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  1. Hello, here I bring some of the changes I have introduced in layout of the map taking into account your advice, I tried several combinations of routes and in my opinion this is the most fluid, please tell me what you think. In the middle part obstruct the long-range vision with a container so as to make it more difficult to reach and control that area with rifles. The connector (Orange routes) one of the routes block it and in the remaining route place a small step so as to penalize the time in CT or T to A. The other possibility of rotation paths from medium to B was blocked. One of the combinations of routes from CT to B was also blocked so as to limit options and simplify the map in some way.
  2. Hi guys, thank you for stopping for a moment to give me your valuable opinion, to say that I have tried to take care of the subject of the shooting angles for long range rifles AWP among others, also I try to get a good balance in terms of rotation with respect to attacks Direct, I get to work to see how I introduce your suggestions in an effective way. Thank you...!
  3. Hi guys, this is a new project that I have in process, the layout of the map with the possible routes marked, the time of each route are within the ranges that have the official maps, in the next days I will upload more screenshots, with The times of each route and other details, I know it is a bit poor but in this first post I would like to see your opinion
  5. hi guys, I just got this tutorial to fix the problem, I followed him step by step and I could fix it. http://www.worldofleveldesign.com/categories/csgo-tutorials/errors-fixes/csgo-black-prop-static-wildfire-update.php
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    Thanks again..!
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