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  1. alright boys glad this is all wrapped up, so how's about we have a $10,000 portal 2 mapping contest eh
  2. Stract

    [Portal 2] Refraction

    Thanks for the feedback. But I think your expectation of how elements should be highlighted is a little unrealistic. I'm not going to spoon-feed everything to you. Do you want me to color the window frames bright neon green to highlight that they're a puzzle element? You should assume everything that can be used should be used, or at least you should attempt to use it. I'll also highlight the fact again that this puzzle (as well as most other Workshop maps) assume the player is familiar with the concepts picked up from the single player campaign. This isn't a full-fledged mod; it's a single level which is based on that assumption, so the singleplayer acts as the tutorial. This puzzle offers nothing unfamiliar to the player. It's a puzzle made to be solved, not spoon-fed. Again if it were a full-fledged mod perhaps there would be something involving funnels and/or lasers beforehand with a similar premise, however this is a lone workshop map. If you were to criticize every other Workshop map for Portal 2 the same way you are now, you'd soon find that almost every other puzzle plays upon this assumption that the player knows the elements and can figure things out without it being spoon-fed to them. There's not much way I could make this easier without making it like I'm treating all of the other players as stupid, since everything would be so brain-dead obvious and, as I've said several times before, spoon-fed to them. All of the people within the Portal community I've talked to that have played it found it fairly easy. Also as for "hidden element #2" that portal shot was unintended and is actually an exploit i.e. not part of the puzzle. Thanks for taking notice, I'll be sure to patch that up! That pretty much entirely breaks the puzzle.
  3. Stract

    [Portal 2] Refraction

    This isn't a very hard puzzle. Sure if this were a puzzle in a mod I may have an introductory puzzle to supplement it, but it's just its own map and it assumes you already understand the core mechanics of Portal 2 and how they interact with one another. It therefore assumes you've played the singleplayer and learned from what it taught. It really doesn't introduce any new mechanics or operations that aren't used in the campaign. Also this is what most every workshop level is like for Portal 2. Sometimes if a really complex concept is introduced, an introductory puzzle right before can help, but this really doesn't have anything new to introduce. Perhaps you just need to brush up on your puzzle-solving skills rather than your bomb defusal skills ;P If you really understand the puzzle you should be able to solve it without indicators telling you if you're obviously going the right way. Those indicators should come from your own understanding of the puzzle and understanding what you need to do to solve it. Try working backwards from the final step.
  4. Stract

    [Portal 2] Refraction

    This is a fairly easy map (depending on your experience) by myself and my friend Demon Arisen. He did the puzzle; I did the Hammer work. The puzzle primarily revolves around laser redirection and funnels. Cave Johnson here. We've fitted the panels in this test chamber with something the science boys are calling hyper-refractive micro-glass coating, so as you prance around in there you may encounter some unusual visual distortions. For example, the chamber may look dirty and dilapidated, but it's actually pristine and shiny - that's just the glass messing with your noggin. The test might look like it's been assembled by a monkey with a monkey wrench but again, that's just the glass. Falling debris? Just the glass! Collapsing structures? Just the glass! Ravenous Mantis Men? Just the glass! It's all just the glass, nothing to worry about. So, keep your wits about you. Anything you see may or may not or may maybe be real. Cave out. Oh wait, one more thing. You may also see a bottomless pit stretching into the infinite void below the test - that's not the glass deceiving your brain, that's real. Please do remember that, we can't have your corpse falling down there and clogging up the turbines. Wait a second... Greg, no! You tripped over the microphone wire! It's specifically labelled "Do not trip over, ESPECIALLY GREG!" Ugh. Cleaning Team Seven, we're gonna need you on standby for turbine unclogging. Cave Johnson, we're done here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1154580338 If you find any bugs be sure to let me know! Feedback is always appreciated.
  5. hey guys look at my new csgo map- oh wait never mind it's still portal 2
  6. Finally decided to do an overgrowth-themed map, and finished it in around 5 days no less. Praise our lord and savior the projected texture.
  7. This is a Portal 2 puzzle about breaking lasers, made by my friend RedSilencer and I. He did the puzzle concept and I did all of the Hammer work. This is my fourth Workshop map; it's about a medium difficulty. Let me know if you have any feedback! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1119859769 i can't believe it's not counter-strike!
  8. Hardly compares to some of the latest stuff on here but this is a Workshop chamber I'm working on!
  9. Still waiting for Portal 2 mapping contest boys @FMPONE my guy you know you want one too
  10. Been messing with Episode 2 for a bit. Made this in a few hours. The theme is definitely a breath of fresh air for me.
  11. hey nice func_precipitation thanks valve, really didn't drop the ball on this one
  12. Stract

    [Portal 2] Overturned

    Looks pretty bland in terms of the style and aesthetics. However if you do choose to continue with this style I'd consider adding more light covers. The light should also be a bit more focused on certain areas to bring attention and create variation in the areas, making them distinct and memorable rather than all the same cool/white plain lighting. Just looks kind of like a better PTI as it is right now. But I'd try some different style, maybe reconstruction, overgrowth, art therapy, Wheatley, *anything* more interesting. Basically a lot of what Radu said. Also you used the wrong door models, I see a gray one there for some reason. Just use prop_testchamber_door, it does everything for you.
  13. Stract

    [Portal 2] Facade

    Been working for a while on this one. Don't want to give much away as it's part of the surprise. Go play it for yourself and tell me what you think. Appearances can be deceiving. It's just a PTI map. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=887413674 (no, not the 2005 game facade) (not the csgo facade either)
  14. Really digging the huge skylight dome you have here! Adds a lot of interest to the area in terms of geometry and lighting. Starting to wish Portal 2 took place on the surface! Beautiful contrast and stunning reflections! What engine is this developed in?
  15. It looks somewhat disappointing in terms of visuals, at least from what I see in the screenshots. One thing I'm immediately noticing is the lack of any actual chamber lighting other than the sun through the debris. There aren't really any glass light covers to make the lighting interesting at all, it's very bland. If it were me I'd have also have projected textures coming from the ceiling, to have crisp shadows. The observation room also has some kinks. First off, observation rooms aren't usually ground level. Maybe instead of just walking into the broken window, you could have some fling into it. Swivel chairs are also usually used rather than the cheap regular BTS chairs. The lighting is quite uninteresting, and the relaxation container mural, 50s props, and oversized posters add to this strange feeling. Also, perhaps you could make use of light to create a better focus on the fact that you need to go through the broken glass. Another thing, you could have some blue light at the funnel to add realism. One other thing I'd like to note is the tree in the middle of the ground. It's a bit peculiar, especially since there is no direct sunlight on it from what I can see. Overall biggest thing is to make the lighting more interesting, and perhaps geometry as well. You didn't use any glass light strips, even though they are so central to these chambers and their lighting. Still, better than most of what's on the Workshop! Sorry for this unorganized mess of feedback, but I hope it will help!
  16. Going to be yet a few years until it's done, still very early in production. Go play Portal 2!
  17. This may not be as big a release as many of the CS:GO maps on here, but I thought I'd share this Portal 2 map on here anyway. This is a decorated (A4) remake from scratch of a puzzle named Fast-Minded by RedSilencer, a fantastic puzzle creator in the Portal 2 community. This took a few weeks to make, and a lot longer to optimise. It's quite difficult, and took me a while to solve on my first try, inexperienced. Go check it out and leave a thumbs up if you like the puzzle or if it stumps you! Difficulty: Advanced Workshop Link
  18. God, I wish I could work with Unreal. Looks fantastic, keep it up.
  19. Some stuff I've been working on as of late, the first two images being for my in-dev mod, Desolation. Sorry for having so many images
  20. Neither of them were very far into production. #1 only really had that room and a corridor outside of it finished, and #2 and 3 only had about a minute or two of gameplay. Nothing big enough to be worth releasing anywhere, neither of them were even close to completion. I only showcased the parts that were actually finished/worth showing.
  21. Thanks! Hmm... I might've posted it there before, maybe? I'm not sure; I remember posting the last two or so on one or two websites before, but I'm not entirely sure if I posted it here... either way, I think I intended to use them in a Portal 2 mod at first, but they were scrapped, as the story didn't allow for them. The first one's got a pretty neat thing going on with world portals to give the illusion of gravity plane change, too.
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