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    Terri reacted to [HP] in Half-Life Alyx   
    Finished this yesterday, decided to give it at least a day before talking about it on here.
    I played it on the Oculus Rift S, which is a really amazing piece of hardware. I've had some very limited VR experiences in friends houses, but it was the very first time I've had the time to really sit down and appreciate it.... or rather stand up.
    The room VR is really awesome, I love that the Rift S didn't make me install those annoying sensors on my walls, putting even more cables in the room. Never, not even once during this 14 hour long campaign had problems with controllers or headset tracking, so the sensors on this thing work really well. Also relatively impressed with the built in speakers on the headset, while not too loud or bassy, the surround sound really feels great, and it's actually useful for gameplay too.
    The screen is ok, 80hz refresh rate is sorta noticable but you quickly forget about it. What I didn't like is that the resolution and screendoor effect still needs to be at least twice the quality of what we have here to really start to be impressive. I sometimes would take the headset off and glimpse at my monitor and it looks so much better there, color depth, sharpness, etc. But, the exchange of picture quality for full immersion was really worth it here I think... I mean, it's one of the most immersive experiences I've ever had with a video game, it sometimes really feels like you've been transported into another simulation, and not a very uplifting one either, the combine really fucked earth up. Lmao.
    Btw, I did experience some nausea on my first day, it lingered for a few hours too, which sucked. But now, it's completely fine, I don't even feel that eerie feeling when taking off the headset and returning to reality anymore.
    Anyway, the game... it took me a full hour, or probably more just to get to Russell's apartment, I was tossing bottles at the walls, throwing pots at cats, sketching penises on a glass window with a marker, reading newspapers, and just grabbing shit... I legit felt like a kid that just received the most amazing toy on Christmas morning, lol.
    It's a really polished game, the level design is really well done, and it works really well for VR. Sometimes it falls on the claustrophobic side, and lacking any meaningful exploration paths. When the levels do (rarely) open up a little bit, it feels great to just move around and take it all in. But I'm also well aware of the technical limitations of the platform.
    Overall, I'm glad I updated my PC and got a VR headset for this. Don't regret it one bit, amazing experience. And now... we have source 2 to play around with, lets go baby.
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    Terri got a reaction from [HP] in Half-Life Alyx   
    okaaaay actually really good. someone got it for me as a gift so ive been kinda forced to play it ^^. i do not typically like anything spooky but this changed my mind. going through a scene 50% sheer bloody panicking and 50% shitting it then coming out of it like 'wow that was actually really well designed is awesome..
    also the vortigaunts are the chillest dudes
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    Terri reacted to El Moroes in Random Photo Thread   
    Two birds, in black & white  

    As usual, you can see more on my website here : http://marcbidoul-nature.fr/ 
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    Terri reacted to FMPONE in Source 2 Hammer Bugs   
    If you try to take a high resolution screenshot, the editor crashes.
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    Terri reacted to Pericolos0 in Half-Life Alyx   
    workshop tools are out! We included sources for all the maps as well. Enjoy! 

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    Terri got a reaction from CommonCrayon in Corona Virus   
    Sorry what?

    Also just got laid off due to big rona cuts lets goooo
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    Terri got a reaction from Vaya in Half-Life Alyx   
    okaaaay actually really good. someone got it for me as a gift so ive been kinda forced to play it ^^. i do not typically like anything spooky but this changed my mind. going through a scene 50% sheer bloody panicking and 50% shitting it then coming out of it like 'wow that was actually really well designed is awesome..
    also the vortigaunts are the chillest dudes
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    Terri reacted to text_fish in Corona Virus   
    So why not just look at some non-random ass crime level stats? It's easy, thanks to this new-fangled gizmotron they call the World Wide Cyber-Highway.
    The UK's ONS (Office For National Statistics) reports 726 homicides in the year ending March 2018. That works out at 12 offences per million population.
    Whilst in the US, the FBI estimate 16,214 in 2018. That's about 50 offences per million population. Both websites provide a similar enough definition of Homicide to make them a useful comparison.
    Blackdog's video above was a bit of fun and I'm sure that household is exceptional, but the person who bought those automatic rifles definitely has very unhealthy fantasies about unloading a shit-ton of bullets in to an intruder some day, and I don't think that particular mind-set is as exceptional as it should be.
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    Terri got a reaction from dux in Corona Virus   
    Sorry what?

    Also just got laid off due to big rona cuts lets goooo
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    Terri got a reaction from Lizard in Corona Virus   
    Sorry what?

    Also just got laid off due to big rona cuts lets goooo
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    Terri got a reaction from blackdog in Corona Virus   
    Sorry what?

    Also just got laid off due to big rona cuts lets goooo
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    Terri got a reaction from grapen in Corona Virus   
    Sorry what?

    Also just got laid off due to big rona cuts lets goooo
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    Terri got a reaction from Squad in Corona Virus   
    Sorry what?

    Also just got laid off due to big rona cuts lets goooo
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    Terri reacted to dux in Half-Life Alyx   
    I'm so done with this cable on the headset. It's really spoiling the experience for me. I mentioned before it keeps tangling up, and while that still keeps happening the worst happened to me last night. It tangled and bundled up over my right foot without me noticing. I went to walk forward really quickly to take cover behind a box from a heavy combine and YEET. Headset got partially yanked off my head, cable got ripped out the back of the PC and my vision went black and I thought I had royally fucked it. Fortunately a restart fixed everything. But fuck sake man. £1000 to trip over a wire all day ain't my idea of fun.  
    Sean = Me
    Girl = Alyx
    Nuh uh dude = Index Cable

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    Terri reacted to El Moroes in Corona Virus   
    I took some pictures here in Lyon when I went to buy some stuff...it's really really a strange thing to live with and in the same time it feels good. You can hear birds and no cars, you breathe...yeah, these are the good things in all of this mess.
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    Terri reacted to Yanzl in Basalt   
    We've just released a big update, check it out on the workshop! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984383383
    We've added fresh grass, weathering on buildings and a bunch of other visual and gameplay tweaks.
    Thanks to everyone that provided us feedback and to everyone organizing this contest!

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    Terri reacted to Bevster in Mocha   
    Pushing out a slightly late update. Due to personal time constraints I didn't quite manage to bring the level to the absolute final level of detailing I wanted, but there's still some crucial work that's been done. I will likely make another update dirtying up the level also doing some other stuff like reducing the file size in the near future. @tr0nic also worked on some highly needed layout changes, that will hopefully result in a better gameplay experience.
    Gameplay changes:
    - A site: new entry points for T's, a pathway that branches out into two connections from the bridge construction - one with the site itself and one with the upper CT level highway. This is aimed to address the lack of utilization of construction-side A site and hardness of access to the highway on the upper A site. Cover within the site has also been cleaned up to reduce gameplay over-complexity and visual clutter.
    - B site: new entry point for CT's - upper B is now accessed through an archway on the side of the main entry. This aims to separate the site into two distinct sections, to make gameplay less chaotic, retakes and holds easier to execute, as the site felt too hectic. Cover has also been moved around to adhere to the changes.
    - Optimization improvements.
    - Adjusted some cover elements around critical areas, moved CT spawn further back to increase Mid timings even more.
    Visual changes:
    - Added a 3D skybox.
    - Added some ground-level mesh detailing to pavement materials (grass, sticking out tiles).
    - Added detailsprites to empty grass areas.
    Updated original post with new images and radar.
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    Terri reacted to goober in [CS:GO] Yamaha   
    Hey, you might recognize me as the guy who entered the mapping contest then suddenly went quiet after consistently working on a map. It came to me one day that I had lost faith in my map and it no longer "felt" like an appealing map to me. I didn't have the energy to keep working on my old map since I realized it had many flaws. After dropping it, I sat down and wondered why it just didn't feel right. After many many months of fiddling around in Hammer, I randomly created something that caught my attention. What I made would become the successor to my old map de_Vice, and and it now goes by the name of...
    d e _Y a m a h a
    It's still in early early development... But hopefully soon I can release a version in which the public can visit and explore.
    I took what was lacking in my contest entry and smacked it into this neat creation:
    - Height Difference 
    - Open space (but not too open)
    - Unique Layout (Heavily Influenced by catfood's de_Ruby)
    - Quite fun to explore (it's fun to run around the map 🙂 )
    Enough rambling, you're only here to see the screenshots! Here ya go
    *** (Only Bombsite A and Mid are built, everything else has yet to be made) ***
    Mid to A:
    Long A / Bombsite A:
    And so that ends the first update of... d e _ Y a m a h a
    *Not sure when the full layout will be released, since I put a lot of time into every single spot, so don't expect one within a day or two.
    **custom props/skydome borrowed from catfood's de_Ruby and de_Tulip
    ***even more custom props borrowed from Yanzl's Source Emporium - https://www.mapcore.org/topic/21830-yanzls-source-emporium/
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    Terri reacted to Vaya in Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019   
    now everyone knows what  fucking awful feedback warowl has for their maps
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    Terri reacted to untor in Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019   
    I think it's silly to sort things out. You can spend a bunch of hours and more discussing the top 11.
    What I think - I have always been taught - it is important to be able to present yourself and your creativity. And no matter what brilliant thing I would create, nothing matters if it is not done accurately and presentably. At the university, I was deprived of a scholarship, from just one small spot, on white paper. It was a shame, but I save it for me, and think it was important to do accurately and on time. I think this quality is not enough for many artists.

    Regarding the layouts and their similarity.

    If we start to beat everyone who uses the basic layout of clover and their similar ones, most likely we will have to make maps for RTS or Open space games like PUBG. And even then, we run into the idea of clover.
    Why is that? We will analyze any map into parts. And we will understand that it is ideal for each point to have a triangular shape. And adding up the mechanics of 2 key points, we get the shape of a clover.

    The reader can give a comment, you are wrong, you can come up with a 5-sided shape and so on. But in truth, no. Having made 5 exits to the key point, 2 of them will always be empty or will refer to the remaining 3.

    And since they are superfluous and will not be used, why are they? 
    Let's look at DotA 2. Game 5 vs 5, 3 lines used, same clover? - Yes. Is it convenient to play? - Yes. How did valve diversify the map? They changed the candy wrapper, but did not change the candy, not because they could not, but because the balance can disturbed.
    Now back to the discussion, the gameplay is important and how important the visualization is. Part of the gaming experience is the environment. And it is the environment that shapes the situation. even, for example, top 11. We see how much the environment affects the feeling, already on the familiar composition of the maps.

    And now, those who disagree with me, try to come up with a chair. New, unique chair. Believe my experience - this is a real challenge. With one way or another, you will come across a generally accepted basic composition, because it is the only correct one, and the only thing you can do is change the visual form.

    (in Russian it song is cool, not sure about understandable in English)
    I Glad too see great maps in top 11. Congratz! 
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    Terri reacted to Lizard in Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019   
    At this point I wonder why do I even try to explain how clueless you two are but I think thats enough for me.
    I will just wait till you guys can make use of your SUPERIOR KNOWLEDGE and get your map featured somewhere for at least a second. So far I have seen you two making so many bad arguments and remarks about the top 10 maps its hard to believe that behind those posts there is not a single valid point or anything supported by professional experience   
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    Terri reacted to grapen in Mustang (formerly Everest)   
    Thank you everyone who has been giving us feedback so far 👏 We're currently acting on it. In the meantime I'm expanding on- and polishing the art.

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    Terri reacted to Bevster in Mocha   
    Art by @Bevster, layout by @tr0nic. The map is inspired by South American colonial era architecture and regional coffee production. Workshop link.
    Although I didn't have enough time to polish the art and gameplay to my desired level, I'm sure the remaining things won't take too long. Current version still has some minor lighting/shading errors on existing content, there's no 3D Skybox yet and the clipping, optimization passes also a bit rudimentary. Hopefully it's nothing gamebreaking. I'm going to update the entry as soon as possible. 
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    Terri reacted to Roald in Anubis   
    Anubis was a long and time-consuming project, but time flew as it was a lot of fun to work on with my teammates @jd40 and @jakuza who did an amazing job!
    I think we can be proud of what we reached so far and looking forward to where we can bring this project. 
    The below screenshots do not do any justice to the actual beautiful footage ingame, so yeah check out the workshop!
    new workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984883124

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    Terri reacted to untor in Swamp   
    Welcome to the outskirts of Louisiana!
    A bomb defusal map set in a swamp where the wood industry once glowed with enthusiasm and joy but then was forgotten by man. The sound of machines and humans silenced just as quickly as the water rose, the greenery grew and the animals took over.
    However, passing boats have recently heard the sound of man again and large shipments of goods appear to be coming to the old sawmill.
    Housing near the swamp has been in contact with the police... what looked like a routine mission became a struggle to survive, they were not equipped and ready for a fight against terrorists and the forces of nature.


    Screens under spoiler
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