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  1. i removed it because it was not even nearly completed, it will be reuploaded in a while with alot more done.
  2. there is no water on my map, how do i change to cubereflection?
  3. well no, -actually there is no single room with more than one of these surfaces. the problem was that i could see through walls instead of seeing a mirrored image of my surroundings. -there is no water anywhere -it is only the surface of a func_detail with this texture.
  4. I could make pictures of my problem, hang on ... ill edit and put them here http://img4web.com/g/WD2RV
  5. okay, this may do it, ill try it out. havent messed with the settings yet. lets see what what does then .... afterwards ill edit here and let you guys know... changing translucense doesnt fix the main problem with seeing through walls, but it makes this a better mirror. thx.
  6. hi, i have designed a few maps for cs go, but i cant get my mirrors to work properly. i tried making mirrors in a few different ways. the best way i have come across sofar is this "vmt only texture" "lightmappedreflective" { "$basetexture" "cs_opera/miroir" "$translucent" 1 "$refracttexture" "_rt_WaterRefraction" "$refractamount" "-0.1" "$refracttint" "[1 1 1]" "$reflecttexture" "_rt_WaterReflection" "$reflectamount" "0.1" "$reflecttint" "[1 1 1]" "$fresnelpower" "1" "$minreflectivity" "1.0" "$maxreflectivity" "1.0" "$normalmap" "cs_opera/miroir_normal" "$surfaceprop" "glass" "$bumpframe" "0" } it a mirror and it reflects quite well, but in some cases it turns the mirror into an xray machine, that lets you peek through walls, and that is really not what i was going for. does anyone know how i can fix this problem?
  7. doesnt anyone have a good idea how to make proper mirrors? i used this : "lightmappedreflective" { "$basetexture" "cs_opera/miroir" "$translucent" 1 "$refracttexture" "_rt_WaterRefraction" "$refractamount" "-0.1" "$refracttint" "[1 1 1]" "$reflecttexture" "_rt_WaterReflection" "$reflectamount" "0.1" "$reflecttint" "[1 1 1]" "$fresnelpower" "1" "$minreflectivity" "1.0" "$maxreflectivity" "1.0" "$normalmap" "cs_opera/miroir_normal" "$surfaceprop" "glass" "$bumpframe" "0" } it does work but thre has to be a better solution that wont sometimes instantly turn the mirror into an xray machine. maybe a few modifications coud get this to work as it should?
  8. Thanks, i just tried this out and it works perfectly this must be the one right way to do it. if anyone helps me with the mirrors i think i can manage most of the rest alone
  9. hi guys, i am still working on a simpsons house. here are some screenshots of what it looks like now: http://img4web.com/g/XD4Zits a screenshot gallery, click to enlarge. here is what i need help with: -the doors are round at the top so i made them out of 3 parts as u can see here . if i open the door by using the handle nothing happens, if i use the bottom part of the door it works, but if i use the top of the door only the top moves. i made the biggest part the parent and assigned the other 2 parts to it. i did it this way once and copied the door. how can i get every part of the door to open the complete door? can i simply merge the two brown parts somehow? FIXED -these mirrors were my first test based on a mirror tutorial. they reflect quiete alot of the environment, but the cause errors. does anyone know how to make bugless mirrors for cs go? they dont need to reflect the own player model. -just before i made these pictures i started experimenting with the lighting in the livingrooms as u can see here (the lights look pink because they are in glass displacements with a red sceiling fan ) how could i make a displacement illuminate my rooms without the pinkish color? could i give it a color to make the light look more white? FIXED -i need a better way to make trees, these are just to mark the spots. i would appreciate if anyone feels like helping me with this. also feel free to leave comments on the map, but please be nice about it
  10. darkk_eden

    very thin objects

    hi, im looking for a way wo make very thin objects in hammer editor. im trying to hang 3 fruitbaskets from a ceiling right under eachother with 4 very thin ropes. they dont need to be breakable, player collision or anything special. they just need to be visible. kind greetings
  11. the map is only supposed to support armsrace and tdm. i put 5 normal spawns per team and 10 arms race spawns per team. also there is a info player start. is anything else missing? could maybe someone download the map and take a look at it? it is a very simple map i was playing around with ....
  12. As i already told u, that wont work. if i look at the workshop maps i have, the map does not show up if i select any gamemode. i cant find out why i cant play this map.
  13. i checked armsrace and deathmatch, but none of them work. only classic vs bots if i open the map in the console
  14. Hi I have spent quite a lot of time making a complex simpsons house and made a small arena aswell. now the small arena is finished and after compiling it works, but if i want to play it with a friend this map only shows up under all maps. so i checked the armsrace box when i uploaded the map, but if i choose armsrace in the map selection menu i cant choose my map. so somehow the gametype isnt supported although i did use the info_armsrace:CT/T startpoints http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=422785563 Hopefully someone can help me find the error
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