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  1. Some fine folks have set this subreddit up for posting those lovely aim maps everyones loves seeing on the workshop front page, right? https://www.reddit.com/r/CSaimmappers/ I need to advertise it because I've been made a mod and I need to appear that I'm doing something! Edit: I suppose this counts as advertising, so remove it if you wish but I'm not too sure on this one.
  2. I can see the problem yes, however CSGO has such an impressive mapping community that I feel Valve should make more of an effort to facilitate it, god knows a large section of the community is bored of dust2, and I feel that making more (de_ cs_) maps more easily available would encourage more competitively viable maps, it also doesn't help that, at the moment, the reward for making really fantastic maps isn't great, of course the monetary incentive is there, but it pales in comparison to the amounts skin makers get, if mappers could be rewarded with having their map played by a section of the community, and then perhaps being voted on, this could be a further incentive to create maps, and if a map gets enough votes, why not put it in an operation or even into the map pool such as cache.
  3. No, 'top current 5 favourite de_ or cs_' Thanks friend! I hope you realise that map is a pisstake by the way
  4. I really feel like Valve could do so much more to welcome community maps, such as running a few official servers (accessible through the server browser most probably though), dm and the like, with the top current 5 favourite de_ or cs_ maps in the workshop that week, I feel that could be an interesting idea and surely wouldn't be too hard to implement - any thoughts?
  5. I see what you mean, it was originally set in india, but then i decided to nick all the soho assets from tf2 so i moved it. http://simparkinfrastructure.com/inc/wp-content/themes/simpark2010/slider/projects-newmarket-night-top.png simpark mall in kolkata
  6. An Arms Race / Deathmatch map set in Hong Kong during the monsoon season. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=588369155 A few screenshots for your enjoyment pleasure: Sorry for 42 photos that all look similar.
  7. That's not the problem, cs isn't recognising the hitbox I have given the models, even though it is the same as they use with other models, tbh it's too much hassel
  8. Having to learn UDK after about 1000hrs in SDK, not recommended.

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    2. LATTEH


      Using other editors, is hard at first but you grow to like them. I personally like unreal editor so much more then hammer.

    3. Pampers


      The SDK is really outdated when it comes to tools and workflows. You will be much more relevant if you know how to use engines like Unreal :)

    4. Bastion


      Or Source 2 when that finally comes out properly.

  9. The critic reviews were harsh, probably due to the trailer spoilers, but on rotten tomatoes it still has around 7 user score.
  10. I just comment on everything I have done well and blame all the problems on scot, it's certainly his fault that the hitboxes are shite... EDIT: And even that is a joke
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