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  1. fr3shz

    [CSGO] surf_edge (help)

    Yup, the gridwall texture on the ramps, the glass and the metal outline texture are from the new de_season. When I first saw the new season I thought someone should make a surf map with those textures. Didn't think it was gonna be me tho ;o
  2. fr3shz

    [CSGO] surf_edge (help)

    Oh wow! You're a life-saver. That actually worked like a charm, thank you so much!
  3. Hey guys, I recently started this surf map project (http://imgur.com/a/ayf6Y), which is also my very first map. It's been going great until I ran into this weird shadow on certain parts of the map. I made a short clip to showcase the issue. So far I've tried a bunch of things, including everything I could find on google, without success. The only thing that actually does affect the shadow is when I change the angles of the light_env. But that's just gonna make the shadow pop up at different places. At first I thought it might be other brushworks above this area that's causing the shadow, but using cordon bounds to just compile this specific room, I could rule it out. I've also tried the info_no_dynamic_shadow entity which didn't do anything either. I was hoping one of you guys might be able to help me out on this, because it's really draining on my motivation right now. Cheers.
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