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  1. Gap


    This just got me goose bumps.. Rollercoasters + Mirage2 If you need any additional players for playtesting, feel free to hit me up!
  2. Gap

    [WIP] de_sunday

    In September 2015 I asked about the pros and cons of a small map. Two months ago I was finally able to release the first dev build of my first map: de_sunday. Even though I did lots of playtesting together with friends, I was not able to play matches with more than 5 vs 5 players. Well, have a look at the current workshop version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=526524438 Important: I am not a good designer - neither my texture creating skills nor my 3d modeling as well as my abilities to create a unique style are that good. If you think you can help me, I would love to work with you! Just contact me!
  3. Hey there, I've been working on a map lately (which I just made for practice purposes) and mid and the bomb sites are very close to each other. I decided to try out this layout since I really enjoy a fast map. In this process I figured out the following stuff: Pros: Instant actionTiming is importantCons: (Too) fast rotate timesTaking too long to buy could allow others to push into your spawn very earlyHigher complexity requires more Z axis I'm currently figuring out how to get rid of the cons without giving the layout more height. Any ideas how to do that with keeping the fast gameplay (I tried to increase the distance between the spawns and the actual spots like on de_nuke)? Are there similar maps (which might work)? Here's a picture of the layout:
  4. Gap


    Looks interesting, a map set at night does always require some good lighting in order to keep visibility. Not sure if you're a native speaker, but "Abenteuerspielplatz Naturpark" sounds a little bit odd, since both words have a different meaning (Adventure playground nature park). I would actually name an Abenteuerspielplatz after a fictional place. Just some fictional names could be: Weihershofen, Innerbrück, Neu-Seelental, ...
  5. Gap


    Wow, shouldn't make too many videos, but it's kind of fun. Might come up with a video containing more bugs than one. Here's some graphical glitch. You better limit height above the truck so people can't jump too high... -Gap
  6. Gap


    Hey there, absolutely love the map! I just love it! Found a weird bug on bombsite A (between the two barrels and the crate) - it's probz the same as on de_dust2 (on B). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQjCdy-1MZY I recorded the bug - hope you can fix it! - Gap
  7. Didn't know tophattwaffle yet! Thanks for the suggestions (and sure, this map is far from done, will take some months )
  8. Hey there, Mapcore community! I recently (~1 month ago) started to make some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps. It's a lot of fun, but I never reached a point where I "finished" a whole map, simply for the reason because I never liked the whole layout. de_flip (I might change the name later on) is my latest layout, following the A - mid - B pattern. When I was done with the main layout, I started thinking about a "unique" theme: a German historic district ("Altstadt" as we would call it in German). I have enough examples, but I'm not sure how to make my map look good. This is the current version of map (without details) - the yellow lines show areas which are hidden: https://imgur.com/vuNMDfm This is, what the buildings should look like: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/08/Altstadt_Koblenz,_Marktstra%C3%9Fe._Haus_Zu_St._Petrus.jpg http://www.ausgleichsbetraege.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Fotolia_18465604_XS.jpg Sooooo do you guys have some good tutorials on how to detail levels or on how to make/find your own textures? What do you think about the layout? As I said, I would call myself a noob. Thanks!
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