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  1. I was pretty much in your position 2 years ago. And now I will start my internship at DICE in January. All I can say is, Decide whether you want to become a 3D Artist or Level Designer, and focus on that. At most companies, those roles are separated. At some smaller companies, those roles can overlap and you might be able to work with them both, but it's not something you should aim for. Read articles, books, watch GDC, find inspiring people and subscribe to them (one example is Mark Brown on YouTube) Look up and find the best education possible and consider moving if required. This is also great for getting new connections. Start creating a nice portfolio and CV. Look how other 3D Artists or Level Designers have done theirs for inspiration. When all of this is done, you can start sending out personal letters together with your portfolio and CV to game companies and hope for the best. Or you could go the other way and start something yourself, but I don't have any experience with that
  2. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I think it makes sense. I just want to inspire others with that the world is full of possibilities and if you fight and work hard for something, you can make dreams come true. I know that I am in a superior position when it comes to welfare and student loans and stuff by just living in Sweden, but keep fighting everyone. If I can make it, I believe that you can too. I just signed the agreement of an internship position as a level designer at DICE here in Sweden Starting in January 2018
  3. Sorry for being nosey, but who?
  4. Is the creator(s) a member of MapCore?
  5. Good speech. I was feeling a slight urge today going back to Hammer and create a map for CS, but I could only think of all the time consuming problem it has so now I'm not sure anymore. It's good that this subject is talked about. Let's just hope that the tools will be updated soon.
  6. I got in So in september I'll start my game design education (not 3D-graphics) for 2 years Worked so hard for this and I'm really happy!
  7. I think RAGE was great. I had a great time when I played it I don't know why it has gotten so much hate.
  8. OK so update, but not submit it yet I'll try not to touch the layout too much though. Hope I can get some feedback on that soon so I can work more on that ^^
  9. Your full name: Andreas Lindholm Your nick name: Psyrius Map name: DM-Scoria-V02-2 Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pow61r95go2hbzn/DM-Scoria-V02-2-WindowsNoEditor.pak?dl=0 Description: A dwarven fortress set up high in the mountains. They have used this base to harvest the powerful molten energy from the depths of the earth. What will they do with that power? That doesn't matter anymore. It was the perfect place to have an Unreal Tournament. (Epic Games & MapCore's Level Design Contest) “I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula ).” EDIT: I'm working on a lot of layout and design improvements in my latest version of this map, but that layout isn't playable yet. When I got the message from Sprony that I had to recook my map, I had to go back to an earlier version which had the layout you see in the following screenshots, but some of the textures, lighting and atmosphere is different. The recooked map is called "DM-Scoria-V02-2" and you can download it via the download link above. I'm sorry for the bad lighting and stuff, but it should be playable.
  10. What is all the necessary steps to make sure my map is ready before phase 1 submission? And how do I get a neat minimap screenshot? Not home at the moment so I don't have time to Google right now. I will try to finish it all tonight and submit my level
  11. Psyrius


    Looking forward to see how this evolves
  12. This is the first time I'm creating an Unreal Tournament map and I'm also taking on a big challenge with trying to design something for a fairly new gamemode. 2 days ago, I had an idea in mind that I wanted to create. I blocked in most of the level which takes place mostly inside a building, but I also had an outdoor area. The scale is right and everything, but there's not enough pathways and flank routes. And from what I've understood lately by taking a deeper study of the level design in Unreal Tournament, you'd need a fairly open map with lots of tiny/medium cover, so you can kind of get a sense of your opponents movement around the map. Another big challenge is to implement a healthy amount of trick jumps and stuff into the level. I've played some Unreal Tournament back in the old days, but my experience is far from having enough knowledge how to design it all so it appeals to both professionals and beginners. I think I'm gonna start over with the blocking phase and design something that will really grasp the foundation and core gameplay. It shouldn't be too hard to do that, but the biggest problem for me is to visualize how to map is gonna look after the detailing phase. It's easy to block in something and build something maze-like with interesting layout and geometry, but what the hell is gonna be there in the end? I want it to kind of make sense. I guess it's more important in a CS:GO as an example, that everything kind of needs to be realistic. But I doubt a "maze-arena-full-of-interesting-trick-jumps-kind-of-map" will make it into first place if you don't have a art direction and theme that makes abit of sense. That's what's keep restricting me to move fast forward.
  13. I'm trying to figure out how to curve a walkway in the BSP phase. Can someone help me? I've also tried using meshes, but I found it abit hard on how to snap them together? Some floors when turned 45 degrees doesn't really snap? Edit: Solved it. Worked better when I saw you can make cylinders hollow.
  14. I'm think I'm gonna give this a go Good luck everyone!
  15. I've had some troubles deciding whether I should apply for the 3D-graphics course or the Game design course. At first I decided I should go for 3D-graphics, but after talking to teachers and other students at Futuregames, I've decided that Game design is for me Right now I'm learning Unreal Engine and I'm gonna start with making a CTF map for Unreal Tournament. If I get accepted into the main education course this autumn, I'm gonna have the all mighty @Hourences as teacher I'm gonna do my best! I'm sorry that this is kind of turning into a blog, but maybe it can inspire some people. And if you have any tips/suggestions, they're always welcome
  16. I've been accepted into the preparation course of FutureGames! Starting already in a month! It's 3 weeks long and the main purpose for the course is to increase my chances of getting accepted into the main education course of 3D-graphics this autumn! Super excited! I don't really think anyone cares, but if someone wonder where I've been the latest weeks/months, I've been studying, hehe
  17. Do someone know if I can do the exporting manually instead? Or do you need some kind of plugin/exporter? Why does everything with source have to be so complicated?
  18. Anyone know what might be wrong? Really really really want this to work so I can focus more on making models!
  19. As some of you may know, I want to take an education in 3D-graphics. The school I want to take education in have pretty high standards since they have a close relationship with some game developers here in Sweden and there's a high chance to get a job after the education. So they want to make sure the students they accept are persons suited for this. They suggested me to have something I've made to show them when I send in the application form to increase my chances getting accepted. So therefor I began working on a little forest scene. While working on it, I felt it would be a shame if I don't upload it to the workshop when I'm done. Maybe someone want to take a little walk in my forest. Who knows? And then I felt that would be kind of boring... Put in spawns for deathmatch? Too simple... Make my own gamemode? Hmm... So I've also been working on a crate spawning system which contains weapons. And I want some kind of system in the middle of the map that awards the player/team. I've been working on a system that add points to the player/team, however it needs more work. So my idea is to have the crates containing weapons spawn in the forest. And in the middle you'll get points or something. But you can't stay in the middle forever, because you're gonna need another gun pretty soon I made a quick 10 second video sliding through a part of the scene, because I'm gonna remove alot of it. I'm gonna try to make my own tree and rock models which isn't too demanding on the system. The trees I use now each have each over 14000 polygons. Not exactly well optimized. Posting Workshop link some other day.
  20. Psyrius

    CS:GO custom gamemode

    That's sad, but ok. Almost went insane from trying to get this to work. So thank you for telling me.
  21. Psyrius

    [CSGO] de_richu

    I like the lighting Good job so far.
  22. Psyrius

    CS:GO custom gamemode

    Update on the ammo: I've edited the weapons in csgo/scripts folder, but it doesn't seem to work. Here's an example of the AK47 https://gyazo.com/a199a21e0882c13a65febeb695e59de0 From what @TooProForYahoo are saying and also this site https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Changing_clip_sizes This should work, but it's not. What happens for me is that every weapon spawn with a full clip and you can see down to your right in the HUD that you have 1 extra bullet. Whenever you reload, you get a full clip of bullets and 60 extra bullets (if we take the AK47 as an example).
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