERCY!

    1. Thrik


      *slaughters you*

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