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  1. I really wish Space Soldiers or Vega Squadron were in the playoffs instead of QBF, but it was not meant to be. Overall these playoffs should be alright though.
  2. I play Aztec, Militia and Italy regulary.... And as much as I can see the point of removing them from competitive, why not keep them in the gamefiles? Lots of custom maps used the Aztec textures for example.
  3. Still, I always feel sad when initial content is removed. And yes, I actually played Aztec and Militia....
  4. What an update. On the one hand I am glad they added some new maps (even though I really don't get why Austria and Insertion over stuff like Santorini or Season), on the other hand... just removing Militia (even though they reworked parts of it) and classics like Aztec and Dust from the entire games feels just wrong. Was that really needed? I mean, they could have just made a new Community Rotation instead of removing things. Still not sure if the new modes will work out in the end, but at least they add new content to the game. Speaking of which... why do none of the new modes, weapons, maps they added after the initial release have any achievements? It seems Valve is kinda lazy with their implementation here.
  5. Surprised there is no thread for this yet here. It's a good horde game set (obviously) in the Warhammer universe - basically Left 4 Rats with a melee focus and ingame loot system. Also kinda hard and very addicting. Is anyone else playing the first game or excited for this?
  6. This Eleague major is already setting the bar.. for most disorganized major tournament. Massive cheating problems, terrible seeding, tons of delays, etc. Valve, CEVO and Eleague are really disappointing everybody atm...
  7. Really pleased with the look so far, but obviously disappointed at the lack of changes to the layout. I still hope Valve invests more into the mappool of their game in general though. We need a dedicated "Best of Operation" maprotation, at least an attempt to bring every map (even the unpopular, reserve rotation ones) up to par and a genuine effort to revitalize custom servers and custom maps as a method of longterm engagement with the game.
  8. Afaik companies who already organize big tournaments propose their plans in case they get "declared" a major and then Valve chooses between the offers... which would be a completely dumb system, really. Way too arbitrary. Also, Dust 2 Rework got teased.
  9. Indeed. Most Asian teams don't get the chance to play in an open qualifier and there are VISA issues all over the place. The fact that both the qualifier and the major itself are all so crammed together within one month in the same city also means that travel costs will be a big factor for teams with less cash. Not to mention that some minors are arbitrarily set to a date that is booked by other important tournaments as well so teams who rightfully earned their place in these other tournaments have to forfeit their spot just to have a shot at the major. And at the same time, DotA gets a schedule that is planned for years ahead which results in a much better competitive landscape as other tournament organizers can actually plan around the big tournaments.
  10. New Major announced... with a questionable timetable to say the least. Why is it so hard for Valve to actually give a fuck about games other than Dota?
  11. That would be great. (Still want an operation-based permanent mappool though)
  12. Ha, I was about to post the same. On the one hand I am glad we will get new maps, but on the other hand.. why replace? There is plenty of room for another map rotation based on the most popular Operation maps! Also, I quite enjoy playing Italy, Office and Militia and would be quite sad to see them go
  13. RivFader

    What I'm Working On

    THis is breathtaking.
  14. Looking at Glassdoor for information, seems like the super flat hierarchies are causing some trouble. Really seems like there was a big shift of interest around 2011-2015.
  15. Oh well... tweet might have gotten deleted already but this makes the rounds right now.
  16. I ventured into the rabbit hole and found this: https://twitter.com/BreenGrub/with_replies Look at the 2014 tweets and compare it with the leaked story: "The vortigaunts are singing...", " It is a kind of hush. Silence is the oppressor. I speak to hear myself speak. I cannot bear the loneliness." , etc. The account got followed by Matt T. Wood, too...
  17. So that's how it all ends, huh. Guess in the end all I feel is relief and a sense of nostalgic longing. Would have been fun. So long and thanks for all the fish, Marc.
  18. AoE3 was such a disappointment, I really hope they learned their lesson. I still have all the boxsets from earlier games on my shelf and recently bought the Remaster for AoE2 on Steam (which is still a lot of fun, btw) - it's a bit strange that they'd pull out a definitive edition for 2 then. Oh well, I am looking forward to buying and playing through all the DE's again and hope the fourth installment is not Windows Store exclusive.
  19. So CSGO turned 5 today, happy birthday I guess. Sadly, no anniversary update at all :/
  20. I liked what I saw of Opera back then during Mapcore playtests, I am a big fan of sewer entrances personally. Let's see how this design evolved, hope it works out alright!
  21. Now this is something I didn't expect. Thoorin's recent wave of content is really interesting and covers quite a few aspects, but even then a long interview about map design is quite special. Cool stuff
  22. Am I the only one who finds their "security system" quite scary? A little bit too Orwellian for me.
  23. Thanks for clarifying this piece of trivia, everyone. About Militia: I agree that removing the plank in favor of a jump is a strange decision considering they overall improved the movement on the map, but I assume it has deeper balancing reasons we can't comprehend yet. I also hope that Valve continues to revamp non-active duty maps, filling up the two neglected groups with popular Operation maps in the progress. If Valve actually commits some time and effort into this, the overall quality of the game would increase yet again.
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