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  1. okaaaay actually really good. someone got it for me as a gift so ive been kinda forced to play it ^^. i do not typically like anything spooky but this changed my mind. going through a scene 50% sheer bloody panicking and 50% shitting it then coming out of it like 'wow that was actually really well designed is awesome.. also the vortigaunts are the chillest dudes
  2. Terri

    Corona Virus

    Sorry what? Also just got laid off due to big rona cuts lets goooo
  3. < 24 hours to go. I am cautiously excited. Its going to be very easy to criticize the game because its half life and because its valve, the standards are of course already far too high. If you're not interested in VR already it likely wont do very much for you past the game, so I wouldn't take a index for it. If you are interested because its half life, the additional costs needed for vive/index isn't much of a step up from previous generations, you can get an equivalent and sometimes better experience through the cheaper options if you just want to play this game. That's my recommendations if anyone is on the fence about buying a vr for this.
  4. There's a similar discussion on every contest, just don't worry about it, maybe focus on actually making a level instead.
  5. Just sculpting in Blender :p. And the rock collection is packed into a 4096x4096 texture. Might need to find a way to push it higher though.
  6. Terri


    I have been using Blender 1/2 of my entire lifetime, so I am excited to see what is going on with investments and such.. I am a big fan of open source software, and for those who do sculpting you should check out the branch being worked on by Pablo Dobarro https://mobile.twitter.com/pablodp606/status/1145336342521556992 . I've testing it out the last few days and it is great. *Edit: As of 19 hours ago Pablo is now working for Blender. Also EEVEE is fucking awesome.
  7. oops Terri00#1024. my bad.
  8. Please send me the VMF and I can take a look to determine if its a bug or something else. Terri#1024 on discord.
  9. My bad, havn't signed into steam in a while. Check folder '3' in this drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EkTKSI-htSuWKirh2supYvpVzik_-Nso The other stats are currently broken due to an update with csgo. Unsure when I can fix it.
  10. Definitely an unfortunate situation, I don't think it would be in the same place if counter strike was expected to become so big (and for such a long time) from the beginning. It probably is helping that Television stations are broadcasting CS:GO events more often now, for example we had Sky Sports covering the last major final which was really cool. As @Interfearance pointed out the surface level risk being a large factor, I feel like that will at least do something to reduce that risk. Actual licensed TV probably seems safer and more reputable (+additional viewership for their brand) to the sponsors eye opposed to the internet, where anything goes, for example. That last point in the video with the suggestion about renaming Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists to attack and defense, I would fully support. It rarely ever goes through my mind what the teams actually stand for, let alone the players even being 'human' apposed to just moving targets. I would disagree with changing them in a perfect world, but if it means a better public perception in this one then sure.
  11. I live near Brighton, only visited London. Thanks! Yeah, it was frozen before I changed it I liked how the reflection looked so kept it like that for the screenshots.
  12. I haven't posted any of my work here in.. ages. Here are some scenes I worked on in 2018 and some of this year: (Unity) Underground station (Unity) Winter Lake House for VRChat
  13. Sent you the demo and feedback files on discord
  14. Terri


    Incredible work lads!! Been waiting long enough to see this masterpeice
  15. Update to csgo beta branch for now
  16. Yep, updated *Is it possible you could upload it to the steam workshop? We are having some trouble with the fastdl server
  17. The 9th is full, and the original date you chose is fine, we did change back to using Tue,Thu and Sun recently so I'm not sure what the problem is
  18. Awesome, can't wait to play it
  19. Terri

    Goals for 2017?

    Well, its now the 182nd day of the year, which means... exactly half our time is up And from my list I can cross off: - Build a good portfolio - Finish GCSE's - Start making a small game (after cs:go maps done :P) So how well is everyone else holding up?
  20. Yeah, cvars and global settings work perfectly to my knowledge, its just the obvious client side (r_, mat_, cl_, noclip etc) cheats that won't do anything
  21. All commands from CS:GO work in the custom gamemode file Do these things for them to work: Make sure your .cfg is the same name as the map Make sure the cfg is placed in your ../csgo/maps/cfg folder Run the map with: map yourmapname custom Here is the valve flying scoutsman commands (you can find them in the normal ../csgo/cfg folder with the ones prefixed with op08_ files: ____________________________________________________________________________ // FLYING SCOUTSMAN // Base mode: gamemode_casual.cfg // Meant to be played on wide open maps including demolition maps like de_lake // // * No cash rewards // * No buying // * Start with ssg08 and no pistol // * Reduced gravity // * Increased in-air accuracy // * Movement inaccuracy is still standard // Weapon config mp_ct_default_melee "weapon_knife" mp_ct_default_primary "weapon_ssg08" mp_ct_default_secondary "" mp_t_default_melee "weapon_knife" mp_t_default_primary "weapon_ssg08" mp_t_default_secondary "" // Significantly reduced accuracy penalty for flying through the air. // (Movement penalty still exists) // After playtesting (lol sure valve) we decided to remove accuracy penalties completely so you // can shoot in the air without counter-strafing. weapon_accuracy_nospread 1 //weapon_air_spread_scale 0.01 // Low gravity sv_enablebunnyhopping 1 sv_autobunnyhopping 0 sv_gravity 230 sv_airaccelerate 20000 sv_maxspeed 420 sv_friction 4 // Disable money & buying sv_buy_status_override 3 // was 0 (0 = everyone can buy, 1 = ct only, 2 = t only 3 = nobody) mp_startmoney 0 // was 1000 mp_maxmoney 0 // was 10000 mp_playercashawards 0 // was 1 cash_player_bomb_defused 0 cash_player_bomb_planted 0 cash_player_damage_hostage 0 cash_player_interact_with_hostage 0 cash_player_killed_enemy_default 0 cash_player_killed_enemy_factor 0 cash_player_killed_hostage 0 cash_player_killed_teammate 0 cash_player_rescued_hostage 0 cash_team_elimination_bomb_map 0 cash_team_elimination_hostage_map_t 0 cash_team_elimination_hostage_map_ct 0 cash_team_hostage_alive 0 cash_team_hostage_interaction 0 cash_team_loser_bonus 0 cash_team_loser_bonus_consecutive_rounds 0 cash_team_planted_bomb_but_defused 0 cash_team_rescued_hostage 0 cash_team_terrorist_win_bomb 0 cash_team_win_by_defusing_bomb 0 cash_team_win_by_hostage_rescue 0 cash_team_win_by_time_running_out_hostage 0 cash_team_win_by_time_running_out_bomb 0 ____________________________________________________________________________
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