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  1. Hello good sir, sorry for the late reply. I too have alot on right now. Lovly to see you addressing some of my concerns/opinions i had on your map. You can't follow every piece of advice, but the changes seem to improve the map overall. I haven't played the level too recently with players to address gameplay opinions, but your tweaks so far are welcomed. Keep it up, try find sometime if you possibly can. As for any issues etc you can always find examples at: Steam\steamapps\common\dayofinfamy\sdk_content\maps\example [within that folder you will find example maps, these might help out. Look at the: light_environment etc etc incase you still have lighting issues. (the example folder at this current time is to assist mappers). - Daruth505
  2. >> Based of Playtestings on 27th Nov '16 << Hello hdkhh_ (maker of hinterhof) Based of the most recent playtest i will now provide some clear and simple to read feedback, hope this helps: > From my perspective with brightness maxed out for my monitor i found it very hard to visually see enemies, you might want to consider tweaking the 'skybox' light/sun to a slightly higher value to help with player visibility. > I started to enjoy the map overtime. This is perfectly normal as player slowly learn the level itself. However i found myself running into deadends more often than most. Maybe look into some corridors etc that appear to be entrances/exits but aren't. Thus confusing the player (example German spawn left corridor deadend, some stair-wells appear to have doorways under them but dont etc). > Cap radius, i feel like cap zones need to be increased insize. Thats just me, its fully your choice whether to extend them. I just felt like an 'easy target' while trying to capture, from weapons such as rockets. > Some of the bigger areas appear to be smaller than what they are. Due to extra props taking up space. Some areas in my opinion should be opened up, however keep cover. I meant the props you placed that aren't cover, these just take up alittle too much space in your level. Hope this helps, this isn't meant to be negative etc. Truly to help you and your level - Daruth505
  3. Nice work so far Todes, Lovly the natural environment mixed with the small quaint buildings of the alps. Allowing not only battles with-in the homes but great firefights throughout the open hills. Talk to you in-more-depth on Steam/discord.
  4. Keep. It. Up. Looks amazing so far! I even got to playtest it, that was a lovly experience too. I did feel alittle exposed by some building 'outer-sides' (outside the building its side outer wall). But apart from that looks lovly and i'm assuming plays even better now. GL
  5. Appreciated @Squad my 'fix' for playtest was func_detail the whole building. But i have heard of "r_hunkalloclightmaps 0" while looking for a fix, cheers for a reminder in some sence. I do have alot of displacements if thats the issue then... errrr... its something i can't avoid too much. Thanks for the guidance, errors eh ...
  6. Ye at some points i removed lighting, but the moment i delete or func_detail the building it fixes the hunk overflow error. Unsure if anyone's had similar errors such as this one that might have an easier fix, But as you suggested @Radu i might just need a re-do on that one detailed building. I'm very sure its a brush error in some very odd form...
  7. Appreciated the suggestion. If it continues any-longer yes thats 'plan B' (remaking the whole building from scratch). @Radu Good thought but carve wasn't used. Thanks tho dude @poLemin
  8. My issue of ENGINE HUNK OVERFLOW! has returned again. Light maps are not the issue this time, due to massive improvements of lightmaps overall. Days and days of tests have resulted in the error coming from one building as when i delete it or make it a func_detail fully the maps runs. I tried to discover which section of the building over more days of tests, however no one section is the cause. Question: How do i find more errors than just Alt P and Logs Question: Any ideas what it might be? This is an essential building in my level, i can't func_detail the whole thing due to optimization and possible other issues similar. Side note: i thought it was a brush clipping through some windows, however its not one area after days of testing/fast compiles. Any help is appreciated asap if possible - Dar
  9. ** ISSUE TEMPORARY FIXED ** Engine hunk overflow! Solution, adjust lightmaps to a value higher than the default of ~16. Found in the 'texture edit sheet' (Face Edit Sheet, pop up). Cheers for the help guys, i also tweaked lighting as suggested as well. [Edit: ended up with another hunk overflow error, Just in case ill leave this post up]
  10. @okaycomputer @zastels @LATTEH Thank you for the much needed feedback/replies. I'll use all your comments/help to fix this recent issue of mine. I'll check brushes near lights, check logs and try lowering some lightmap rez in some areas (not playable areas maybe...). Appreciated!
  11. Hi everyone, I'd like some help in my Hammer map. I'm having an issue with what i believe is the lighting of my map. I try to load up my map and get the following error message upon a full game crash: Engine hunk overflow! I compiled without lighting recently and it now runs as it use to. I don't have alot of lights in my level... as far as im aware 20-30 isn't awful. I need someones help so i can keep progressing with my level as i learn hammer. Any help would be amazing. - Daruth Also checked alot online, the 'fix' is to disable lighting in console, i don't want this barrier between my map and players.
  12. @Xanthi Is this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793269906 the current version? or is there a mark 2 version im missing Plus do we get sent the IP or is that announced when the stream starts?
  13. Post it here good sir, right here in this thread and tag @Xanthi
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