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  1. Chamii

    [CSGO] de_Shrine (Wingman)

    @Marcin Poloczek hey! That sounds like a really good idea. I will send you a message
  2. Chamii

    [CSGO] de_Shrine (Wingman)

    Made some changes today to improve on the maps theme. 1. Made all of the slidingdoors actual doors, so now you can completely open up or close the main building as you like (including bombsite). Good or bad idea? Seems like fun 2. Created a huge Torii gate near CT spawn (outside playable area).
  3. Chamii

    [CSGO] de_Shrine (Wingman)

    Hey Mapcore community! I first began playing around with hammer a couple years ago but never uploaded anything to the workshop. Mostly because of how time consuming it was to create a complete defusal map, so now I thought it would be a good idea to create a smaller wingman map that I could actually finish. Shoutout to TopHatWaffle's youtube channel for teaching me everything I know so far! As of now I have worked on this map for just over a weeks time and thought it would be really helpful to get advice from someone before i put too much time into the project The theme is inspired by my last trip to Japan. My goal is for it to be small and fun! It has many wallbangable paperdoors around the bombsite area. I have not uploaded a version to the workshop yet so i know the feedback will be limited. Thanks for your time and happy mapping! /Chamii
  4. Chamii

    Reddit + Mapcore CS:GO Mapping Contest!

    Damn it! I have 2 nice demolition/gg maps in the works, was hoping i could enter with them xD Maybe next contest