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  1. Great article Sentura, I haven't played with UE4 yet but just this is already a great intro. Please make more!!
  2. At what time will the playtest be? I'm not home till 1930PM unfortunately
  3. These lonely mornings when no one's on chat :(

    1. Thrik


      *watches you through the window, breathing heavily*

    2. Xarop


      most romantic thing I've ever read

  4. It was a mod for Q3 yes, and still is. They are just taking the game and remaking it in UE4.
  5. Wow FRAG, those look great! I love what you did on Metro, all that juicy lighting!!!
  6. Not sure if anyone played this but Urban Terror is an old 1999 mod for Quake 3. It is still being worked on by Frozen Sands to this day and it still an awesome FPS. Now they are making Urban Terror HD which is totally made on UE4. http://www.urbanterror.info/news/cats/urthd/ UTerror has always had an extremely active mapping community, and for those of you making maps in UE4 but not wanting to make Unreal Tournament stuff... well here you go! The HD version is in Alpha, but the "old game" is totally free and most maps are quite enjoyable. So you can download UTerror 4.x and give it a whirl.
  7. Also, there is this book on Space Structures that has deep studies in materials, flexibility and durability of those materials and various examples. You might find some uncommon shapes here. https://books.google.es/books?id=2mu5TN1Kvv8C&lpg=PA115&ots=Gf3odeAk7Z&dq=engineering%20sphere%20girders&pg=PA109#v=onepage&q&f=false
  8. Here is some more. This time, the Buhl Planetarium: http://imgur.com/a/c4Wq9#0
  9. I go right by this building everyday and thought you guys would like to see it. The architecture and design of this complex is just amazing, both outside and in. http://www.architecturenewsplus.com/project-images/28530 Cheers, Xarop
  10. Wow this looks great. I'll do some playtesting myself later today and comeback with feedback. Not sure there's much I can add but I'll analyze the angles and timings and I'll tell you if something feels off to me
  11. drawing the layout for my first map. de_planetarium iz reel.. and probably shait :)

  12. Hello community. Well I read through every single introduction here and I have to say.. damn, I felt like nothing. Just for a while though until I realised that none of you got your jobs and skills without dedication. All of you have been where I am now: clueless. My name is Ricardo and I'm from Portugal. 23 years old and no degree whatsoever (I have some minor technical courses). I have never made a map using a level editor, just a whole bunch of them on paper for use on my tabletop RPG games like D&D, among others. First game I played was DOOM, the first one on DOS and I remember being really intrigued by the "designers choices". You know, why they chose what they chose and what led them to those choises. I am a junior software developer in a private security company and I can work my way around C#, but I'm no expert. I've messed around with Unity a bit but am now installing UE4. The plan is, read good books in everything related to game design, level design, 3D; learning C# or C++ and just work my ass off to be able to make something. Create something that I can be proud of and that other people can enjoy! Also, unfortunately my artistic skills are those of a rotten potato... I need to work on that too Thanks for having me
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