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  1. Welhp, guess I'm mapping again now. This time, I'll actually finish a project ;)

    DE_UNITY - Terrorists have decided to target a nuclear facility in hopes of causing trouble around the area, the FBI have been deployed to stop them.

    I've only done some basic brushwork around T spawn, the rest of just conceptual layout which will hopefully be tweaked and changed with feedback and playtesting.

    Feedback on layout is much appreciated.

    Overview with Chokepoints (Roughly):


    Basic Overview / Radar:





  2. ​Well i could take older version of steam workshop, but i had done shitload of work, and now it's all lost. You must know the feel of redoing everything. :D

    Nope. Lol. But I have a slight understanding.

  3. Well, I declare this map dropped. My PC just died 2 days ago, like every single thing of rig die. Some IT dude told me, that i got short circuited by PSU, so electrolyte capacitors blew up and stuff. 

    I am already working on new project (on slowass laptop) It will be mini 1v1 map , because i got no mood to make anything big for now, at all. 

    ​Well im sorry bout that... :(

  4. References. Lots and lots of references. I've found over the years that the only way I can make things truly look realistic is to base them off of things actually found in real life.


    Even if it's just for fun or practice it's always good to sit down for 5-10 minutes and just gather a few images based off of or of what you want to make and just work on creating every detail you can out of brushes until it looks pretty acceptable. I find that if I'm basing something in an actual real life city or area, using Google streetview is another great tool for looking at streets and buildings quite close up in nearly any place you want without having to dig up pictures on google for them. 

    Do you have a specific process in implementing those stuff once a reference is found? For example: I add basic brushwork, then detail, then add texture(horrible example).


    thanks btw.

  5. Does anyone here have tips on detailing cs go maps with only default textures. Specifically on facility-like maps. For example: making and placing windows in the right places, making the scene realistic, etc.


    so. Any tips? :)

  6. Yes...

    i mean if your'e looking at inferno apts for the excuse of thin paths, that's not enough. Look at middle, alt middle, heck even banana! They are all wide enough to pull off nades and have a fair firefight. If it ever happens.

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