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  1. Dude... You just humiliated me big time.. But I can't be other than thankful! Thousand thanks.. I guess fresh eyes did it again :'D
  2. I worked as a web programmer for a year and a half and during that time I had to set up myself all those environments for the projects. That was pain in the ass but after setting up the environment properly everything is so much easier. I would like to set up the hammer/csgo environment with all the custom textures, models and sounds so that I can keep those in my cloud drive and autopack it when I compile. That way I don't have to worry about deleting my work if I restore my windows or verify csgo gamefiles. (I actually managed to delete about 200h of my work because I hadn't set the environment properly.) Few years ago when I was actively designing CS:GO maps (I'm not pro though), I tried to set up my custom gamefiles and pack them the way Tophattwaffle instructs in his blogpost Custom Content Without Contamination. I couldn't get it to work. So yesterday I tried again without success. Now I'm looking for a fix to the Tophattwaffle's tutorial or other alternatives of how to set all content in csgo/hammer/cloud drive and autopack it when compiling. Problem this time was with my commands I guess. I got this kind of error: My last compile log looks like this: My compiling settings look like this:
  3. Dosentti

    [CSGO][WIP] Farm II

    This poll of mine didn't quite get as much answers as I was hoping. But thanks to Bevielis I realized that I have a big problem with this map: My detailing skills aren't good enough to polish mediocre layout and my current layout isn't good enough to polish my (below) mediocre detailing. So I guess I'm going what he suggested (finish the map asap and start new) after this update but I wanted to test these layout fixes that I made. A lot of these changes need polishing and I had to delete some details that I had already done. They will be back if this new layout is better than the old one. Here's imgur album with some reasoning about the changes. This version will be tested on mapcore playtest. Hopefully the demo system is in play already
  4. I didn't realize my comment is going to bring up such a strong feelings Resort was very good looking and I admired some of stuff in it from the level design point of view many times. However I disliked the layout. There was too much long sightlines and odd paths. Layout was simple yes, but it was also boring. I guess it's just that some maps you like and some you don't. And... fyi I am one of those persons who find it hard to see enemy from some textures. I have been diagnosed to have slow focusing in my eyes (dunno how to say it properly in english) which makes it unbelievable hard to focus on enemy sometimes. But great to hear you mocking me about it
  5. It would be awesome. But Resort? I didn't like that one. Was that popular among people or is it just that you liked it?
  6. I just gotta love new inferno. Especially A apps! I also like that construction is now wall-bangable and not so safe place to save. Also great that some roofs has been removed (A bombsite and banana). Of course there's still other stuff that's awesome but those were the top things for me. However I'm not big fan of those haybales They are almost as bad as mine and I just started learning modeling
  7. I think old were trash too. Imo chaging gun sounds was good idea but some of the new sounds are even worse than old ones.
  8. Sorry, I didn't notice your question until now. Umm.. dunno if you are familiar with source engine's textures. I don't know if the texture system is old or is it different than other game engine's texture system too. Anyways.. for example.. there's no height map, there's no roughness map. All reflections are a bit hard to create(at least for me) when you have to guess correct values for the parameters. Everything is named differentely and everything looks a bit second hand. I generated today two textures with Substance designer 5 and I gotta admit it's pretty damn good tool. It's good for csgo also. At least for creating good diffuse texture. For normal maps it wasn't as easy as I wished, but it was doable.
  9. I heard there are also cheats that can make it impossible for you to get to overwatch. I don't know if they are spin bots or what but that's what I heard. This makes it even more difficult to get banned. I don't know if this is true but my gut says that there are some serious problems in csgo's security. I mean that things that should be protected aren't safe at all.
  10. Dosentti

    [CSGO][WIP] Farm II

    Playtests come with very little feedback since the demo system is broken so I have to "go wild" and hope someone answers in here. The fallen fence in T-spawn: Do you think the clipping is good or should I clip change the clipping or make it non-solid? The layout as a whole: Is it too hectic or compact or fast-paced? Is there enough places to relax and regroup? Are bottlenecks working properly? Breakable wooden window on B and B corners: Is there still too much corners on B to check? Should I remove the window or modify it? Middle area layout: This area is suppose to be hectic because I don't want mid that is too easy to control because otherwise it gives too big advantage to team holding it. Do you think it's anything like it should? After one playtest someone said it's too small. Is this general opinion? Something else: Is there something else that feels odd? details that should be removed? buildings that look bad? something to be added?
  11. I see Substance Design is pretty HC tool. I gotta try it too. Is it any good with creating textures for csgo since there are so many limitations?
  12. Dosentti

    [CSGO][WIP] Farm II

    People have given me feedback that they cannot come back to game if they go to desktop while playing my map. First time I heard this I was like "yea, sure.." because I mixed up "shift-tab" (steam overlay) and "alt-tab". So today I located the problem and fixed it. I thought it would have been with my custom content but it turned out to be default texture blend_dirtleaves_forestfloor_wdetail. This is worldvertextransition texture that uses "%detailtype" parameter. The problem with this detailtype was that it didn't load those "details" it was suppose to. It would probably look better if I got it to work but I read about Detailtype from VDC and I gotta say, I don't feel very comfortable editing those files Also, if I got it to work it could be too much for older GPUs because map doesn't have so well optimized fps due to so much open areas. Fixed version is not on workshop yet, because I will create more details, fixes and stuff to map before publishing it.
  13. Dosentti

    [CSGO][WIP] Farm II

    Farm II I wanted to create this own thread for Farm II because Farm thread had a bit confusing starting post because it was about farm(1) and not Farm 2. Farm 2 is designed to be a competitive csgo map. Layout Layout was "inherited" from farm1's layout with a lot of adjustments. Farm1's too compact and narrow spaced areas were expanded a bit and scale of buildings was changed to more realistic. The layout was tested many times here on Mapcore playtest during last winter. References As a reference I visited my uncles' farm and my aunt's old farm. On those excursions I photographed mostly textures but also some buildings and details. Still most of the references I have taken from the internet because I have taken too few pictures and I have gotten ideas that wouldn't have been possible to photograph myself. Models & Textures The ultimate goal with this project was originally to create all the textures and models myself (to learn stuff). I managed to get to do a piece of this project as a school project. So I worked 350 hours during the summer and got few areas done and learned a lot new stuff. As the project went further I abandoned idea to create everything myself and started using default textures. Current version During past week I had some time to spent again on the map and I made some changes based on playtest feedback. Here's link to imgur album. Feedback If you have anything to say about the map, say it. My biggest struggle with the map has been the lack of feedback so I'm really looking forward to have feedback no matter if it's good or bad. Thanks to everyone that has helped me by giving feedback already!
  14. Well.. if someone doesn't know how to make a custom skybox and he finds this great tutorial that Psyrius has written and his other option is to browse "ton of stuff" about different game engine I would advice going with this tutorial. It might be that skydomes are better/easier way to tweak the sky (and I'll definitely myself try it!) but on the other hand trying to find a proper tutorial is often so hard that it'll be easier to go with this one. That's why I would have wanted you to link a proper tutorial so that people wouldn't have to waste time. Also.. if you know how to do it, it would be even better if you made your own tutorial that applies completely to csgo.
  15. Hmm.. It's always great to hear how to do stuff more efficiently etc, but in this case I bet I'm not the only one who could use tutorial. If you know one, please share link. Thanks.
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